A video blogger blogs about the famous Valentino Rockstud pumps and tells how comfortable they are et


    1. All da post Apple did a post bout har 2 same shoes few weeks ago, they were indeed fake cause dem never come in that red signatory box from Valentino and very much no plastic wrappings

  1. I watched her video and was like,”why she gotta show off the booklet, receipt, shoe bag, shopping bag, bag bows, shoe label…why do alla that for?”…neva si come si or frighten friday?…very nice lady though…

      1. She is a blogger Yeppie..dem chat bout di sinting dem. A good one du exactly wah she did. Suh it show up fropplett and har melting ways..

  2. Admin, mi wuda loike fi ask yuh why yuh draw fi dah review yah u a trouble meka enuh I wonda if happle did get all of those fringes tho, otherwise brands are really perceptions enuh I can bet a knock off would look just as good

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