Prisan Ewart go help chancey a four years now you are in N..Y an all now you cannot do nothing for your baby an gona fi next baby klist an she wicked bout she take care a the little girl an she just start buy clothes fi the little girl an the boy wicked him would not even tell the bitch fi go give her mother an her sister them something everyday all the mother do a walk with her plat the boy wicked just like she you need to tell her fi help her mother an her sister an chancey klist b*tch you an your man klist everyday a just maaaaaaaan an him come like a battyman you an your woman need help



  1. Sender mi iggy fi u cause a no so u rub out gal prisan yea u ago get a bloodclatt beaten cause I know u a no bad gal and yea u a hype bout u mine chancey why u wicked and lie so eeh gal all the little girl birthday wah u keep she no look good ur a workless mother all u den pon batty man pebbs wah him suck ur pussy and f**k u in a ur batty ur tough no havey gal u know bout ppl mate when Kim no stop mad u can member u in a the house and batty man pebbs out a door a him gal u sad no f**k but wait man dem ago fix u good when u cum bk and the gal nah dash wah her bby

  2. Mi nuh av nothing to say bout prisan cause a she cause this on her self but unuh fe leave d f**g baby name outta unuh dirty low life argument an leave pebbs alone cause daah youth deh nuh look pon people a swear an prisan yuh outta order fe a style coy baby coy nuh look pon ppl either suh unuh leave d man dem name outta unuh mouth an stop class d kids dem d both of u r pregnant an memba God nuh like ugly prisan mi naah guh lie a u cause this on pebbs

  3. Prisan yu mek it again smh if that baby of shantol was even my God baby the beaten wey yu wudda get from me only God he knows the way how mi ignorant fi yu that night all mi period come heavy from the gal pickney born yu nuh stop class the child but a true shantol soft cus yu couldn’t even walk inna almond town a shantol alone yu hot for why yu block n delete the ppl them wey yu can’t stand up too grow the f**k up girl n take some responsibility u are a grown ass bitch cho.

    1. A nu Allman town no more? Is,when it turn ‘Almond’? :hammer

      Yu dutty period all a catch feelings in a people business :ngakak

      you leggo BEASTS a evolve pon rapid :ngakak

  4. Prisan let me tell them about you what u do is drop words on fb in sum antisocial hours a night n then delete it, u cuss the bwoy n even class him in lots of group that he suck ur pussy just because u r his breadwinner again he need to go find a work lazy bwoy pebberable cus the way how u was cussing on fb I’m sure u were wearing a skirt, anyway prisan u put up alot of ppl on pink wall n denied everything when u realise a some sick head ppl yu a play with,u just make social media think something a gwan fi yu where? Brazilian hair nobody nuh frightened for ur clothes them can stay too cus when gal like u a diss ppl mek sure not even a fat nuh on ur belly n chance big suh wey dey big jelly belly dey ago? Prisan inbox me mek mi teach unu how fi fix cus yu too frighten fi hair n clothes, pack suitcase n barrel n send go give ur mom n Child change up the dirty life style man cho u might not know chance dad but be responsible stop giving ppl thing to chat yu go ja loads of time n out a the 10th message a 2 picture yu have with u n her mi want fight some sense inna yu

  5. Yu suppose to grow out the poochie shoe n bag cus that fake like yu whole body wey full a bleaching cream let me tell u this gal with money don’t need to hype for social media gal with money have assets gal wid money kids affi a live a standard life I can go on but yu a waste of space. Read up about classy life I never see r hear u drive when u in Jamaica worst foreign I never hear you pay ur own bills n rent yu catchup with ur dad give ur little brother a chance n try n get your baby up if a even a visa girl do better cus yu nuh bad looking to have this one baggage crosses a follow up just because yu nah mind yu pickney a bad blessing a follow yu enuh I swear

  6. Mi naah lie wen yuh use to parr wid d two sister’s from wild street an d other girl from d main yuh neva in a dem something yaah but tru d gal dem nuh av nuh visa an dem nuh hype yuh drop dem fe tracia adlam an d res a pebbs fren dem gal a f**k a yuh a want dem beat out yuh rass wen yuh cum bout yuh put mi pon pink wall yuh stay bad nuh f**k yuh should a stick to yuh old fren dem cause yuh new fren dem nuh like yuh

  7. Smh mi did know this ago reach her prisan mi really see say a shantal alone u have mouth fa leave the gal alone u and her was good friend and u nah tell ppl dat the gal no do u nth u just up one day and start dash word pon the gal and u know a true u always do the gal then things there u a no no real friend u need fi stay by ur self and tak care a ur kids simple and tracia u fi leave prisan alone u no know nth bout she and shantal dem was best of a friend ask anybody pebbs know it coy know it so when prisan a tell u things bout shantal u fi run her cause u a mother to like dem and a buff to this prisan no tell u u are older u never stay so and cause u and prisan a friend ur name in a bag mix up mix up and prisan shantal never call ur name until u call hers and u should a never call the girl bby name a no the first u a do it tell tell ppl the truth u always a pick pon the little bby and bad blessing ago follow u a swear mi and the two a uno talk and prisan u wrong pebbs u should a never dis shantal cause a prisan cause this pon u and woman thing man no go in a coy u fi done now but prisan dis the man too much time but prisan u fi bill cause in a god eyes wah u do to the little girl mi would a never fi give u I just never know this would a happen ..

  8. Tracia in a everybody business except fe r own guh fix yuh pussy suh Tata can stop live up in a mine own

  9. Tracia stop Mak sinking pussy prisan get u involve in a dis cause prisan chat u say u a man mascot fi tata and u owe r money fi weh u Mak she buy clothes fi yo baby and all now u no GI r the money and yo man a keep party every Tuesday if sure u oh she rass wicked oh people a know sa u beg r buy clothes fi yo baby if she na walk and tell people DAT and bout tata no wan yo oh yo sharp bad and now she up in a yo true nun a the gal them weh use to chat to r find r out and stop deal wide the likkle mix up gal just a likkli time fi yo find out the slut

  10. All Prisan she can argue and talk bout a clothes, shoes and man. Never see her inna ntn weh me wuda want wear or cant wear. U so rich a foriegn but yet still u a cotch fi 4 years and ur daughter, mother and sisters cotch up a Jamaica. Rich gal Prisan y u never buy enough stuff fi ur family a Jamaica instead u lef u wear and lef give dem. Nuh talk bout ppl suck cause if u stop mine the boy now the only reason him nuh lef u inna one week a due to ur high professionalism of freakiness. Everybody can post pics when dem hair do or wah do, when dem just a chill on the endz, or a go work, go one round robin or the biggest party. From u come March all u can do a rotate the same half dead pictures dem. Bitch u nuh in no position fi criticize how nuh body look cause u afi hide until u sort out ur stay bad self fi post a pic. From ur eye deh a ur knee u inna mix up, its obvious u have a very miserable life. So we have fi see with her when she interfere with ppl happiness. Word of advice; Prisan go look fi chancy fada and stop worry urself bout who kylie fada is. Tek ur nose outta ppl business and go sort out ur life, u deh a foriegn fi 4 years and not even u daughter passport u can tek out fi she can even get a visiting visa. Go find a life cause u cud never have none and inna every other mixup with ppl.

  11. Big stinking prison you no in a no class fi a cuz the gyol baby,me never yet see Chaney look good yet for you to live a foreign,you take care a pebbs more than you self so me no expect you to treat your Pinckney better,when you come ja god bless when you go out,you a the only foreigner me see come a ja and no body not talking about you,only when you in a mix up you stay bad from long time,me no know way pebbs a do with you because you make all things a say bout the boy,prison pussy ever a leak,me really want know why prison no dash way they belly yah because the amount she dash way already,coy you a goody ute stop in a long talking with rotten hole prison,because she of to come ja,just Do what man do straight lick in a face,because pebbs can’t control big hole prison

  12. You mother and sister not getting any care,stop mind man and mind you family because pebbs no stop f**k on you,your mother no stop f**k young boy and mind them,it’s in your blood or what

  13. D bitch inna everybody life and nuh realize ntn nah gwaan fi her. Create new Profile and name Kimone Ewart with the same pics. Gal u life sad nuh f**k u must really a suffer fi can’t take a recent picture. U man tek pics right through the year and u a the gal weh afi a hide. All duppy better than u, cause dem show themselves more.

  14. Who the f** prisan fi bun ppl eye eed bitch prisan cause everything pon her f***g self she walk and f**k with ppl a kill dem fi kill her rass bun mi to blooodclatt all the boy dem and them woman did good until she start f**k pebbs she fi stay America and no cum bk cause wi ago beat her rass

  15. prisan sad one can can have so much enemy kmft gyal u want some good clothes u madda want take care a u lie like duppy show pebbs next baby mother look better today me see him and her idiot gal go fix up u duty life the time u teck a mine man u go but a new pussy and meck some man mine u

  16. sometimes me wonder if u gave sense little gal u a gawn like u a Goodas and u f**k bout 4 man inna me community u f**k me fada and pick up tata then a gawn like u a goodaz a bitch going to always be a bitch prisan don’t like u a tru she no have no choice u ever see prisan with no friend fi 2 long open u big bc eye everything u tlk bout u mada do somu fi u self and stop teck things from prisan idiot gyal

  17. Tracia u in a it u must memba seh all prisan do is chat yuh nasty rass before u buy out ppl arguments u try an c if yuh can stop Tata from sleeping dung a kadeen yard u av no ambition likkle gal fe how yuh hype mi tink yuh would a whole Tata prisan memba a u talk seh Tata nuh want r a kadeen him seh tracia wat is d problem an yuh talk seh tata caah f**k an him cocky likkle a suck him suck yuh pussy

  18. Tracia only fren prisan fe r wear an lef f**y wat i don’t understand is how tata him madda brother sister an baby ago whole in a one room an a Tata an shanice sleep pon one bed shanice come to think of it a who breed u cause o Canada naah use yuh

  19. nasty shanice a who breed u chicken man oh Canada or tall bottle unu gawn like unu happy pon Fb when unu life sad like prisan wanted belly weh she a carry Trecia weh tata want DNA wid the child go hold u corner all u good fah a sleep pon the ground when u over tata

  20. Trecia a pay prisan fi the baby cloths weh u Mak she buy cause she no stop talk bout it dats why u friend r but member say DAT slut can’t tam…..SHE SAY U FRIEND R TRUE U NO WAN PAY R uno saddd bad two dog

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