16 thoughts on “LOL UNO TOO WICKED

  1. Kmt this not even funny get a life sender and come off a di gal name now man…gosh unuh stale nuh fuq,Nikki naw even pay unuh no mind.must yuh white fowl she nyamm why u on her case suh

  2. dem wicked eeh dem photoshop out nikki outta di dance and into a dirty dungeon. nikki house may dutty but dis nuh nikki place

  3. Dwl hey ppl wicked no rassclath eeeh no a how unu bad so man y unu stay so unu well n kno ano d gyal yaaad dis unu stop it man a way daaah gyal yaaah do unu so ina life tho smh no saaaah! gm met

  4. A di same heap a ppl weh a entertain inna di room a send in dem suptn yah! She need fi put out everybody!

    But pon a serious note, nobody can defend da room deh! Cause it dutty, fresh paint pon di wall nah kill har!

  5. Even when unno Photoshop her n put her in hell this chick still blazing hot like 10firesides.nikki u can get IT! 🙂

  6. Hot… lol. Unno wah go bay farm rd n Olympic way n see this… it look sick. Round har eyes them black like a HIV patient. Like serious. This make up thing is hiding them at nights… so mek that big mouth gurl tek off that wig no filter n u see. She Dying.

    1. Thanks but in this case the “It” I’m referring to is the money shot…cant see how imma ketch anything suh oo.

  7. She’s pretty, can dress but nasty nuh bbc. .. room filthy, untidy ,, wigs and clothes everywhere& room full a dust nuh wonder she ever sick.

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