****This article is translated from Spanish to English so again there will be grammar discrepancies but you will definitely get the gist of it all****
Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Following the publication of my article titled: How much Chavez THE SEARCH profane tombs and bones of the heroes of Independence, my email is crammed questions about the real reason behind Chavez to desecrate the grave of Bolívar. Most coincided in pointing out that more than an act of cheap patriotism, was a ritual of religion Palo Mayombe or Paleros and whose aim was to “crown” Chavez in power, and prevent the triumph of the opposition forces in the upcoming legislative elections which will take place on September 26, 2010.
As a journalist and political scientist, I find it very difficult to make a placing analyze the Venezuelan events as part of discussion, a topic related to witchcraft or black magic rituals, however, the reality that prevails in Venezuela Hugo Chavez makes definitely The country has become not only a model of social chaos and political incivility, but the ultimate expression of Latin American magical realism, where possible, by assumptions, this type of action by a head of state.
The issue of Chavez and the alleged televised ritual, stunned many Venezuelans who refused to believe that the leader of the Revolution devote time and resources of public funds, for superstitions of this nature. Although an important part of the Venezuelan population believes in the occult, has not been easy to digest President devote do magic with the remains of the Liberator. Who writes believes in deviant and disrupted like Hugo Chavez mind, anything can happen, especially if done in order to keep him in power indefinitely. Yes some charlatan promised that desecrating the grave Bolivar and other heroes, he would still have absolute power, I have no doubt that Chávez was able to believe and to pay any money for it.
With the occult in a while
The weaknesses of Chávez by witchcraft have a long journey. Since coming to power in 1998, his followers claimed that Chavez was “crowned by his saints” and many testified to the relationships that he had established in Cuba with lodges Santeria and drainers. By that time, many journalists we ignored these comments illogical and irrational. It was always -his people- which informaba- often proudly Chavez believed and practiced parallel Santeria and Palo Mayombe religion, and his frequent trips to Cuba, besides representing an opportunity to establish partnerships and agreements with Fidel Castro They were to become Babalawos see who “hypothetically” would keep him “safe” in their title and intact from the clutches of his enemies.
When already exercised the presidency and began to have difficulty in newsrooms rained rumors that Chavez had a personal witch, she trusted her most intimate secrets. After a decade in power, Hugo Chávez is related to the practice of religious syncretism. National and international publications abound where close relationship between priests and others paleros Santeria explained, and Hugo Chavez.
His obsession recover the mortal characters remaining nineteenth century
The hobby is digging up dead walk the world, is not new to Chavez. One of the first efforts he made ​​as president in 1999, was repatriated the bones of the president who gave greater civility and modernity in the nineteenth century Venezuela, General, Antonio Guzmán Blanco . To mark the centenary of his death, the government of Hugo Chavez made ​​they moved in commercial flight from Paris to Caracas , called the remains of Illustrious American, whose body was buried in a cemetery in the French capital since 1899.
He then proceeded to search the remains of Manuelita Sáez lover Libertador, to place them next to Bolivar in the Pantheon. These remains were accompanied burial ground, without any explanation merited. Later, he proceeded to instruct genetic scientists, finding the bones of Precursor of Independence Iberoamericana, Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda , to which he sent to dig the son of the hero in London, Leandro Miranda Andreuws. Then it was to Simón Bolívar , who did it before TV cameras, and now announced that he would dig Libertador’s sister, Antoinette Bolívar and possibly the Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre .
Nor are new reports that tell fanaticism Chavez by religious lodges, especially known as Palo Mayombe. I remember the year 2002 (when he worked as a reporter in Caracas), I received several calls from residents of the parish 23 January, (close to Miraflores Presidential Palace), warning that in the palace courtyard was a dead or sleeping lion. Never was possible to verify such allegations but sought testimony from several neighboring palace that told exactly the same. Several days later, there were persistent rumors that Chavez had practiced a ritual of black magic, which involved the sacrifice of an animal, to save the crisis sparked by the killing of innocent Venezuelans during the opposition rally of April 11, 2002 in Caracas. Also, the Catholic priest, José Palmar, faithful member of Chavez in those days, and today opposition to the regime, also complained to reporters in Miraflores animal sacrifices were practiced under the guidance of a groupof Cuban witches.
Bolivar, Chavez and Babalawos
Motivated to thorny issue and my complete ignorance about it, I decided for this part of the delivery find people familiar with the Palo Mayombe religion, which originated in the Congo, Africa and was brought to America by slaves. It is said that Cuba, Dominican Republic, USA and Puerto Rico are the countries where there are more followers of this religion.
So I talked to the priest drainer, Carlos Ospina, practicing religion for 55 years, Cuban, residing in Miami. Ospina ensures that the public act of desecration of the tomb of the Liberator is one of the highest ritual invocation of strong spirits, whose sole purpose seize the strength and shine of that spirit (in this case the Bolivar) to rise as powerful, becoming the will of the people and defeating enemy forces opponent.
Ospina said that such rituals must be specific days and times, and is why we chose the July 16, day of the Virgin of Carmen, and three o’clock, “which is when the souls of evil work to consecrate their goals. ” In this case, “Chavez receives the forces of strong spirits and that gives a power domain of will and strength in his office.”
According Ospina, all the elements needed to make the ritual was crowned with success, were present: Moon (full that gives you more strength), special days (Thursday and Friday for the start at dawn for completion) and the priests dressed in white. This work was attended Oya (Virgen del Carmen for Catholics) that illuminates the hour of death and cemeteries.
This priest confesses that while the ritual was done with all requirements, not a completed state, which means that there should be a reinforcement to the use of new and stronger spirits. The very nature of Chavez and his enormous ability to generate enemies, forcing him to stay in constant search of forces that accompany them stay in place, he said.
What is Palo Mayombe?
It is a religion also known as Palo, and like Santeria, mixing religious aspects of African shamanism and Catholicism, with elements of spiritism and magic.
The Palo Mayombe comes from the ancient African beliefs, that the world is inhabited by spirits, with which there can be communication. To establish contact with those spirits and receive from them favors, believers go to a so-called priests initiated or stokers, who through a query, you ask the spirits what the questioner wants to know. Those who decide to join this religion, must go through an initiation ceremony known as Nkimba held in a temple, called Munanso.
The aim of the practice of Palo focuses on the idea of ​​channeling the power of the spirits to achieve temporary purposes in the lives of all those who are able to offer sacrifices and offerings, through magic rituals. The main tool of worship is called pledge or Nganga, a dedicated iron candlestick usually has the priest. This garment must fill WITH FOUR ELEMENTS to facilitate communication with spirits: BONES died, land of dead, SACRED HERBS AND TREES.
The spirit communication occurs with the practice of spiritism, via a medium. Within the hierarchy of Palo there: Nsambi (supreme deity or god who rules all beings); Nkitas (elemental spirits of trees, rivers and Air); Mfumbe (dead or ghosts of dead spirits); Eggun (which are ancestral spirits of great power) and Mpungos or forces.
Ospina said Palo Mayombe be confused with Santeria, and not all those who practice this religion do black magic. A drainer can choose to work with spirits of light that is the true goal: and bring light and spiritual progress the practitioner.
However, he notes that there are some paleros priests who choose to work with dark spirits ghosts so, to achieve selfish and evil purposes, allowing the practitioner to cultivate the power, kill their enemies, achieving a reputation or domination of one man over the other. This is the case of the President of Venezuela.
Since there are different views about it, and everyone has the freedom to believe or not, from my point of view, Hugo Chávez seems to be totally convinced that their black magic spells work and that the spirits of the proceres will allow stay in power forever. For me there is no effectiveness in their rituals. His witchcraft serve only to squander public money and feed the popular imagination … While Chavez remains entertained with their shamans, all who love Venezuela must continue to denounce the abuses of power and fighting for sanity and return to democracy Venezuelan institutions .
2. Chavez, El Babalao
President Hugo Chavez “desecrated” the tomb of Simon Bolivar.
From what is said, wore white because it is the color used by babalaos … It is believed that many Cubans were hidden behind masks
By Angelica Mora
Witchcraft or Santeria is a difficult issue that could promote ridicule and skepticism and that few want to touch.
However, it is in the air throughout Venezuela, in so intense rumors that deafen:
President Hugo Chavez “desecrated” the tomb of Simon Bolivar.
The whole country discussed the matter, which has also spread like wildfire throughout the world through international news agencies and then has been commented by the press in general.
In either tune the news is one of the most talked about of time and if the occupant of Miraflores wanted publicity has largely been met, but perhaps not in the way I wanted.
The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry demanded that the newspaper El Pais in Spain for an article entitled “Chavez ‘resurrects’ Bolivar to save”.
As occurrences of Fidel Castro in Cuba at a time when it is done a new painful exile of opponents Cubans, exhumation by Chavez as background create such an expectation that people forget their many problems and also think differently than Now, ahead of the parliamentary elections that will take place in two months.
Not surprisingly the assembly of the two countries Cubazuela call.
The emails and calls I received these days, from July 16, the date when the exhumation occurred-so far have not stopped.
Rather, the issue flares rise and sizzle with the passing hours.
What makes you think the public, especially the Venezuelan and Cuban dig the action of one of the most important people in America had hidden connotations?
There are many details that are wondering-and Venezuelan people who write to me have tried to interpret and may or may not be the truth but what is said superstitiously in the country face the day and time of the exhumation and possible purposes.
It’s like if you opened a Pandora’s Box, after the strange actions taken by President Hugo Chavez.
This is what is said and the responses of the same people and experts in the occult:
“Why was chosen to perform the ceremony of exhumation of the Liberator on July 16?
Because it is the day of the Virgen del Carmen, in the Yoruba religious syncretism is OYA, the owner of the keys to the cemetery. That day permission is sought for the desecration.
Why at 3 am?
Because it is an act of black magic. That hour is the polar opposite when the death of Jesus Christ (3pm)
The “Paleros” (Palo Mayombe) looking with that act subjecting all to the will of Chávez, especially those who oppose him.
What is it that televised exhumation chain?
They need to see that as many people as possible to “hook” their forces.
Why after midnight?
Because it’s time for the special forces that the president needs.
Because spirits of domination, which is the main purpose of Chávez to attract reluctant Venezuelans who are abandoning the party ranks and Chavez in general and make them come back and vote for the party’s candidates in the elections of September 26 conspire .
Why “work” is done on a Thursday?
Because it is preferred for santeras ceremonies or malignant “black work” day. With full moon also special for the enchantment copper the force due.
What is the reason that all wore white?
Because that is the color used by babalaos and Chavez was in the middle of all present. Some scientists like the foreigners possibly ignoring the true intentions of the desecration. It is believed that several were hidden behind white masks Cubans.
What is it that is shown on video, only part of the exhumation?
They could publicly display rites were there. Chavez himself confessed that during the hours of the exhumation participants entering and leaving the Pantheon.
Why, if Chavez is not a doctor, was present at a scientific act that could have contaminated the remains due to their lack of forensic training?
Because it was imperative that were there, absorbing the essence of Bolivar, and he wants to be the new Libertador, planted ambition and promoted by Fidel Castro.
Chavez has always envied Bolívar for all that he is not among this not an aristocrat.
What was due that day dawned Venezuela without internet?
Due to the prominence of Chavez would not want anyone to know the news before it.
There are other analysts who claim that adjustments be made online at that day when the government offered the results of the parliamentary elections on 26 September.
Why does the flag of the 7 stars was changed, which since 1842 had been covering the remains of Prócer?
Because Chavez wanted to destroy all the original symbols of the country from the flag and the national emblem. Now was just the most sacred of Venezuela, Simón Bolívar.
With a built-star, Chavez is fused to the Father of the Nation.
It is noted that the mode changed to fold the flag.
Why the President wants to make sure the causes of death Libertador?
Because he wants to blame for his death to Colombia. Although there past 200 years, still want to use that excuse as a pretext to generate hatred and resentment against the neighboring nation.
What will be done with the flag and the original coffin, Bolivar relics kept for all these years?
The will disappear, like many other Venezuelans symbols. Chavez believes, blinded by their pride, they will never be held accountable for what it does to anyone, now or in the future when judged by their abuses.
What is the need to build a new pantheon for Bolívar?
Another quirk. Because he believes that in this way he will continue to dominate the Liberator, absorbing its reputation for having ordered him to build the new Temple.
Why the remains of Bolivar’s lover, Manuela Sáenz, were brought to a piece of land of the cemetery where he was buried?
Because it’s another job Santeria who believe Chavez benefit.
Why now exhumed Maria Antonia, the older sister of Bolívar?
To perform another act of witchcraft and incidentally compare the genetic pattern of DNA and be sure that the remains are actually Bolivar.
Who, impartial, oversaw the process so that nobody home a souvenir, including Chavez himself for personal use and witchcraft take?
No one. The files and the sword of the Liberator now belong to the socialist government and Chavez has at will, who can visit them, giving others–at their allies expensive replicas of the Sword.
Why not consulted the people of the act of exhumation? Total Venezuela is now a socialist nation where these things are being discussed prior to executing them.
Because Chavez lord and master of the country is believed and like the Castro of Cuba, Venezuela is his estate. He does what he wants.
Hugo Chavez is extremely superstitious and surrounded by talismans and artifacts directly Santeria he met on his trip to Cuba 1994. There he made contact with national paleros Santeria rituals lodges and constantly visit the island.
Argentina coach Diego Armando Maradona, received Hamel Alley, where is the temple-his talisman of accounts, which always carried in his hand during the World Cup held in South Africa. It seems that the spell was not very effective.
It is openly known throughout Venezuela in Miraflores animals are slaughtered for worship.
The Catholic priest José Palmar, in my Venezuelan colleague Dorian Garcia, says Hugo Chavez who constantly travels to Cuba, makes for spells.
Palmar says:
“I certain word, Chavez has personified evil in this country, one morning I went down to Miraflores with the help of which he was Chief of the Military House of the time and saw to my horror all those Cuban Santeria with chickens, with temples of sacrifice, blood of any animal and unparalleled Stink ”
The priest must know what he’s talking, because he is a priest who belonged to the ruling and today ranks, is a dissident.
3. The evil force Chavez babalaos and opening the tomb of the Liberator
“For years we are listening to horror stories absolutely unbelievable carrion, allegedly practiced in the presidential entourage, consisting of Cubans.” Marianella Salazar today questioned whether opening the tomb of the Liberator is linked to the practices of the Cuban babalaos.
This is your complete column:
The Government has been unable to find the perpetrator or perpetrators of prosecutor Danilo Anderson, but may investigate the death of Simon Bolivar, which occurred in 1830. What a horny! According to Chavez, the Liberator was killed by the oligarchies of Colombia and Venezuela.
It occurs to me that you are pretexts to open the sarcophagus of the father of the country and justify the work entrusted to the Cuban babalaos, brought for the purpose of liquidating their enemies, grab the will of the people who are impressionable and stay in power at the expense of whatever.
For years we are hearing stories horror carrion absolutely implausible, allegedly practiced in the presidential circle, formed by Cubans. (General Uson confesses Professor Blanco Muñoz, on page 286 of the book Prisoner of opinion, that some babalaos in Cuba made ​​him “a very strong work orders from above to liquidate me … and supposedly Ortega -Carlos- you have a job mounted in Africa”).
Could be pure quackery, but after the absurd announcement that opens the sarcophagus of Bolívar in the National Pantheon and review their remains, one begins to wonder if all those gruesomeness dedicated to black magic sorcerers really are not fairy tales, but common practices that defy all rational knowledge and all dogma. That really is ruling us a supernatural force, malignant, which produces negative energies, expressed at the beginning of the mandate of Chávez with the devastating mudslide in Vargas. And that the bad vibe that spreads wherever he goes, can not deny even the most skeptical. Someone should tell you to stop the Liberator rest in peace and not profane his remains, which must be rolling in his grave. … (..)
Published July 23, 2010 | By Cubaverdad
Andrés Alfaya
Many people are surprised with the news coming from Venezuela, Chavez on the inclinations of obscurantism, witchcraft, and Mount santeri post.
Simply is a direct way to control the madman of Chá vez.Todo began after the failed coup that exiled intentó.Cuando came to Havana, asked that they contact a babalawo since he was a believer and wanted he did some work for the protection of Santeria.
The Cuban State Security saw the doors open and an easy way to control the character .Inmediatamente put him in contact with three Babalawos working for security and an experienced officer began directing operations. They began making “horse holy” and “son of Chango”. Several times a week I went to the house of one of his groomsmen holy for ceremonies to honor Chango.
To strengthen control over the individual, they indicated that the saints advised him to “scratch on stick,” the Palo Mayombe is an African religion of Bantu origin, predominantly animist and think your work post should be made ​​with different bats Mount and human bones, even with pieces of brain etc. It is commonplace to steal bones in cemeteries desecrated graves.
In Colón Cemetery in Havana until desecrated a mausoleum of a convent for nuns to steal bones stick work.
They scored on stick, cermonia consisting paqueña give a cut to the head to just get “the fundamnento” .From this point his three groomsmen Santeria not separated from him as well as his godfather palo monte.
The first thing asked “saints”, ie their sponsors, is that I had to mount a Santeria altar dedicated to Changó.No was praying to the saints can not contradict them and an altar was assembled with all the irons in the basement Miraflores Presidential Palace.
Each time the domination of the three Babalawos got older and was told that asked Chango had to bring the Palace “the sword of the Liberator” to defend it.
Chango is the equivalent in the Catholic religion of Santa Barbara, which is represented with a sword in mano.La sword Liberator now serves Changó.Pretextando the sword danger led to Miraflores to satisfy its sponsors saint. But this was not enough, his godfather stick told him he had to do some work to defend and could stay in power indefinitely, he needed the bones of Simon Bolivar to remove dusts them and that they were in the Palace Miraflores.
Claiming that they had to dig for autopsy, they dug Simon Bolivar to stick his godfather could work with bones and remove dust from them.
It is almost certain that the remains of the Liberator stay in Miraflores in a mausoleum they installed in the Palace.
Crazy Chavez has gone further in their follies that the former dictator Duvalier, who used and abused voodoo in Haiti.
Meanwhile, Cuban security services continue by winding the guy to have full control of the character and wealth of the country. Someday will have to answer for this crime against history and memory of the great liberator and services are Cubans first line repugnates the perpetrators of these acts.
5. The Evil
Victoriano Felizardo * / – 05/05/08
“Envolvíame thick darkness, more impenetrable than the night.
A devastating loneliness invaded my soul.
As if from a great tragedy had emerged, infinite sadness
and gloom pervaded every remote corner of my mind.
And behold when briefly appeared before me three numbers: 2, 3, 9. ”
The Guácharo Caripito, 1999
Each new day brings its own tribulations, challenges, joys and sorrows. Nevertheless, with great irony, we usually call it a “normal” day. However, that Monday June 26, 2006 (06/26/06) definitely not be one of those days: fortuitously discovered in the side of your house lies hidden in the undergrowth a strange black messenger headless an implicit message equally shocking, both totally foreign to our idiosyncrasies and noble nature, we find an extremely repulsive scene, macabre, demonic, satanic, to say the least.
And in these times of “Socialism of the XXI Century”, thanks to the massive presence of Cubans in the country (between 50 and 80 thousand), another new and disturbing element is added and further increases the uncertainty and anxiety in our now permanently convulsed and beloved Venezuela: the unprecedented growth and popularity within the “Chavista” “black magic or afrocubana palería”.
Gallo black slain, hidden behind the bush
Gallo tapa’o
“This morning we found him in the side facade of the house: a black cock slain hidden by weeds; is a work of palería, black magic “-expresses ironically our good friend, while we took some pictures. “The government is trying to intimidate me again ” said wearily former deputy energy minister prestigious postgraduate university professor at the UCV and oil analyst, who has already gone through innumerable paths of harassment and intimidation, simply establish itself as a staunch and stubborn critic of authoritarian and corrupt government headed by Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez and Cuban stateless and unacceptable interference in the internal politics of our country.
-of Leftist School Alfredo Maneiro-, its crude analysis, irreverent opinions and well founded arguments, presented in multiple media, were extremely uncomfortable for the obscurantist and Castro-Chavez fascist regime, which promotes impunity as ” left “and earned him the aforementioned” delivery without roasting chicken “with feathers and entrails included. What a lack of hygiene and courtesy!
We speak, of course, Professor Victor J. Poleo Uzcátegui who with teachers Elie Habalián Dumat and Pablo Hernandez Parra, among other analysts, wrote the best seller “PDVSA and the Coup”; conducted the widespread video “Speak Analysts Oil: PDVSA and the Coup”; gave life and support website energy and politics, and inflamed the fuse that ignited the prairie political awareness across the country with over 500 forums called “PDVSA Inside”, in times of Paro Oil ( Dec 2002 -. Mar. 2003).
White, but not so
Different media have realized explosive new phenomenon now very visible day in our streets: women and men impeccably dressed in white from head to toe, wearing colorful necklaces and bracelets and collars hands. They are known as “Santeros” devotees of Religion Yoruba (originally from the Yoruba ethnic group from what is now largely Nigeria and Benin), a syncretic religion that emerged in Cuba and that mixes Catholicism of the Spanish colonizers and the rites of the gods of the altar or Yoruba pantheon of slaves brought from Africa.
Shop “Santeria” clothing in an exclusive area of ​​eastern Caracas
For its centuries-old roots, philosophy and mythology, Yoruba Religion Santeria or has been declared by UNESCO as a cultural heritage site. However, share baptismal waters with a dialectical, dark, satanic, evil and sinister twin: The Palo Monte or Palo Mayombe, better known as Paleria, which is the second major cult of African origin in Cuba (his African roots, however comes from the region now occupied by the Congo) and is practiced by the “drainers” very fond of the black magic rituals.
The latter are those who perform ceremonies and rites of witchcraft with the now highly valued human remains stolen from cemeteries Venezuelans [1], with which ritually sealed a “pact” with the dead for “mutual benefit”. Like Santeria, drainers also perform animal sacrifices (roosters, chickens, goats, lambs, etc.) as offerings to their deities, but in exchange for favors debatable, divination, curses, witchcraft, sorcery and witchcraft. Therefore, although Santeria and drainers wear white, especially on Thursdays and Saturdays should not be confused the “Santeria” with “palería”. [2]
Rumor Has It …
Urban Legends, very typical of a magic-religious country like ours, give precarious faith abominable bloody events and demonic satanic pacts which would be involved Lieutenant Colonel; These actions clearly consistent with their unhealthy desire to perpetuate themselves in power indefinitely and not missing more, destroy and “spray” their stubborn enemies and uncomfortable.
Baths with the blood of a lion in a zoo paupérrimo -secuestrado caraqueño- under a moonless night ceremonies blood bull in Havana [3], rituals in Caracas with the remains of Simon Bolivar [4] and the “delivery” of slain black cocks are some stories like wildfire feed the fertile and rich imagination always popular around the figure of the mystical and superstitious president.
A santero known Venezuelan, Paulino Baptista, interviewed by the weekly Fifth Day, says the angry lieutenant colonel is a fervent believer and practitioner of religious rituals afrocubanos, as witnessed by the reporter: “… you will be surprised if I tell you that from the President, ministers, military and even politicians and businessmen are adept at these practices (…) I talk to them [with babalaos: older hierarchs Santeria] and when I went to Cuba told me in one of his trips Chavez was sprayed with blood of a bull and he was covered with leather. ” [3]
In an article entitled “The sorcerers of Latin American presidents”, authored Rafapal, who cultivates a journalism “for planetary minds” – Emerald Queen Venezuelan journalist and tarotista says: “… Chavez has particular Santeria, which makes regular trips to Havana for cleaning by means of Fidel Castro (…) These details are ‘common knowledge’ in Caracas “. Later, the author adds: “The same information that speak of Fidel Castro, Chavez would have recommended a visit to great Cuban Santeria be a devotee palería. Edgardo native of Yaracuy, says Castro is the highest priest of the palería “. [5]
The controversial cleric marabino José Palmar, until a few months furious “chavista” means, in a recent interview in the weekly zuliano Final Version, confessed: “… In that room, where everyone sees me, there slept Chavez, Arias Cárdenas, spent nights you whole conversation. But see what you made me Arias Cárdenas days ago. We met at a TV station and I went out to greet him and ignored me, but when he left and called Chavez ‘chicken’ and in my house called Chavez witch, said it was Santero, who was crazy and I have witnesses that which was a Holy Thursday, is now jalabolas Chavez “. [6]
“This is not Venezuela”
The Venezuelan Catholic Church is not foreign to this new phenomenon. Moreover, say some of their spokesmen, as Father Manuel Diaz, pastor of El Hatillo, Santeria and palería are stimulated and promoted by Lieutenant Colonel as a deliberate state policy to undermine and counteract the authority of the church, which he regarded as his enemy. [7]
Not very far from reality the priest, for religion is central to the cultural superstructure domain and necessary to exercise the full hegemonic influence on a society, ultimate goal pursued with little success narcissistic and talkative “maximum leader social control “This indomitable country, whose roots from Andalusian anarchic and warlike Carib Indians, principally still remain indelible in the Venezuelan idiosyncrasies.
María García de Fleury, professor of comparative religions at the University of Nueva Esparta, said in an interview with American journalist Chris Kraul the Los Angeles Times: “We’ve always had a bit of witchcraft, but nothing like what we have seen recently (…) This is not Venezuela “. It also coincides with Father Manuel Diaz stating that the rise of this phenomenon: “It is because the government is behind Santeria, promoting it, letting Cubans babalaos who are actively proselytizing”. [8]
Yarlin Mejía, Babalao populous neighborhood of Catia and for third parties who performs ceremonies “white magic” at home on Sunday, the same American newspaper says that “The stokers working for evil (…) In my case is different. I work with positive things. ” He also adds that the growing interest in these rites attributes this to the presence of Cubans who: “They’re everywhere.” [9]
Loyalty to Fidel
A large majority of Venezuelans (65%) regret that the current leadership of the country rests on a fragile personality and psychically malformed (malignant narcissist), unwary victim and easy prey to evil and pernicious influence of a charismatic criminal and lovely bearded snakes who, inexplicably, the next 1st. January 2009 will celebrate 50 years as keeper of over 11 million.
Some authors, both shocked and fascinated by the irresistible magnetism and seductive power of Fidel Castro, go “beyond” and ensure that it possesses superhuman “powers erotizantes” who has never hesitated to use to lure unsuspecting political leaders, kings, magnates, writers, filmmakers, presidents and prime ministers duty without compunction, shame or remorse. Eleonora is the case of José Luis Uzcátegui Bruzual and who analyzed this tricky phenomenon in the book: “Men who eroticized Fidel”.
Moreover, outspoken anthropologists claim that the Spanish colonizers of Cuba not only exterminated all native Indians (Taino mainly originating paradoxically this Land of Grace), but also buried with them all fighting capacity, resistance and rebellion. Probably the explanations as longeva passivity and “suicidal loyalty” which characterizes the present inhabitants of Cuba, are “beyond” our understanding, Unreachable remain forever and end part of the world of the real-wonderful legends.
Insomnia, spirits and ghosts
Without good, faithful to his mixed ancestry, legends intertwine truths, half-truths, lies, prejudices and fears chaotic and immeasurable proportion, the testimonies then transcribe come mostly intimate and people close to lieutenant Colonel. They are worthy of all credit sources for defining a very rough sketch of “our” autocrat of yore and the scale of the disaster in which we are immersed.
Numerous figures attest to the fanaticism of the current president in the world of the supernatural, esoteric, spiritual and mystical; equally by the fraud. Herma Marksman, university professor and historian, who for nine years (1984-1993) was the girlfriend and the right hand of the commander conspirator told in the book “Speak Herma Marksman: Chavez used me,” her sister Cristina, ” which always away bad “Hugo things, used predecirle the future by reading the cards, the snuff and lines of hand. [10]
On one occasion he told Cristina: “I could not sleep and thus felt as if the spirits torment”. Immediately it, running a small ritual with a glass of water turned on a small plate with his name, and conjured away the cause of your sleeplessness. [11]
Witness his closest friends and colleagues, now prudently away, which still retains Lt. Col. around both the restless spirits of delusions that fill his sleepless nights, as its inseparable glass of water turned on the bedside table. “I will walk forever among the ghosts that haunted me for years and my sister Cristina away with their arts and heart,” writes passionate commander Herma in a written Yare prison letter in 1993. [12]
Maisanta or Alive’s “beyond”
“Since our problems are over, because Maisanta did justice!”. With these words, Lieutenant Colonel expressed his satisfaction and joy to Herma Marksman by the tragic death of Mr. adarmes-friend of Brothers caused by vehicular winding, and whose son, allegedly informer, in these times of covert conspiracy would have spread to the Academy the species Military Commander Chavez was the beachhead of communism in Venezuela. “And you know, Herma, I am not a communist”, would have insured it without blinking. [13]
Maisanta, “the last man on horseback”, right
Maisanta (Pedro Pérez Delgado, opportunistic army colonel dictator Juan Vicente Gómez), mythical hero of personal imagery of Lieutenant Colonel It would have been his maternal grandfather, bandit and -anecdótica- lower part of Venezuelan history from the late nineteenth century early twentieth century, along with the leader Ezequiel Zamora icons are first order at the altar or esoteric religious pantheon commander; seat sharing them equally with the Liberator Simon Bolivar and the wise Don Simón Rodríguez.
A Maisanta would you, according to testimony of Lieutenant Colonel own the responsibility to lead from the “beyond” the steps, protect and avenge his stubborn grandson; or, on the contrary, as Herma says: “Some say that he and it is the spirit, the reincarnation of Maisanta”. [14] Which, being impossible to determine from the “here” will bring new and insurmountable obstacles to his biographers as there are those who claim that he is the reincarnation of the Mariscal Antonio Jose de Sucre and others of Simon Bolivar. [15] What a dilemma!
Cult of death
Rafael Simon Jimenez, friend of Lieutenant Colonel from school age, has this crazy story (1985) chillingly necrolatría: “In the Command [of the plains town of Elorza] beside the portrait of Bolívar [Hugo] commanded to place a portrait Pedro Pérez Delgado, Maisanta. Also, hang commanded by the Venezuelan flag, the flag of war Maisanta, a black flag with a skull, pirate flag (…) In the afternoon sent his soldiers to honor him and honor him Liberator to Maisanta, “the picture. [16]
Ana Dominguez Lombano, the elderly daughter of Maisanta, remember that: “… when Chavez came to visit military saluted a portrait of Pedro Pérez thin was in the house. ‘And when brought soldiers stood here in front of the picture, so that you surrender honors. (…) Hugo for all your actions invoked Maisanta ‘. ” [17]
The spirit gozón
“Because, let me tell you, Professor, that I witness except that this is a man who gives the exorcism, spiritualism and all this kind of practice a supreme value,” says the retired captain Luis Valderrama Professor Agustín Blanco Muñoz in his book “The Maisantera Chavez Speaks Luis Valderrama”. [18]
Who thus expressed is the most civil of the military coup, was a teammate of conspiracy and one of the leaders of the coup of February 4, 1992. He was imprisoned in Yare prison together with other commanders ringleaders of the coup: Hugo Chavez Francisco Arias Cárdenas, Ronald Blanco La Cruz, among others.
Valderrama continues: “… It is also the aberration to the supernatural. (…) In Yare we live many experiences of the world of Santeria bordering with sorcery and witchcraft. I remember Blanco La Cruz was one of the most regular worship of what esotericism: witchcraft, incorporating spirits in people medium. (…) It turns out that Chavez skilled as himself, talking to prisoners, tells them that he has the power to be medium, you imagine! And decide to make a sign to show that it was true. (…)
Ronald arranged the session so that the spirit of Maisanta Chavez was incorporated. (…) We all gathered in a cell. Chavez sat in a chair with a snuff. (…) Then start smoking snuff, and immediately starts making body gestures, to indicate that it is entering the spirit. (…) Then the spirit of Maisanta is incorporated, … (…) and was Maisanta who spoke through Chávez. (…) We did that two or three times. ” [19]
In another session, “Ronald delivers photo [Sexy defense attorney Virginia Contreras] to Maisanta course, holds it in his hands and said: ‘My general, we want to know if this is a good woman’ [loyal]. Chávez grabs the picture, close your eyes, and says, ‘bueeeno, this woman is going to help this woman is good, and this woman loves my grandson, let him still.’ ” [20]
¿Farsante or demon?
Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Arias Cárdenas, coup leader 4F together with Chavez, now chancellor of Venezuela to the UN, tells the following story staged during those years in prison: “… Then I go to the room of Hugo [Yare prison] and when I walk, are all sitting. Hugo is in shorts, with the scapular of Maisanta and Tabacote. (…) He is with a bottle of rum and snuff, fuming. “We are calling on the spirits’ he says. (…) Suddenly he turns and starts to tremble and talk like an old man, ‘How are boys’ salutes. And then immediately jumps Naumberg Torres, one of which was square with me and said: ‘! My Bolivar’ And Chavez replied: ‘I am not the Bolivar. Do not put me so high ‘. Then jumps Ronald White: ‘My general Maisanta!’ ‘Sure, millet, I’m here, “says Chavez.”
The next day, to the obvious discomfort of Arias Cárdenas, who is accomplished and avowed practicing Catholic, Chavez excuse: “… he got me a strange force and do not know what I said.” [21]
Just burning occurred in the mind of Captain Luis Valderrama these spiritualistic rituals, who soon began to question these practices witchcraft qualifying, and rebukes the Captain Ronald Blanco as follows: “… Boy, this is our home [Yare prison ], here comes our family, our children, our wives, our mothers, this is like our home, how can there be anyone here in order to pervert the environment? He is a demon, and I do not want to know anything about it. Or this is the work of a fraud or this sheath is of the devil “. [22]
The Evil
Lieutenant Colonel, extraordinary impostor, has managed to hide their true intentions in the almost 10 years of government. He also has displayed infinite patience to go slowly uncovering each of its “marked cards” without causing more panic. In the Nazi-style debugging previously “tames” and “domestic” public opinion, clean “rubbish” the battlefield and that’s when advances. Today blasphemous and try to build mystical-religious bridges with the masses always he manipulated: done openly distorted reference to the biblical symbolism and constantly appeals to satanic terms obituary (brandishing the cross, Jesus “the first socialist”, the “cauldron of hell “” Florentino y el Diablo “,” God is chavista “,” smell “sulfur,” Fatherland, socialism or death “, etc.). However, due admiration for years before there were people who could not hide his true evil spirit; devilish face just now beginning to show.
While Herma Marksman loved with devotion to the commander, he was never part of the affections of his “mother”. Over twenty years ago, when Lieutenant Colonel and was a total stranger to the rest of the country and its behavior not yet shone through his true nature: “Once, I came [to my mother’s house in Valencia] and my mom me said there walks crime face! (…) I do not know, but you know me I never liked Chavez. Her face reflects me as murder, as death “(…)” That man has the crime marked on the face, “testifies Herma. [23]
Retired General Francisco Uson, who was finance minister until the day April 11, 2002, served a wrongful conviction for more than three years encontrársele presumed guilty of slander against the armed forces of Venezuela (evident impeachment). The real motivation would be, in his words, retaliation government to assume its -never comprobada- involvement in the coup executed the same day he resigned his ministerial post.
Today, he recovered his freedom, with resigned humility confesses to the journalist Joseph Poliszuk the newspaper El Universal: “… Days after falling prisoner [May 2004], a monsignor longtime friend told me: ‘Francisco, you have to take this imprisonment as a penance and purification process, because you worked for malignant and have worked for the evil you have to pay for your sins. ‘” [24]
He who has ears …
Lieutenant Colonel, worthy heir to the black, grim and bloody historical tradition attributed to the rulers satraps with the same military rank, has been duped and deceived a large portion of the country thanks to the abundant income from the “poop del Diablo “(oil). Clientelism, patronage, bribes, extortion, bribery and widespread corruption at all levels of the state, are some of the precarious basis on which it is based unworthy and unseemly regime. This drain on State resources has led to the emergence of a new parasitic thieves accomplices feeding avidly udder State “fauna”: are the indispensable “collaborators” constituted today in a guild called by popular wisdom as the “boliburguesía “.
Aware of this deplorable level of moral and ethical decay who leads Lieutenant Colonel, nobody should be surprised that crime and evil practices are also part of the “revolutionary artillery” necessary to maintain the status quo. As he often said: Let no one be deceived … He who has eyes … it smells!
6. Hugo Chavez and his Hidden side
Extracted from the website Noticiero Digital courtesy of forista Venezuelan Arrecho
Progressive association between a ruler and malignant baptized …
Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, baptized Christian, rural son of the Christian Democrats of America, who shows evidence of having diverted its original vocation; for their destructive passion to satiate a huge temptation to pride, has been led, step by step, a greater commitment to the devil with his pomps and works. All baggage of efforts and commitments rampant with errors of evil, is perceived in its deepening ritualistic criminal record associated with the forces of darkness.
¿Authentic mystical or superstition? We are not the ones who are going to rule, but the truth is that -in Venezuela is a serious mistake endeavor to fight so stubborn and proud against bondadosísimos purposes of a Woman by Her pleas is Omnipotent: Owner and Lady this land, and even Hugo loves.
1. Continuous consultations and from Havana
Since his visit to Cuba in 1994, Hugo Chavez managed to get into direct contact with important ritual magicians lodges paleros international organization. This introduced a new dimension in their eyes, and impressed by the themes and plot resources, and so, Again, again a substantial part of his soul fell in love with that world.
Thus, as Hugo Chavez goes into daily spiritual “trade” with great political influence Babalawos internationalized. Before Hugo did not exceed queries seers, astrologers, mystics, tarot readers and “channels” Sorte, Spiritualism to connect with the figure of Simón Bolívar, chaotically mixed it all with initial fables of priests of the Catholic Church family-friendly.
Since 1994, Havana with drainers and Lukumí deliberately fails to establish what would later (199 a permanent spiritual influence -parallel the politically weak dependence on patient psychology Hugo Rafael. It’s so Hugo, and president in 1999, after trying to cajole the Venezuelan Masonry transportation of the remains of former President Guzmán Blanco, begins to travel to Cuba clandestinely consultation with drainers and Babalawos of an Order in which he was “due” started. It was no coincidence the first and famous statement released by Hugo Chavez from Havana against the Catholic Church. It is then suggested and requested a transfer to Venezuela of its esoteric consultants and the permanent presence of these in the country for the “service” many other military officers and “prone to revolution.” At this stage personalities as adulante host was President of Banco Central de Venezuela, Diego Luis Castellanos superstitious, among other officers of Afro-Cuban fans were Lukumí initiation.
2. enmity between the woman and the serpent
is from the era constituent lodges black magic and Voodu, which already belong Hugo Chavez will ever deeper way, we suggest an imminent spiritual warfare against strong influence of a woman in Venezuela. What is this woman? Well, it was this woman who was associated with the resolution of the Ministry of Education to be removed His presence from all educational and sports classrooms in the country: La Virgen de Coromoto.
So that the governor of Portuguesa goes on to say: “Take away the doll everywhere, because now the Ministry ruled that his presence alienates learners” and the evangelical governor of Táchira violently applied the withdrawal of the image of all public schools, at the same time the governor of Mérida did the same to institutes of health, with constant threats of all kinds against the episcopate, its institutes and regional charitable Catholic Church …
But this enmity between the new acolyte of black magic and the woman, is not new. The tempter evil has been working the soul of Hugo Chavez since childhood. In Venezuela intuito fertile, has not only recognized one animadversación Hugo toward the female figure, but even been able to read in their passions a maternity animadversación same. This has brought effect, all comments made about a troubled relationship with his mother, Mrs. Elena, with Marisabel Rodriguez, with the women of Venezuela and all denominations female and up to Rosinés. Trying to disguise this animadversación only with stories about his mysterious grandmother Agnes, only woman who seems to have lived in your life. Hugo dramatically hated female intuition, and violence have always been associated with the tangible of their resentment, hatred, trauma, guilt and inferiority complexes. Hence, his increasingly intricate association with the snake. Serpent tempts, what “works” haunts him and prevents against Women, and yet how pleased and “Sacía” with greatest passions of pride.
3. Trying to break ties between heaven and earth
Since Hugo Chavez in 1999, issued its aggression in Havana against the Catholic Church has not ceased to issue hatred, anger and old resentments against the Church and its institutions: Adecos ensotados, the demon under his cassock, tumor history, the apostles are not Christ, hypocritical Pharisees, this is a fight between God and Satan, etc. Chavez thus violating the Constitution Bumble and fails, as the crucifix, which also violates and breaks. This denotes an obsession with wanting to be associated and fused to form two emblems, but not their essence, deeply contrary to the essence of the aforementioned emblems.
But one of the main conclusions of this henchman of black magic, was when after declaring that the Catholic Church was the tumor in history, he himself described as “evangelical Christian” one of the most dramatic episodes to try to separate Jesus of his Vicariate on earth: the papacy and his ministers. Substantial overlap with the enemies of the ties between heaven and earth.
4. Mozambique and Paro
For international assembly FAO summit in South Africa, which would have the presence of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan. President Chavez announced his appearance, along with a large committee of ministers and ambassadors, with great fanfare. After the event and once back to Venezuela, Hugo Chavez criticized the assembly, called single summit that goes from summit to summit, and referred to the highly critical speech he delivered during the event. What happened?
It happened that the true intent of Hugo Chavez was not a presence in the assembly, but used the FAO event in South Africa to hide his true destiny: Mozambique.
Why Mozambique? Because Chavez was ordered by Cuban esoteric lodges, to develop a strong black magic ritual conspiracy with high officials of witchcraft in rural Africa. Drainers Cubans Chavez acknowledged a great danger, which rested on the figure of the “Bolivarian” revolution from a national strike -out of the ordinary-that would be key threat. You had to avoid it, distort it as is, refuse to conspiracies in favor of the spirits of black magic, had to do everything possible to achieve that potential failure of Paro.
To do this, since everything was coordinated by the esoteric and even personalities of the three governments (Cuba, Mozambique and Venezuela) fees. In small committee, Chavez traveled in person to Mozambique (just to make the ritual), venture into the depths of the Mozambican territory and to meet rural mystics of black magic or higher Voodu of Mozambique, there was talk for hours between Cuban and African Babalawos without the presence of Chávez. Overnight Hugo Chavez, wearing strips and bones in the arms and naked, enters ritual and himself -In front of everyone and for over an hour- dig a deep pit in earth pit of small diameter, which then He along with three African mystics (one primary and two assistants) settle to the bottom of the pit a kind of vessel with potions (prepared by African) and placed inside a large photograph of Carlos Ortega placed upside down. This was covered by a large number of (presumably human) and then, all, enclosed by a full rack, clearly human, who was nailed to the ground above the vessel by way of cell decomposed viscera.
After this the same Hugo Chavez began to hush up all while praying African plots and with Hugo Chavez would apelmazando earth. They spent almost three hours into the pit throwing earth, drinking, urinating and muttering incantations.
5. At sea, forecasting the death of the spirit
One of the most incriminating Voodu witchcraft rites, conducted by Hugo Chavez, after April 11. It was a rite that required the use of a large “logistical” deployment. Therefore, the rite was known for some people, especially within the officer corps of the Navy.
The Babalawos covenant with Hugo Chavez demanded prevent glimpsed “killing the spirit” of the protected Revolution … The Babalawos were convinced that Chavez wanted to “kill” but was not physical death that more danger, was the death of his spirit. His Spirit so nourished health and mystical force “a revolution in America.” A great enemy of the revolution “wanted flip investment vocational spirit of Chavez.” For this, he had to help his weakened protective snake. How Come?
He moved to the Cuban paleros with a Venezuelan medium (man-matter of trance) at Bird Island, in a large unit of the Navy and Hugo Chávez then landed in a helicopter. After that, in a large boat, they moved to deeper offshore Hugo Chavez, a main babalawo, Venezuelan “medium”, a small platform, a coffin and variety of attachments. Later, at sea was dangerous waves but was placed on the float, implements and coffin, then landed on the platform Chavez, dressed in suit and red tie, and Venezuelan babalawo, nobody else. The boat completely abandoned in the middle of the sea and began the rites, only the helicopter flew only once and ahead of the platform to keep track of them.
Then the boat picked them up again and again in Bird Island, Hugo Chavez himself jokingly remarked to Navy officers who were present that had to be put into the coffin, covered for most of the ceremony, but he felt great peace and said. “Now if I am calm”
(..Continua On this page, bottom) beyond our understanding, and end forever remain Unreachable part of the world of the real-wonderful legends.
Insomnia, spirits and ghosts
Without good, faithful to his mixed ancestry, legends intertwine truths, half-truths, lies, prejudices and fears chaotic and immeasurable proportion, the testimonies then transcribe come mostly intimate and people close to lieutenant Colonel.


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