Neva know stay bad viva don’t shape good nasty body bruk pocket gal the gal weh a f**k and suck everything that walk pass her could even be a dog loose p**y Samantha don’t understand she don’t go a no baddi party but she a keep har year to year flop sumn I guess she figure stay bad rasta Barbie (b*tch need t change her name cas Barbie don’t fit har) MORE LOOK LIKE RASTA GARBAGE and natty grand spend (DIDNT KNOW HE WAS F**** HER STILL)


can help her make money mi nuh know why Neville take up himself do that flyer cas it look rush and don’t look good long story short mi never know she a cancer patient 😳 she tek money fi do har batty she shouldve fi fix her mouth and heavy lopsided breast and the batty what she do don’t do GOOD before she tek the money go a dr fi har health the gal look aged and just stay bad 10$ store and rainbow never look cheaper no man not even makeup cyan help har look like the wig get tired of her and her hair dresser (big friend Tawana) give up on making her stay bad wigs
I pray she gets better soon

38 thoughts on “HUH??

  1. OMG sender yuh wicked eeeh, leave the girl alone I bet she looks better than you that’s why your grudgeful ass hating on her.she must be some treat to u. And I don’t know that girl

  2. I agree with u except for a likkle detail.I think the word u meant to use is THREAT..using treat actually is the opposite of what u meaning oo.

  3. boy! why uhn life so sad, u guys really sit down and make this shit… why my aunty life a bother uhn anyways bitches will always be bitches anuh my fault make she look better than uhn.

    secret hater thou! uhn sick stomach

  4. Anbody weh write this a waste time if u know sam then u would know this don’t jerk her kmft , your just a hater she nah beg nobody come her dance who don’t want come stay people like you that find time to try belittle someone have inferior complex stop hating and live your life cause she is living hers

  5. Dwrcl wen you call all yuh friends and tell dem you on pink wall and you tell em to write sum nice lol if mi weak one more time…

  6. Sender, run out in a Traffic today, today!

    You so hate the girl you can’t even form a propa sentence bout har fi mek yu rantings justifiable.

  7. Leave ur friends out of it viva? Really? Cause u an ur friend dem doh mek one tell yuh friend stop do hair cause dem hairstyle deh she claim she giving people is a waste of time with her fat f**g self not to mention that one Weh name Barbie smh she is one ugly motherf**r I guess that’s y all unnu a friend cause nun nuh better than none viva move out ur mother house since u have so much money with ur cheap looking ass self

  8. When all of your stay bad friends comment lol mi weak one more time viva the whole hep a stretch mark you have the amount a belly you dash weh the amount of empty party you keep why bother just continue to be a whore and call it a day

  9. Talk bloodcloth truth she n Dale Go Jamaica n she a kiss up Di AIDS bwoi !!! Move out bbc go kill yuh self

  10. Talk bloodcloth truth she n Dale Go Jamaica n she a kiss up Di AIDS bwoi !!! Move yuh bbc n go kill yuh self

  11. But why girl cut her hair like dat…imma need her to stop cause dat don’t look good not everything fit everybody and dat don’t fit yuh viva fi a 20 y.o Gyal yuh look bad nuh bbc,yuh look wash up, boy mi sorry if wen you all reach 30 yah guh look like 100 suh plz mi ah beg yuh fix yuh teeth,…

  12. We may can’t agree with u pon r dutty life style but the gal pretty with r without hair, the sendah sound bittahh, all these flavors and u choose crease? A dat u pick? U sound miserable like scandal bag with u fake warm get well soon.

  13. Viva yuh still a WIN yea Yuh still a win! Yuh keep empty party n Neva short a club owner or dj yet. A yuh still a win pussy and mouth must have value. Mek sure uno cum a mi Fren party September 9 inna Brooklyn

  14. Mi tink Seh natty n viva lef viva yuh a man bloodcloth fool Dwl But him nuh deh with destiny keykey Williams gal fi how much months now viva yuh Seh yuh nuh let go bbc mi pussy yuh Seh last man standin . Viva if yuh hole good like day lef natty alone

  15. Really Mek Dale kiss yuh ???? Yuh Nuh love yuh life ??? Like Di sender Seh yuh a f**k anythin fi money or extra activities like a school yuh deh

  16. Frenchii Di short lil black f**k a gal Neva f**k natty dis time las year while him deh with suck hood viva Viva a Wat bruk pocket natty Ave suh?? Mi wan no him a did alone dancehall man yu nuh stop f**k. Leave Di man alone big pussy gal yuh nuh see him can’t even buy yu two pack a hair dats y u bold u head u sad bad u realli dog shit

  17. Mi c pictura with him and frenchii and destiny keykey but no bbc viva so if dem a f**k or deh fi real him a hide har or she a hide him ! Wow which bbc man can hide mi if dem a f**k out mi pussy a nite time

    1. Uhn need fi go look a life uhn stay here a live pan ppl name uhn nuh have nuh duty panty fi wash r go find stm constructive fi do boy uhn life miserable n sad tpc uhn just illiterate

  18. Uhn sad to rassclatt thou me naa lie a mek ppl life a bother uhn! uhn nuh have nuh duty panty fi wash r go do stm constructive uhn here a chat uhn illiterate bad

  19. Lmaoooo all of viva friends is commenting like why???? Everybody knows that is rasta barbie Tiana George who said you still win she posted it on her snap and on insta lol yall life is sad and yall all broke viva your barber f***d up on purpose no more shape ups fix your mouth and breast for a girl that 20 you age and guess what it doesn’t look good

  20. Mi c y Dale n viva a Fren too wuk less ppl Dem sad mad without a bbc cuz !! Viva I wuld Neva tek a dollar van much less tek a rass airplane. Two dem look sicken pon snapchat bout bbc “pretty” Full stop deh a who paid fi apt inna Kingston viva dun out pussy or Suck hood dale ??? But y dem culdnt stay at big hotel inna Kingston like Dem still a win

  21. Y’all bitches really be bored like y’all worried about a girl that better than uno…Viva well set gyal nuh affi work etc uno need to do uno homework before coming at her? Uno just bitter bad which part of viva have cancer!!? Come again sender September9 Ina epics mek sure uno roll out come party wid the diva god bless y’all

  22. Unno Lowe di BC gyal all di sender want somebody spit pon har nastiness but bitch mi know say a u send in mi fren but wait til mi bukk yuh bitch..if viva want fuvk all a mad man a fi har front.unno a come talk bout cancer patient bitch look under Yuh madda a ppl like unno non progressive elements love all up Inna ppl life and fi unno own a spoil Lowe di girl mek she live har life man ..better if unno go beg mi fren a $20 cuz all wen unno a kill har she still ago give unno dutty bitches

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