Human Rights Groups Express Concern After Capital Punishment Issue is Raised

Human rights groups, Stand Up for Jamaica, and Jamaicans for Justice are expressing concern after National Security Minister, Robert Montague recently raised the issue of Capital Punishment in Jamaica.

The Security Minister said he had asked his junior minister to consult with a number of agencies including the Attorney General’s Office to determine if there are any legal impediments to the resumption of hanging in Jamaica.

Speaking recently Mr Montague said among other things that persons who intend to break the law must know that punishment will be sure, swift and just.

The minister’s comments have not received favorable responses from several groups.

Executive Director, for stand up for Jamaica, Maria Carla Gullotta says while there is a need for strong message about the handle on crime, the Security Minister could have been more prudent in making his comments about the resumption of hanging.

She adds that the death penalty is not the solution to the crime problem affecting Jamaica.

In the meantime Chairman of Jamaicans for Justice, Horace Levy says more thought needs to be given to the move of reviving the practice of capital punishment in Jamaica.

He says there should be a moratorium on carrying out the death penalty, given the state of the justice system.

Mr Levy adds that there is evidence that capital punishment is not an effective deterrent to crime.

He says that several countries and states in the United States, which continue to practice capital punishment, still have very high rates of violent crimes.

He says instead of reviving an inhumane and ineffective practice, government should focus on fast tracking the critical reforms needed in the justice and law enforcement systems.


  1. I swear deze organizations must be paid by some nefarious group to undermine any step to get the country on track. Look at the turmoil in the nation and them a look for impediment. Nuh mussi see eye a pay dem, cause wi done know fi dem m.o. Bout Jamaicans for Justice and Stand up for Jamaica. Just call unnoselves Stand up for Criminals and Jamaicans for Evil, cause dats all unno promoting. Not a soul tell mi deze organizations are not funded by outsiders working to destabilize the country. All closed eyes ain’t asleep you mofos!

    Funny how unno always fighting di govt, but can never bring forth any workable solutions to the nation’s problems, just one bag a noise, and nutten else. Unno can’t bring solutions because unno and unno sponsors thriving off di chaos and wreck unno intend fi di country. Classic economic hitmen at work!

    1. Do you really believe that the death penalty will be the answer to all our problem? If most of our murders go unsolved, then who are we going to hang? Furthermore there is the possibility that innocent lives will be taken.

  2. Capital punishment to solve the crime wave is an extremely stupid idea.Who are they going to hang ?
    First thing they need to start to do is solve crimes and get prosecutions,not this stupid rum bar talk.
    Is the minister likely to hang people who rape and kidnap like his pal is charged with?

  3. The judiciary system will definitely have to improve before capital punishment is brought back. Some people needs help mentally not a needle up them arm or a noose oround dem neck. I think it would be a deterrent to crime which is the government’s objective but alot alot alot needs to be addressed first.

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