4 thoughts on “I AM BLEACHING

  1. Wat a way unu put up me brother unu duty nasty pussyhole boy me no know how unu no dead yet enu cause this disease weh unu have name badmind ago kill off unu duty bombocloth unu no see worst than him bleaching n further more wat if him a bleach like wtf a this a unu best shot r a this unu a try unu can’t bring down me Bredda n him party ago shot yea so all the publicity unu a try it naw go work unu can’t keep a good man down duty termite unu

    1. So what di ppl dem badmind him fah now, di pink skin, black fingers, curtain print shirt, or di hospital band bracelet him wearing? Goodly you send dis een and a try use Sikes cause mi wouldn’t claim dis specimen even anonymously, mussi dats why you comment under anonymous, even you nuh want di public know you related to dis utterly ridiculous male who buys bleaching cream in plastic bags and shop at Pablo’s fi him shirt materials..Cho

  2. A nuff a dem bleacha yah meck pork naw sell. What a face fayva newborn piglet. Oink oink. Den hand look like roast banana. Colour wheel nuh hab nutten pon dem, dem a rainbow of dem own.

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