Bush s*x disrupts church service

A RANDY couple’s sounds of loud s*x stopped a prayer service conducted by an Apostolic sect at a bush in Bulawayo’s Mbundane suburb.

It is reported that on Saturday last week, members of the Vashumiri Vevhangeri Apostolic Church stopped their prayer session when they heard sounds of a woman moaning in pleasure near their shrine.

B-Metro reports that one member asked their leader to stop the service after hearing loud sounds before suggesting that they find out what was happening.

According to a church member who only identified himself as Madzibaba Sam, when they went to investigate they found two lovebirds partially clothed and busy like rabbits.

They were reportedly unclothed from the waist and used the man’s jacket as a mat.

“I don’t know how to put it but it was a bizarre situation when our prayer proceedings were briefly stopped by a couple’s loud s*x noises. When we initially heard the sound we ignored it but later changed our minds when it continued for sometime prompting three male members to go and investigate what was happening.

“When they arrived at the scene they were shocked to discover that it was people having s*x. The man who seemed drunk didn’t panic. He even shouted at them (search team) for disturbing him,” said Madzibaba Sam.

B-Metro also reports that it missed out on the fun because of the church’s strict worship rules.

“We don’t allow people to switch on their cellphones during services otherwise they would have been recorded in the act and have their pictures published for everyone to see what they were doing,” added the source.

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