1. nahhhhhhhhhhhhh helll noooo what the hell did I just watch, did he just say to his sweet heart in front of him wife that is wife was there last night. smh

  2. But she have him under manners, bwoy have to stand listen then explain, he didn’t even get disrespectful. Woman take note a suh u fi have di man dem under manners when u a mind dem, lawd. Him stand up at the door wid di tings like a likkle boy talking to his mother

  3. A wey dem yah ppl come from… can know seh di wife use to har bun an cheese doe… Look at hunnu damn buttu :rolleyes:

    1. Hmmmmm…mmmm, that’s what cause you, @Marie, to catch all those bellies and try raffle off the baby daddies. Stop watch man front and do something meaningful with your life. Packing or no-packing, dick will not get you anywhere fact Marie!!! :sorry

  4. Hello di wife ah keep fi har mouth shet cause shi nuh waan di bad gyal sen har eena di house fi di sinting dem wey she get oo. Di wife nah gi back ninting!!! Mi caan breath hahahaha! Kibba yuh mouth yes wife suh yuh can keep your legacy dem!

  5. Sender Lando is a KING. Thank you! I must see what the fuss is about. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED, you are just mad that all the send you spend, him still running around and deep down you know the truth :nohope :sorry :cd

    Standing on the outside taking back shoes, while the wife is on the inside; while complaining that he was with another. :cd :sorry :nohope

    I watched the vid over and over again looking at the pant front, is that where the magic stems. HE DOES NOT LOOK BAD!!!!!!!, you look stupid for trying to control him with things. I like green ones, good choice Lando, yuh give har a puck and get them back yet.

  6. I cannot get over the declaration tha5bit was him and his wife that was out the night. Wife should be the one c9mplaining about disrespect as it you matey that is at her front door !! :bingung

  7. You only took the stuff back, because you knew that there was nothing for him to take back from you, he never bought you anything, so he cannot shame you.

    That alone should tell you, that you knew you were paying for his services, you are unrealistic to think that those old worn out shoes will make him commit to you.

    Lando, Kwesi a beat yuh bod! bod! Deh nex duck should be for new shoes, it takes a lot to tolerate deh accent, all ah get cuss enna it, feh tek back dem old shoes deh.

  8. No sah, suh some gal really able fi look past Di fact seh dis man to live wid a wife and have a next gal a mine him, fi si seh him packing and don’t look too bad? Unnu worse than Di women in the video, no wonder man treat unnu like shit, but then, Shit, is what all batty man attracted to so go figures.

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