The one
Part 1

Every woman should be confident, educated and sexy. Then she would have no problem finding the “one”. This would have been my exact thought ten years ago but now I am…………………………..
I had it all! I had completed my nursing diploma and held a job steadily for the 3 years. I bought a brand new car and I was in discussion with a Realtor who was helping me purchase my first home. I was confident that I would be able to get the man of my dreams. Now, an accomplished woman I would be the perfect pick. Who could resist me?
Hesitantly, I accompanied by friends to a club in a city that I thought was only good for partying, not for meeting men. I was barely in the club for an hour when I was approached by a male who asked me if I wanted a drink. I was attracted to his smell before even seeing his face. When I saw his face I thought to myself that I would marry him. This must be the husband that I was praying and hoping for. I was lost in the moment for at least 20 seconds. Goose bumps were all over my body. I was even happier when I heard the Jamaican accent. My heart screamed for joy. When I snapped back into reality he introduced himself while his eyes kept me in a daring gaze almost like I was hypnotized.
“Janet! He looks good. Imagine if yu neva come wid wi ?” My friends were clearly seeing what I was seeing. This was a very good catch. He was what I needed and waited for. My friends wanted to know when our first date would be and how it would work if we lived in separate states. Unfortunately, I had to break the news that he lived in Jamaica and he would be going back in a couple days. I did not bother to tell them that he came over to my place for a few hours before he left, as in slept over.
I wanted to avoid the negativity before it started and how he probably was an opportunist and that he might be fishing for a “green card”. It was easy to put an end to that as he already got his permanent residency and was doing business in Jamaica. He only has one child and he said the drama was non-existent. I almost felt that I I hit the Powerball jackpot. We spoke every night for hours. He was so calm and caring and always had a lot of time for me and to top it off he smelled so good. Three months had passed and he said he knew our relationship would have to go to the next level because of the feelings he had for me, I told him I felt the same. Our sex life was amazing and I was just in the moment and would do anything to make it work. The rest is history.
After flying back and forth to Jamaica and spending time with each other our love grewp and we were already a year in our relationship. Joseph said he did not like the way business was going in Jamaica and was thinking of moving to Florida for good. Without any thought I told him he should do it and that I was behind him 100%. I realized that something was bothering Joseph and he told me it was nothing it was just that business was getting really bad and he lost millions of dollars. As the woman in his life I was very concerned and I missed him so much. I told him that he should come and visit me for a week and get away from the misery. I bought his ticket and of course he was extremely happy to see me.
“Baby right now mi not even wah burden yu wid mi problem. But yu know seh right now mi wah come clean wid yu and mi just nuh wah yu leave mi. Yu a di best oman mi eva have. Baby mi nuh have nuh green card, mi jus neva wah yu pass mi by.” …….”What????” I froze for a minute and just did not know how to respond…………

0 thoughts on “I HAD IT ALL PART 1

    1. Lol. Anonymous….everybody get fi pick dem own ending. Isn’t that lovely. I choose revenge by balls pulling and koki removal. What say you??? Make it juicy. Dwlll. Dis man want sumbody poison him. Kmt.

  1. Happens too many times.My friend not to long tell mi seh her aunty married one man fi get har papers,the aunty deh pon one live in fi years and have r house and car him think seh she straight, even she harself think him straight cause him mussi own one mechanic shop fi how long.Long story short after dem married dem both realize seh either one a dem nuh straight and can’t help each other,dem both was deceiving dem one anedda

  2. Ma’am, I would withdraw from that situation very quickly; this man is not only ah liad, but he is very manipulative and conniving cause he had this planned all along, which leads me tuh believe that there is no sincerity in how he felt towards you..why some men say or do the things they do and not expect the unexpected repercussions of their actions, boggles me every time…lady, cut yuh losses ya ma’am and you’ll be truly blessed with a str8 up honest and dignified man who will not deceive you in any way for his own personal gain or benefit….mek him galang guh fine smaddy else who will be more than desperate and glad tuh cater tuh his every want and need…mi si now why one and two ah mi girlfriend dem have ah man pan di side in case dem sitten ya reach dem *drop one ah just proceed wid di next*

    1. Yeppy :peluk Dis ooman is no spring chicken, a Nursing Diploma mean you an Methuselah ah age. How she jus fall fi dis man eena club suh. Mek dis be ah lesson to all lonely and destitute ooman….leave di clubs alone cah di predators dem out deh fi unno. If she neva ah run from har loneliness she wouldn’t run eena dis dog droppings.

        1. Yeppy when di young gyal dem suh loose wid dem affections mi wi gi dem ah pass an blame it pon lack of experience….but not when dem ah big ooman dem way deh. She did too destitute, nuh wonda di man smell it all ova har.

  3. This the type a drama desperation get you into. She knew she was gonna marry him from just his smell? Not even the second or third man in the club but the first one smh. Not even a date and dem sex already, this should be very interested dwrcl

    1. I never hear dis from I born…..bout marry man fi him smell. Den yuh nuh see seh dis ooman hab some serus issues. She waan two ah di box dem weh Mappy gi Daffiesha :batabig

    2. Girl, sometimes a woman just wants to cum wid di real tool. I separated sex from love a longgggg time ago. Yeah, but mi wid you pon di smell pawt, a hope shi reveal dat cologne in pawt2..lol

    1. DWRL, maybe it was ah one nite hit she wanted and it jus happen tuh be with him…mi feel seh dis man eena prey the clubs looking for the perfect victim and she just happen tuh be the one…he played on her emotions long enough tuh where he thought that he had her where he wanted her for him tuh drop tha bomb on her…if she is a smart woman, she will make the right decision..i don’t think she needs us tuh tell her what tuh do…

        1. Common assault fe most men…seek out certain ooman ana try prey pan dem affections fe get whatever it is dem want outta di ooman fe whateva purpose it is that she can serve tuh them…common assault ting dat Yawdy, but ah smart woman will know when tuh run at any given time…

  4. Me waan knoe how she did expect dis fi turn out any other way. Sprat nuh swim wid Snapper, suh if yuh fling yuh net eena sprat zone weh yuh expect fi ketch my gurl???

  5. very unfortunate that it has come to this, but most partners wedda male or female who reside in the states most time feel like, if a partner is not a resident at inception, is green card dem a look. she even said it in her letter. End of the day she liked the man before she knew his status. give love a chance and stop being so f**king insecure. else u gonna be lied to…i had to do exact same thing like what man did. i actually loved my partner, but i lied about having green card case i was aware of the trend of partners gonna be thinking thats te only thin u want

  6. Mi a read and a read then mi wanda way the rest a it de den me see mamacita comment n laugh n fall of mi bed!!! Thats y some time mi read them comment yah almost hurt mi self mettie yuh readers di act right dwl

    1. Den Washie yuh nuh see di bredda above you say him do di same ting. Him did love him partner but him lie an say him did have green card. Smh. Suh now love and lie walk hand in hand. Maybe mi bawn ina Methuslah mumma time den cause mi very old school. Yuh cyaan get no greencard from mi if u lie to me. Tell mi di truth so mi can mek a conscious informed decision. When mi get used and dumped den mi can say mi go in wid eyes wide open. Kmt. Mi despise a liyaad. Kmt again.

  7. Judas you never need to lie, if the person care for you even if they against doing so. Eventually they will. Its best to be honest up front. Because all me no matter how much love I had for you the fact that you lie all that time I wouldn’t have gave it to you. Thats why its not good to jump into shit because if you string them on long enough eventually the truth will come out, either through them or peole who knows them

  8. Me sorry fi say it but this shit funny bad. Me think a some shit like babes me love man, him ago say. My yute wen me done lol u would get a ticket home ASAP n end the laughter. Cause a don’t want cause bodily harm so come drop u off

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