1. Hey Met A How Much Anonymous Deh Pon Yuh Wall Some A Dem Fi Change Dem Name
    Caaz One Deh Deh Weh Mi Want Tell Some Dutty Bad Wud

  2. Mi nah lie. Tia is di perfect poster child for when di man dem seh “Take you girl on her first date to di beach”.
    If unuh eva see haer widout ALL DI MAKE UP, AND I MEAN FULL BODY MAKEUP UNUH RUNNNNNNNN. Main mi no see how you go back go sleep wid di man and you hear seh Tia didi ah sleep wid him stumucck trong baddd. Tia di first thing you shoulda concentrate pon was stabilty bout you gone breed and have pickni when you cah barely feed di first one. What you gonna do when dem stop di foodstamp, you no see di Republican dem nah play. Imagine, Penns Relay teck you out ah poverty and you come a Merikka a gwann like you born rich mutchless born yah. did you forget why you came here? you poor madda muss a beat har Puss Puss seh it fail har.\
    Since you love play dress up and you ah hott gal go start a Bboutique like everybaddie else and try meck a Dolla man. gal like you cah begg me a penny and get it cause you showoff pon nothing.

  3. Hope this is her reality check and make a change from her environment she surrounds herself with.Wishing you nothing but the best Tia.Not to stray far from Tia subject people but KC a breed fi true?

    1. Kc love di stiff things dem ao she go fi a young one all when she ole and gray she ago keep him wid all di bunnings shre getting.
      It sad bad. di way how she gwann like har SHTT can meck patty dis gal always go ina smaddy life. Kc meck sure you hold di Greenas hostage cause as him get it him goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 3 pickni and no daddy is not a good look.

  4. Hol on deh, suh KC really guh breed fi the likle bwoy, that can be her son!?!? Some people desperate badddd! Mi nah lie. And Tia story a old news! Mi tired fi hear bout it.

  5. List of Potential Babby fadda so far, The Philly ones
    Dave– from money Team
    Clarkie—di oh so married man
    Sample –di cappo color bwoy
    Percy—Di Restaurant owner
    Maine man — ole man juice weh nah scratch
    Kerry bredda— Twin white woman
    Dwayne Cousin-
    Bwoy Tia all dat busyness and you no own a house… So when you did a war wid Trudi ova Dave 7 months ago, di Bun was more than in the oven,. Ewwww

  6. She shoulda shame a har self.Tia why yuh huh wah show the baby face? A wah yuh embarrass or yuh nuh find the real fadda yet.your sorry as should be on Maury.mi loose offa yuh big time.yuh nuh have no wuk, yuh nuh have nuh papers yuh nuh have no where fi live.A bet yuh can’t wait if tax time so yuh mek a Monet offa yuh Pitney dem. If u so big and bold stop erase yuh fb status dem

  7. why why munchy har babyface a worry yuh eee man unnu come like crab inna barrel yuh luddy if yuh bawl if yuh preach like paul the baby dunn deh yah a ready yuh need to go hold several seats dirty body munchy as i said before tia is wrong but leave the children alone stinking munchy kids are blessings and di man nah leff har so what next get ova it bitch and move di f**k on yuh get trick bout tia nuh live nuh weh abayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy check again jerms .how much people man yuh tek munchy how much all kevin did a f**k yuh him is not people man gal gweh and move unnu love to bring people down too much yuh mouth raw like fish gwehhh man one hole set a ugly people ……………..and yes dirty body munchy the more the merry more pampers more clothes and more feeding fi the baby more everything so all when yuh call a dozen names a maine a di fada yuh luddy

  8. if KC want to breed for the fourth time is her pussy. Ya’ll worrying about KC but she ain’t she is very much independent she not begging a soul nothing so leave the girl name alone if uno a f**k Donte uno a f**k him on the DL cause him still not looking at none of uno and so him f**k uno a so him talk so who the joke is on. Low KC name alone the topic was about Tia so stay on Tia name only

  9. Maine pussy Eva a fail her!!!!! Dwlllll the ole 1 Adda man don’t have no money n ano maine n Tia him a f**k alone him gwan like him av money but him broke!!!!!the hole a dem well wah a f**k so call 1 time bad man dem dwllll tashi the big batty brown teefing 1 wen u ago stop walk n set up ppl house fi the 1,Adda man dem can get fi rob the ppl dem wicked Gyal a u
    You same 1 sen home yuh man wicked bloodclatt Gyal n daT still naw mek the 1,Adda man wah yuh him f**k u n drop u as a bad f**kn habbit!!!!!

  10. Kc gwey you a loose cannon not one soul is worried about you. .. a don’te we worried about poor thing, and guess what everybody and dem muma have a job and very very much independent so nobody doe frightened fi u Ole whore.. gwan go breed fi the 4th man because a you one ago left wid 4 pickey and no daddy

  11. STFU @9:34……Donte will do anything not to jeopardize his end of the bargain.We on Philly topic suh anything a anything…Philly topics are free for all.Mi still disappointed inna KC as she tek steps forward she triple di steps dem backwards.KC betta u did tek up a older gully bop looking man and care him weh nuh inna dancehall with u money.Tia know who her child’s father,why uno a worry?.Uno will know wen uno man get a letter from child support

  12. Kc nobody worried about ur old asss self Bitch poor Dontae mi feel sorry fi him fi the rest a him life him affi go deal wid dem crosses family!!!!!! But munchy y r u sooo f*kn buff everybody story bother n n u ain’t gonna do shit unu jus loud n ugly!!!!!!,Maine run go deh wid the ole man a promise him papers cause she think a bad man n him broke n hungry!!!!! The hole a the 1,Adda man dem a ole thief big pussy stinking no av no wall are belly bottom tashi u no stop walk n f*k man weh u think a bad man n still no av shit!!!!!,no stop walk n a borrow ppl money n a set up ppl House fi get rob dat still naw mek the man dem stay u no see the dwllllllll these bitchs is to funny all y’all a f**k each other man SAD

  13. Mi like di sikes dem weh a drop pon di topics. what is a 1Adda. ?? dwl all pon computer unu fraid Kartel crew come dunn unuh..
    YOu mean fi tell me seh di whole a Grants Pen and Spanish town man dem deh a Philly a hide. No wonda ppl start hide and stop come out.
    unuh lissen mi, dem Long time bad man dem brukk and a look gal fi use and put dem up, unuh ediot can stay deh and loose unuh life because a dem. some a unuh all have pickni memba shot no have no yeye. People doh figet weh dem put dem fambily chu so gwannn live di wannabe bAd bitch lifestyle ina unh grave.

  14. Topic was about Tia not KC, However why would she sleep with that little boy. All the money she put in him go put into a RN program. Better yet help our lazy ass Teka and macbook pro do better.

  15. Yes ole horse kc u r 36 how old is donte?ee ansah dat fiwi..! You 12 /13years older dan di lilkle yute and the yute 11 years older dan ur big daughter .. Mi naah luk pan U

  16. Di time kc cum pan yah ah tell wi bout she is 36 betta tek a good look pan Tia baby lol (side yeye) … Happy new year everyone

  17. Unuh lissden mehhh
    Tia’s Last Fb status seh she gwine leave di ppl dem in “Suspicious” when in comes to seeing the baby face.
    I cah teckk it. Tia as much buddy as you teck you you need fi go teck Grammar lesson.
    Mi ago tell unuh better ina mi Tia language//
    “Step Med ova mi babe case unu nah go see har fayc okk. ”
    Maine gwan go breed to since di baby ah mad u okk. unuh fi loew fdi gal har baby dunn deh here.

  18. Dem seh duppy know who fi frighten . Chu Tia no have a bag a family dem a gwan like de wah intimidate har. Di sad part about is dis bwoy look every baddie but chu Tia stupid fi go breed and she dem wah bully. As far as me see Tia did deh wid di bwoy first. Maine stop hide u fkks dem .if you neva did a hide him Tia coulda been tell u seh him was her property and she cah talk too much chu she fraid a him. Maine have bout 4 man in di space a 1 yar and u neva see har a pose wid none. But chu dis yah wannabe hype man full up har head, it swell bigga dan it was and now she wah stake claims and meck it look like Tia teck har man. Maine why u neva go bully di Junjo weh did a sleep wid him too? Oh, duppy no when fi qwat. Now mi know why Rochelle and Tia frenship brulkk up.

  19. God not sleeping, all the time Tia took to instigate a problem between the Showtime ladies and Trudi she shoulda confessed that she was f**king main man! This girl name Tia either needs serious help or she is just plain evil, and stupid! I thought Dave was the baby father let veachy tell it. Not to mention the fashion show Tia was in for main! Tia Imma pray for u, get some intervention because you went threw the extreme to cover up ya dirty laundry but ya skeletons came crawling out ya closet! Don’t think for a moment u off the hook, I guess that’s why u in hide out mode, nobody wants to see ya ugly ass anyways! I seen a video of u Dave show ppl u give good head but such a disgusting sight to see, and thank god for bleaching cream. Just imagine what you would look like without it Casper the friendly ghost, Tia just remember ya skin thin so u can’t tek no lick, ya blood easy fi run, no melanin and future skin cancer f**king idiot, u and Kelly can start ah reality show,( HD) high definition bleaching extreme! Not sure what the goal color is but u already look like zombie so keep it up, salt fish, ah that the man dem at the ball field call har. Showtime must feel like shit now!

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