David Constantine Brooks aka. Mavado As Been Cheating On Wife Monique Mckenzie There Whole Marriage According To A Close Friend Of The Kids And Family. Apparently Back In January 2012 Mavado Forced Monique To Have A Private Wedding So He Could Hide His Marriage From This “Unknown Girl” That He’s Apparently In Love With The Unknown Girl Apparently Travels To Jamaica To Visit The Gully Gud While Wife Is Not There And This As Been Happening For Years A Insider Said Fans Of The Gully Gud Saw a Brown Lady Leaving A Hotel In Kingston With David Brooks Back In August Could That Be The Unknown Girl Apparently This Girl Is On No Social Media According To The Kids. Inside Would Not Send You The Lady Name.


  1. So how the sender a try write like a real Journalist and di amount of error ina dis yah statement . Dwl. It look like full stop, coma and question mark gang up an malice yuh. No man.


    But David and I have been dating for years now …. so this is nothing new. Dwl. Hey David. Muahhhh Unu come trace mi nowwwww. Woieeeee. Good morning Metters.

  2. A nuh just one brown girl. Who Mavado nuh look or stare dung nuh born yet. You stand up a mine u own business and this man a stare deep inna u eyes. Fi him regular style that.

  3. He also f**g Tamika Marvin the beast sister from mobay. He’s been with her for years on and off as well she is married to a guy from mobay in the 05 crew ah Catherine hall. She work ah airport boy moe you get purr bun sah

  4. So let me get this straight, he loves the Brown Girl, but him a f**k her ina hotel and a hide her,while wifey have keys to the mansions and him name brand cars? If he loves you so much, why him never married you, why you a f**k ina hotel ?? Why him never buy you a house and a car ,him a great you like a thot and you just a big it up so bout him love you, girl stop mek the man fool you and tek you mek pappi show!

  5. Moe shoulda nevva married him shoulda lef him fi stuck & cant travel, cause thats all him married for him couldnt bare stuck again when him want ups inna We The Best. If him did stuck a JA di. F**ka wouldnt suh hype! But at the end of the day Moe knew what she was in from before, him never solely belong to her yet, there is always somebody else a share & she always know bout them but true she want the hype she rather sad & miserable

    1. bloooodclaaaaattttttt brebre come yah, the same sher from up the road weh the big man tek and mine a while big, the one weh did live inna the big yard, and she get a proper upgrade, the sher who was frenz the light skin coolie one weh did deh wid assaissin, but dem seh is only an addidas slippas him eva gi har. same sher, seh god know?

  6. F**k di story. Sender you need likkle brush up, but I like the journalist touch you put it. Gwaan do you ting! :cool

  7. Kiss mi teeth a Moe a the sender. A suh she use to write ova a next site back inna the days, talk sey she a go a medical school, and all kinda fart. But now she find out she a get bun now, she decide if come talk crap. Well Moe, same knife wey stick sheep, juck goat too. Karma. If a laugh, I pop up mi baggy. lol

  8. yes f**n mongrel face Movado a hype too much bout people no eena him league im mus memba say him come outa one big old ugly board house so much so him cant get ova weh him reach bout dem no eena my league an a diss people weh him come see, I got aidonia pon flyers a Miami form 98 an him no behave so he is a classless ruff ruff an bow wow never see come see piss pot chip up face rass

  9. dem say him build the house for his mom and she could not climb the steps, build house to show off on people big helluva rass house an hardly in it no no envy here ut look how him carrying on I like couple of his music but from him married him start diss people all beenie man

  10. Long time Mavado a hide the girl from all the way back Skeng always a chat the catty up the yard Mavado have a thing fi the bad gyal them cause all a the story them mi hear wah happen between the two a them there is chemistry catty name yoanda

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