Since you’re dying for attention. Well the hype yuh did ah look is here. Say hi to Kay aka NJ walking mattress aka toilet face. Will suck anything if you show me attention. Yuh nuh stop walk and talk de man. Like this ah eat out yuh belly bottom. As yuh open yuh mouth ah Focus yuh ah call. Kay mi hope seh yuh nah call ppl dem man yuh say ah yours Focus 😂If ah laugh. But yuh nah tell the ppl seh yuh did ah stalk him EVERY party him inna ? Wah yuh bex him never post yuh ? So yuh start again. Then ah call call we ( yes me too ) bex . Stop hype up pon de internet. Mi ah wait fi de screenshots . Whole ah NJ ah laugh affa yuh. When yuh see him inna party yuh run. But deh pon everything ah cuss him. Stop ! Mi tyad now. Yuh ah mek ppl look pon yuh different. I mean dem never like yuh but still. Any ting that pop up about him mi believe seh a yuh. Mi hope seh lipps , Patrice , Bugsy , jason 13 ,Minah , Mona , Tiffany , banky and all the ppl dem name yuh ah call up . Yuh know how fi answer when dem see yuh.


  1. This story boring who cares…….uno real tek time and send in this bout kay, lips every one knows its you and patrice trying to black main the gurl…….yall making jason look like a f**king king…..yuck…….

  2. bitches have no job no money no life and y’all been being passed around… no need to highlight someone else we all does fuk yall back page whores always always trying to come to someone and unna shit stink …why ugly (lipps) ain’t use her own pee for the job same way God gives God takes … and Patrice and sweets a beg beg for attention she invited everyone to do har pussy every week pon fb…anna try to bully people you ago be the one who get the head bus God nah like ugly good.

    1. Seh it one more time rass…
      God gives and he takes…
      The girl not even bothering with y’all..
      This shit is whack af…

    2. Wait a f**king minute. Lips you use somebody piss to pass the drug test. You should be here having Kay back and praising her. Not getting involved and feeding information to sweetness miserable ass.

  3. Don’t everybody f**k and suck in the dancehall. And if she sucked his dick aint that normal regular smegular sex? Lol.Y’all all hoes. Been f**king and sucking so what one hoe did ain’t no different from the next hoe.

  4. Well me hear seh that sweets wah Focus Woody wood peaker lol… Patrice watch sweets.. Kay came in the circle and got some cocky. So Lips wah Patrice, sweets wah Focus and Focus wah Patrice. Patrice nah wah Focus, Kay wah Focus, Focus seh Kay a stalk him so Patrice can keep f**king him. Lips f**ked sweets.And don’t y’all bitches party in the same f**king community. So a little community dick and pussy won’t hurt lmfao. I guess y’all was trying to keep it in the circle.

  5. She ah hoe so why she ah sweat Focus lol. Hoes got hoes in different area codes, dont they!? Okay! Ah so it guh… Pink wall ah pure f**kery and entertainment.

  6. If walking cemetery Patrice stop dash wey the man baby she all could fuk the man without anyone questioning she rass unna to wicked ..wicked peepo

    Unna need to go for one dc and clean out th3 whole a unna hole focus always sending him lil peepee in ppl inbox he can’t keep the cocky up anyways so why y all want him and him mout stink like skunk

  7. Everybody know say kay ah old mattress all
    Dog f**k kay fi free it’s best to sell ur pussy on back page instead of selling pussy out ur uber taxi why would sweets want focus she don’t party in jersey plus she never spoke to focus ever yall mad she saw the fake in kay and told kay she want no friendship from her and sweets never spoke to kay since kay outfit looks like it comes from the thrifty store in new Jersey and the color hair make her look like a f**king drag queen which she is Reece the time ur wondering who patrice wants or lipps or sweets watch ur man that cheats on u with everyone he can didn’t ur friend told u yes kay how she f**ked ur husband on several occasions yes God do giveth and taken away he said ur friend pussy is better than ur so now NEXT F**KING TOPIC :hotrit :hotrit

    1. Aye gal doh step pon Reesy territory. So you f**k your fren baby father you seh Kay f**k she bff baby father? Wah kinda twisted f**king games yuh playing.
      Didn’t Shawn from Briggs f**k and say yuh pussy stink. Why you mad??? Because you were looking the girl baby father and she found out. Your a real germs, with all them fake shit u wearing claiming they are real. Silly rabbit tricks are for kids. You always broke, when did you ever pay fah any party in NJ ah lips pay ur way and collect 20$ from everybody inna prince Hall. So you wearing babe brand and cah buy liquor? Is lips Patrice and Kay money pay far the bottle. And then ur tun wrong an seh Kay a f**k she man.

  8. Kay tell me say bugzy and focus ah f**k each other yeah say diva nuh know bout it kay tell di people Dem how yuh dunnnn bugzy say him a f**k yuh man focus how yuh Ketch dem ah suck each other cocky and me fren ask yuh if a tru tru something and yuh say yes tell di people Dem how much yuh pick up yuh black ape looking fren man go Ramada go f**k di man name freckles come talk di things dem yuh tell we kay how yuh f**k focus Inna batty wid dildo him make yuh buy pon amazon girl oh yuh see sweets di gyal run up pon yuh fi fight and yuh sidung Inna car fraid fi come out wid di car in drive running yuh kay say di reason yuh Neva cum outta yuh car cah gi gyal black traffic wid excitement wah drag yuh crawny body outta yuh uber cab tell di people Dem kay how yuh say bugzy nuh stop Inna yuh dm and yuh f**k him three times girl all how di brown youth way play fi di sound focus on nuh stop beg u fi suck yuh good pussy kay di gyal dem ah jersey ago beat yuh wait for it memba yuh say Oscar yuh f**k woman ah idiot yuh always ago f**k Oscar memba yuh tell me yuh suck gully chin cocky and him hood little bit bad kay don’t forget how yuh say everytime bugzy and Oscar f*k yuh dem f**k yuh Inna yuh bottom and when yah suck dem hood yuh finger Oscar and bugzy Inna dem batty Ole

    1. Lol sourness mi hear seh a buff time the gal follow u fi go kill belly. Y you mad? Y you deh carry cocky feelings? Omar nuh want u gal. You saI’d how him refuse u. You a call the gal fake and a chat bout gal suck and f**k man cock when a u suck ur cousin man cock in front your gate, my Fren nuh play dem game deh. Go buy some real name brand bitch

  9. Kay f**ked my cousin and gave him a STD she’s a walking sick kay did u go to the doctor as yet u told him ur gonna let him know ur results and u still can’t call and it’s been over a month everytime he call u he’s blocked this girl is a tragedy about to happen I beg u guys to check out yourself kay has a monster walking with

      1. The sky is purple. Not look up… Is it really purple. Okay. There goes the answer. Just a bunch ah lieing hating bitches

      2. Sour decoy aka cement booty. Ah you ha de bloodclatttttt herpes. Bc you f**ked lips or lips f**ked you inna she dutty house when santa clause was looking for you. Ho ho hoes.. ah suh it guh

      3. And ur cousin was so proud to tell you lmfao you and ur cousin tec ppl far idiot or wah?

  10. This is the same gyal that I catch texting down Chris from winnaz empire phone ah beg him to go on a date with her in August telling Chris how she wah suck him dick how she will give him batty wash and me ask Chris who she be he said she’s the rum punch hoe that his friends ran battery on one Thursday night after seafood Thursday this bitch is a smut

    1. Kay inna sea food Thursday’s ah hunt down man. Same sea food Thursday she did ah ball fi Focus . One piece ah cow bawling , how she love him and he’s ignoring her. Yuh ah hype up ah chat seh Oscar cah lef yuh. Cause yuh hole better dan de next gal . Yuh nuh have no pussy principles ! Yuh ah beg de man dem fi f**k and suck and expect dem fi wife yuh ? Now yuh ah tell ppl Bugsy and de next brown one pon de sound ah run yuh down. Yuh need fi stop call people name inna yuh shit.

      1. Patrice inna sea food Thursdays ah mad and hunt down West Banks an he wife deh with him. Same sea food Thursdays she ah sit down Pon de chair with smoke coming out she rass ass. West Bank nah pay har no attention and ah hide in deh back with he wife ah smoke and drink. Bugsy ah try and f**k Patrice and she tell Focus and he nah do shit but laugh. Yuh ah beg deh man dem to wife ur. But you ain’t nothing but ah cheap hoe. So one slut ain’t better than the other slut☕️

  11. What a way unno pon focus name lol . Like unno did ah wait fi something pop off. Lol sweets nuh want Focus.., Patrice stop chat with Focus, Kay stop stalk him , Patrice and lipps was never Kay friend. Dem did a use har fi free rides. Patrice and lipps ah play scissors long time. Known facts !!!

    NO BODY INNA NJ WANT FOCUS . That’s why him go get a gal where don’t know anything bout him nastiness. Ah him seh clean slate. Low him cho ! lol let de bitter women dem cuss each other yah . Grabs popcorn

  12. Kay walk and tell everyone she’s single like bitch nobody wants to wife u up ur just a half night stand everytime u go to focus house to eat out his ass u gotta go home the next day and everybody know u go there after party only onlyyyyy ur pussy walls is just like ur head pitch patch with no walls or glue ur 33 and lonely still being f**ked out by different different men and not one of them claiming u not one own the f**k u gave them or the suck u kay remember everyone know where in Irvington u live right across from the Africans u hate so much yet u stay f**king them ur pussy have STD ur mad at focus u thought he gave it to u but u also said Oscar gave u STD

    1. Sweetness u stay bab! Bigss was the only man that had u looking nice. The whole bx know your shoes is fake lol. N your bleaching is horrible u just look crawney! Last I heard u live with the nigga that got robbed. How about u post a pic of your bed n your car lol.u bragging about the fifty US states that u drive through. Wtf y’all to cheap to fly? U a bumb bitch and if anybody ah std ah you

    2. Bitch and everybody know where you live too. So wuh u ah seh kmt. Don’t forget ah you set ur own man up inna deh Bronx and had him rob for his chain so yuh come NJ to start the f**kery. Ah wah wrong with ur? F**king crosses. Wuh yuh need feh brake ur other foot lmfao. Bitch you f**ked all the niggas in the Bronx and run come NJ and try to diss my friend. Everybody no seh you and lips trying to f**k Kay name up. Gtfoh

  13. Who dahhh f**k is that Denis Rodman from Chicago Bulls didn’t know he changed his hair color for a rich person that outfit is mighty cheap rum punch stop sell and uber slow down am lil mad right now Denis Rodman transvestite boy body ant eater face drag queen ass licker don’t forget she suck focus dick while asleep on his stomach after Danish eating his ass so that’s the grocery she always bring to his house pancake ass stinky pussy !never been owned by a man baby father on child support don’t want nothing to do with ur dirty ass man looking self

    1. decoy is the worse.. watch she soon come trace all day. You a put up di girl bout she cheap and inna pretty girl clothes and all you do is wear cheap clothes and fake shoes and bag. Yuh yung and dumb. Yuh too hype and nuh have nothing fi hype bout. You a gwan til a gal tear off yuh face..

  14. Y’all ain’t got nothing better to do than try to get a reaction from that girl Kay? All y’all saying is the girl ah hoe, now she got Std? Now she f**k bugsy Chris and bugsy. Who else name y’all gonna put in this?Lmfao. So why y’all wait till now to say that shit. Why not state it in the previous or the post itself? Laugh and qwan. Come on we know that the only gal dem that wah beat Kay is Sweetness Patrice and Lips. Y’all still commenting under “anonymous”.

  15. What a way unno pon focus name lol . Like unno did ah wait fi something pop off. Lol sweets nuh want Focus.., Patrice stop chat to Focus, Kay nah stop stalk him , Patrice and lipps was never Kay friend. Dem did a use har fi free rides. Patrice and lipps ah play scissors long time. Known facts !!!

    NO BODY INNA NJ WANT FOCUS . That’s why him go get a gal where don’t know anything bout him nastiness. Ah him seh clean slate. Low him cho ! lol let de bitter women dem cuss each other yah . Grabs popcorn

  16. Focus deh inna Patrice bed wah day . Ah answer calls from unno bout pinkwall. She tek him picture and send come gimme. Him ah bun him gal where him post . Another bites the dust.

  17. Y’all all nasty hoes. Lips seh sweetness use to be fat and she lost too much weight and got a fake ass and it doh look good. Lips seh sweetness don’t have keys to the apt and have to ask her fat ass man to walk down and up the stairs to open the door and he have to vasaline his belly to get through deh door. Lips seh that fat nigga looks clean bc sweetness used to be ah scammer in NY and she spend all her money on him before she got locked up for scamming. Now she ain’t got no choice but to live with him bc her mudda ah Christian and doh wah her back in her house bc she have to take the implants out har ass.. Lips seh sweetness moved to NJ bc she f**ked and give ah married man herpes and the man ah look far har for his money. Lips seh Patrice geh slap down from West Banks bc she told West Bank that he takes dick in the ass and she (lips) wasn’t going to do shit bc West Banks ain’t Focus. That West Banks issa street nigga and she not getting involved to get shot lmfao. She can’t talk to West like she talk to Focus pussy ass. Lips and the girl with the one side ass yh youuuuuu…
    Patrice seh lips didn’t give a f**k about her when har grand daddy die, no phonecalls no funeral support. She just partied with some young bitches. Lips seh West Banks and Patrice ah f**k Pon the naked beach and that Kay told Focus and Focus called Patrice crying and saying she don’t have to be a hoe no more, he wants to marry her and build a house and have the babies she dash way. So Focus was telling Kay he didn’t want to be with har so he can work it out with Patrice and Patrice tun wrong and dis him to be friends with Kay. And f**k West And Jaffy. All y’all dusty cheap bitches do is smile in each other faces and then talk shit behind each other backs. Y’all don’t like Kay bc y’all don’t like y’all selves and everything y’all post is the shit y’all went though and substituting like it’s hard. Sweetness you’re a old washed up used to be scammer that have to jump with Sarvey seh jump. And trying to sell your fake ass clothes line. Sweetness you seh you gonna cheat on Sarvey and looking for a rich nigga bc he can’t keep it hard and his stomach in da way. Patrice you’re an old washed up dirty pussy wanna b promoter and lips your pussy black no rass you like 50 I think it’s time you act your age. No one books you for parties anymore according to bff. Patrice tell Focus that lips apartment walls black like her pussy, and she should bleach her pussy and not har face and she can’t leave her cup open otherwise a bunch of roaches gonna get in it and her room stink no rass.. Patrice all you are is a side hoe. So many niggas already had you. But you want to talk about Kay.Shit you don’t even pay for your parties and always sliding in a nigga inbox.So making up lies on Kay won’t make you look better.The only reason you wanted to be Kay friend was to make sure she and Jason didn’t f**k again. And to use har. But btw he ain’t tell you that they was still f**king and she put the dildo in his ass. Patrice all you do is spend nights at ppl house to party when weekend come. You so desperate that you spend the night a Omo Africa house. How tf you spending the night at her house if your so call bff Lips got f**ked up by har. Exactly… All these niggas/ bitches y’all f**king and not one of y’all have a car? Come on now all three of y’all need to put some money together and buy ah hooptie or something. No respect for a woman that don’t have custody of har kids. Sweetness where your kids at? One in Jamaica and the other one somewhere… Bitch go worry about your kids and stop worrying about Kay and what she supposingly had, gave, who she sucked. Hold up is Chris West Banks??? Is Patrce West Banks ah f**k. She even went and visit the nigga in California…

  18. Patrice and her brown one tooth. Lips and her black pussy. Sweetness with her funny looking ass. All y’all need to go sit tf downnnn. Y’all didn’t know this about Kay before y’all started riding in har car, smoking with har? Lips when you didn’t have a job after you got fired from 711 didn’t Kay pay you to fold har clothes bc she was too lazy to do it? Patrice didn’t you cook in the girl kitchen for your whack ass party? And and then left the shit dirty? Sweetness didn’t you tell Kay about Focus and Patrice talking about I’m coming to you as a friend lmfao. Y’all some lieing hoes. Only y’all making up all this shit about the girl. No one’s gonna do shit to her bc we rather f**k with har than y’all stank ass dirty ass hoes. Kay don’t change, stay the same. You don’t have to validate shit or prove shit to none of these hoes. All y’all f**ked and sucked and carry each other f**king germs. Lips you f**ked everybody in Villa, Patrice you have a nigga for each bill and that house on foreclosure ask them niggas to come together and pay your mogage. All y’all bitches shop in forever 21 And sweetness you ass needs a tune up bad bad bad… The shit looks nasty and it droopy. Your legs not strong enough ma ma. You still working with your nigga or you got a job. Oh nooooo I forgot you don’t have your papers. That explains why you trying to pop Kay and get deported bc you ain’t got shitttt… So sad, this is all sad. How long y’all gonna try and play yourselves when y’all should be on Focus dick. All the bs y’all saying the girl said about ppl she don’t even know lmao. Who gay, who got this, that, it’s getting old and boring. Next please we’re you ain’t got nothing on the girl so you make shit up. Then again it’s pink wall carry on

  19. So Patrice mad that focus lied about the NY girl? And he put up a picture of his new gal? So now she ah hurt and wah put up he picture saying she still ah f**k him? Bring me up to speed nah rass

  20. Since y’all know where she lives why don’t yall pull tf up and stop doing all this jibba jabba bs.

  21. Same bullshit over and over again. Y’all just re wording it and lieing on Kay pussy. Same f**kery. If that’s the case y’all all hoes. Old hoes, NY hoe, black pussy hoe, new hoe. Bleached face hoe, brick ass skinny legs hoe. We getting tired of the Kay story. All y’all bullies and trying to do har like how you’ll did the white girl and dexta dapps. Shut the f**k up already.


    1. Lmfao funny but the truth. The good the bar and the ugly. All crosses. Y’all still talking shit about Kay. The girl don’t even have time for the bs.

  23. Big pussy sweetness way a beer fat man u f**k u dont live nowhere with all your fake bag an shoes them sweetness u talking all them thing about the girl an u know where the girl live sweetness u need to go look a life an go take care off your son way u send gain a jamaica to your mother sweetness your life sad bad u mad because the girl dont want to be your friend no more sweetness remember say a u call acs pon sherifa upscale barbie daughter

  24. Anonymous
    on June 15, 2015 at 10:41 am – Reply

    Dirty sourness no decoy, cause everybody know that you are a waste to society. Look like the girl a hurt up your head. A better yuh did dash way your own. Because yuh have him and give him way to your mother. You talking bout you dnt f**k party man,when all a dem f**k you, and talk how yuh body crawny. Yuh need fi stop push up the drugs inna yuh and travel from state to state with it. Stop trying to get a hype cause nobody like you. Yuh memba say your body was the poster for bleaching gone wrong. Your 25 and look like 55.

  25. How much name haffi call? Grudgeful ass snitching ass lopsided ass no ass stain teet ass kotching at ppl yawd ass f**king niggas fi party entry and bottle ass pussy done ass bitches. Atleast we kno lips have a job, god kno cuz she made a post everyday about going to work. Patrice come like tommy from martin talking bout work and nobody nuh kno and never see har at work. Put some cum on that stain on yuh teet fi blend in… thk god u learned to do ur makeup better cuz u sho is UGLY

  26. Dirty sourness no decoy, cause everybody know that you are a waste to society. Look like the girl hurt up your head. A better yuh did dash way your own. Because yuh have him and give him way to your mother. You talking bout you dnt f**k party man,when all a dem f**k you, and talk how yuh body crawny.

  27. Yuh need fi stop push up the drugs inna yuh and travel from state to state with it. Stop trying to get a hype cause nobody like you. Yuh memba say your body was the poster for bleaching gone wrong. Your 25 and look like 55.

  28. Unno nah tired yet with deh f**kery? Lips seh Patrice you give Kay picture to sweetness from on her what’s app page. Bitch you whack for that. Always trying to play the fence. You can’t kick it with the bff and then sleeping at the opposing team house. Lips seh you act like you cool with everybody and turn around and talking shit. Kiki da body shoulda beat your ass bc you had a lot to say about har. How she hating on you bc niggas paying for your pattyl. Bitch please own the shit bc according to bff that’s the truth though kmt.


  30. soooooo

    He posted his woman …… What’s the big deal ? Seriously ? Is it because they can’t post who they’re f**king ? Like he did what he did … what his gf have to do with it?
    (She way prettier than they are never mind ) Not like its the first time he’s posted his woman . Dude been giving hints for months now. According to Patrice he asked her to move to Boston . Right so do you think he was serious ? If he been posting about his girl since like spring ? Lol Yall over here proving to him why going for his NY girl was the best thing he did. This drama is EXACTLY why he’s not with any of you. Y’all stay f**king in the same group of people and expect someone to look at you like a prize ? How when all his friends know what your walls or lack of walls feel like. A bunch of dumb , f**k out whores. What a man look like bringing home a community whore to a family dinner ? Ah dat him ah look pon. Stop blame him and blame unno ras self. Stop walk wid unno pussy pon unno forehead.

  31. De man nah fart pon none ah dem. Ah bare lies . Him ah chat to none ah dem. So everybody mad. But unno nah seh all ah de woman dem did have next man. Oh #NEVERFORGET like 9/11 . Patrice did ah still f**k down NJ. Kay still did ah sell front after seafood . So wah now ? Him try fi change Patrice she dis him . Him get one new gal so wah ? Ah life …. move on . Mi cha wait fi him bring har a one dance fi mek unno chat more. Wicked , badmind woman. Unno ah try bully him. Quiet man ah dangerous man. Unno feel seh him nah go do a ting. Unno mention him mother and father, post picture of him woman, ah try bring him frens inna it. Unno no easy at all.

  32. Funny thing is this isn’t even bout him or his girl anymore. Its now Kay vs Patrice vs Lapps vs Sweetness. Lol what a way ppm call ppl dem fren. Mi learn long time inna NJ dancehall your only fren ah you.

  33. Focus if you’re reading this …… mi fern. Mi want fi thank you yah. Mi woulda never know how wicked dem ppl tan. All den pon huh Facebook ah like and comment. All ah dap and hug huh Inna party. Then come pon here screenshot and chat bout huh. Dem ah ten dem man stress pon yah. Lol more man ah chat bout this than woman to ras. Lol

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