0 thoughts on “I INVET YOU

  1. Gm met. Kerry go and sit ur nasty looking self down there is nothing to admire about you anymore you fk up when you did that surgery the only nice videos of you are the ones of you in Jamaica yuh memba the pink an black dance guh back guh luk pan yuh before and after and you will understand what I am saying!!!!

  2. anyone helse a prees seh @themagic1_ a softly teach har fi spell invite? LMFAO!! no sah!!! di gurl seh a “bear’ niceness………..a inna d forest it a keep? Mi tyad a dem girl yah a knock from pillow to post and wont learn English 101. Duh betta as a nation weh get British education

    1. When school did a gwan all wah did inna dem head a which man a drive criss cyaar.. Simple wud like invitation..mi caan badda wid dem yah. A hope di vet come widdi medicine fi deal wid all di creechas at dat gyaddaring

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