1. Metty good morn! It deh ya inna di Monday ya Marcia forward fi u everytime, u know Marcia mi cannot match u cause mi never wear a red bottom yet only black a fi mi book is dark blue a it mark jamaica. Dutty apple come fling up u black book a show u yatch cause you lived for material things like wen you fake rotten ass no longer on this earth u going to take shoe a bag a clothes with you. Dutty apple you love call people f**king shit Mek mi tell u u a di toilet paper so you r f**king flush you a you two colour face batty man.

  2. Marcia since as you’re here – don’t you have anymore bags or shoes? Cause if you gonna go back and forth you must aleast have a few more pieces (real or fake) just saying… And you have to be prepared to show John Q Public that your name is in the passport you’re rubbing into Apple’s sore foot…
    You’re just a waste of space like Apple and the crew!

    1. But the lady is ah big woman fe dem, well established…she have up ar good god money *whether it be from man mining or lawsuit money…she is a grown woman to these young girls, so what is even the issue here?

      1. lol, cause dem feel dem can try har. lol ole rebels don’t provoke easy, and nasty if and when dem feel fi retaliate :siul

        1. Ah dat mi ah seh tuh PP…silent rivers run very deep and it takes alot to provoke ole veterans, suh Apple should just calm her nerves and learn how to play the game and take notes from this grown woman..that’s all…dis big woman deh pan yachts sipping finely aged wine on deck while dem young gal inna dance ah sip cheap liquor inna smokey seedy club, all sake ah hype…time fe upgrade man and puddung certain things, but some people wouldn’t understand that cause dem mind/mentality nuh deh deh yet…we old folks can teach ya’ll a thing or two…

  3. Gm , met and metters Marcia ohh god I Loike u very much .. I think the passport is for the daughter or Emily ,, but Marcia continue wap wap wap wap up up apple woieeeee

  4. u black book a tek lead.bicthes get shot down happle were ur book can u travel the like maricia.u stay in nyc show fi show pon u ja dem.icant even go to country wey come fr.

  5. Morning Metsy PP metters
    I laff so till Marcia say her book a speak fi har lmaoooooo Apphell u a di two face bredda did eva get round to buying the lovely house unnu did post up????? Oh Apphell marcia a challenge u fi get a step stool n open it inna u house climb to the highest step n DONT meck u head touch di ceiling woooooiiiiieeee

    1. :kiss Me de yah a carry on till me fall asleep after slave hours ended. Boy work is rewarding and punishing at the same time :toast

  6. Marcia I just Google marcia c……… & check gov.com U not a U.S. citizen boo . U ting still tun up easy now . Maybe u did not update your social security card but u are a U.S. citizen roger dat .

    1. The passport is her daughter’s and that is clear in the last IG post. “They on her name she aint catching feelings she CATCH FLIGHT.”

    2. Hold up? You are aware that this website have all kinds of active bloggers and peepers, right? Along with the fact that MET have nuff links?
      I’m asking because I’m tempted to rubbish your claims about that online check…you’re either using an employment source/DMV database.
      ****Not even Homeland Security agents can send Alien numbers to each other or SS through email unless it’s password protected. Green card information isn’t PUBLIC INFORMATION.

      1. PP I’m say mi see it n for a second mi say to mi self wat is this ish tawking about cause me know say ppls status is not public information but a was got busy (lol) so I didn’t get to tawk to the person whey name “hol on” UNNU is too lie n no smart no come wid unnu lie just a big ole lie so smh

        1. All the upgrade of Social Security… 😀 I walked into a social security office once and that was to get a duplicate SS card. Never had to go there to update my SS to compliment my US status.

          1. Mi sayyyyy all dat :hammer :hammer :hammer mi meds cause a just don’t know bout dem tings there I know u have to upgrade after a 2 yr green card but when u tun citizen is beyond me smh dem troublesome bad enuh

          2. I don’t know why dem think is primarily dunce bats and haters on this website. Me can understand nuff a who get featured (lol).
            The owner and nuff a her visitors and regulars are far from dunce. We may have down time to iggle here yes; cuss yes; renk and fiesty no rass- yes. But dunce NOT :maafaganwati

          3. Please also tell some a dem that if they read Marcia’s case..They will see that the immigration man as dem call pleaded GUILTY..so it nuh matter what the streets say or what dem want to beat up dem gum with…The man must have known what he did. People deal with their thing in their own way and mi hate when people mention she and her daughter not talking because as much as u see them…..and as u have said..They know Apple dem business more dan how people know Marcia business..

          4. Met, Dem full of it…de lady nah watch nu face, lol.
            BTW: is afta midday so a time fi yu ansa de riddle post

  7. Marcia take my foolish advice & find your self a stock broker law suit MONEY always finish quick if u invest in material things . Buy penny stock or a little ROTH IRA with Charles swabb they good for poor ppl investors & investment the head office is in Florida be a smart woman . Shoes & bag cost too much fe keep especially the newest of the new .

    1. Hold up, that is one thing weh mi must agree with you on…soon as the settlement money comeen…RUN guh str8 ah bank get you ah personal investment banker and let them sawt out yuh money PROPERLY fe yuh….they may charge a small banker’s fee, but yuh money well spread out and that money will make money for you so you can live nice off the interest alone and leave the principal amount to continue growing…even though you
      hatin….great advice!!!! :rate :rate :rate :rate

  8. Yes if u don’t updat your social security card , sometimes it dosnt show in the data base SEY u tun a usa citizen untill a year pass . Marcia might be a CITZEN but it no in gov.com

    1. You cannot search for someones name to see if they are a US citizen on google or the government website. You must be an immigration officer, child welfare worker or police…..stop the lies.

    2. You need to stop it! Stop talking what you have ZERO CLUE about. Stop spreading misinformation to people. No f**king need to update any rass SS card. .gov doesn’t not share peoples immigration status with John Public and neither do in-house agents with each other (exception using layered security regarding data sharing)
      USCIS is for processing, information and forms not publication of people business. Since you lying I rule out that you have DMV access, lol.

  9. Marcia stick a pin that not your hand that Demcia hand coming from jamaica not you nail polish and demeciA have that pic on her page .. Who you try to convince.

    1. The passport is her daughter’s and that is clear in the last IG post. “They on her name she aint catching feelings she CATCH FLIGHT.”

  10. Demecia page open & yes it’s her Daughter very clearly us passport Jah know Marcia U let me down . Your rateings did High wit me untill me see this copy post . By the way your grand daughter very cute she seems very happy with her mom.

    1. @ Hold up, she did that because dem draw Demecia into it when they started…so she right when she posted the picture with the caption.

  11. Dat nuh really mean nuttn enuh cah if u follow marcia u see she was in ja 2 or 3 months ago. She still can travel. Mi waah see apphol & ar teefing fren dem post a video a dem passport since she luv wave receipt an shoes.

  12. I so hate it when uno Jamaican born as soon as uno have issues with someone uno post up USA passport.uno act like Jamaica a dump.Jamaica citizenship is just as good.Mi nuh rate uno bitches. and uno keep talking about apple a thief nuff a uno thief

  13. But marcia get 200k and buy car cash but rent the house over Huntington where they do that ?
    Marcia and apple is equally the same level off thinking
    Both no education
    Both no substances
    Both arguing over clothes and shoes and fake or real ?
    Both sleep in with man living like concubines
    Both love for dancehall and hype
    Please tell me who one ups each other ??
    Not one !!!
    There is no winner here at all cause the last time I check clothes and but does not equate success
    Filing a lawsuit against the United States government to get a stay in the country while being at krome set for deportation does not make you blessed or successful it a deal with the devil
    Apple buying things buy scam or thieving and jay selling phones or drugs whatever does not equate success or blessed
    The devil can do all things besides blow breath into men so none of these women are blessed them both are involve in iniquity and devilish lifestyle to make them feel rich or feel they have deposited something in society which they have none .
    We keep putting them up here and commenting like myself is also facilitating there ego to show the world how much close and shoes they have attained


  15. Anonymous, u absolutely correct . I can bet they flag her alien number trust me they have radar on her just waiting for her to slip up law suit or not win or lose . They will destroy u if they have somthing against .

  16. From birth Apple ah wear name brand’s its nothing new to her! but Marcia haffi try hard fi convince ppl dat di two little brand shi hav a real if ah neva lawsuit she could not buy brand becausz man use to f**k har fi nuting, informa gal yuh put together like build a bear!!!!

    1. build a bear are not cheap. them dare too. leave the lady marcia alone and guh buy u proper shoe size big foot broad foot gal

    2. only way apple was wearing name brand clothes from when she likkle is if apple madda use to clutch the baby name brand clothes and stuff dem in apple diaper bag which is not too far fetched if you really think on it. lawsuit or no lawsuit marcia stay stackin chips. if she f**k fe man money she smart cause when man done f**k some a wi not even a hamburger can get. god pussy suppose to maintain and a real man knows this. some a unu mud stop f**k fe hair and nails and start f**k fe car rent house mortgage groceries full up unu kitchen pantry body maintenance money vacation money bank account money new car cause right ya now is a new 2015 honda mi want furniture money mi want get after mi try get the new car. woman must stop mek man buy them out and f**k dem out fe cheap tingz them can afford demselves and start demand up the tinge weh them need help wid. any woman weh mek man brick dem back and stretch out dem good god fe lunch and dinner is a blinking fool. keep unu eyes on the prize and f**k fe what unu cannot afford. if the man won’t bly tell him fe f*k off!


  18. Bull shitt boo so how comes crimal records on rapist on line , all gives u the basic ifo off how many ppl share the same address & name its up to u pay your credit card & find out more info about who u looking for .

  19. Once u been arrest on dead its in the public record . Marcia c…… On FACEBOOK is in Dade county all her llicence plate of her car on FACEBOOK leads to her address .

    1. u sound like on a a them government worker that stay hatin on people jus cause ur paycheck can’t stretch buy nothing you want. don’t watch nuh face. be happy for others and ur blessings will come one day. if we the dummies u the douche bag. remember don’t worry be happy :kr

    1. the settlement money got you feeling some type a way. if is bruck u bruck and need a lunch money just ask the lady.

  20. Hold up … shut up you’re seriously an imbecile.
    You know nothing of what you are trying to broadcast .. you’re trying way too hard to convince people of this foolery you made up in your head.
    mad ppl!!!
    I just think these two are grown women and they should stop this madness its really immature.

  21. Hold Up mi de dunce pon yah refuse fi guh back nd forth wid smaddy as smart as yuh mumz….oh yes mi refuse tuh cuz wi a chat bout “IMMIGRATION INFO” not even police if yuh show dem yuh passport fi Identification card can flip yuh book.

  22. Boy oh boy as badd as ting is the big Oman start wid di Lillie gal first like shi a look a buss fi real real, kaw eveybaddie yah such a thief n Marcia u kno fi u batty well well black even more than di next thief, n u Marcia nuh fi talk bout police kaw u figet how u been keeping up di lifestyle , poor mike, Marcia u shouldn’t even dey pan dis a argue wid not a one, kaw a no hard wok r even hustle fi wey yuh hab so tek dah lady dey up top advice n guh invest properly caw if u tink dem jest a gi yuh dem money such n lie down den u dumber than di younga one u a argue wid kaw shi nave nuh sense kneeda ,Marcia by di way wen u talking about that life it’s not u Hun kaw class comes with all that their lifestyle ,u embarrass ur man e
    Any wey n every wey, chat to him like him a boy n him chat to u like a shithouse ,di same ting apple duh wid at man wid odda gal u du tuh . N di fed Neva rape yuh kneeda a lie u tell pan di man but true him is a dirty mf him get ketch ,but u mash up di man rass life mi nuh tink him a tek it like dat

    1. don’t let marcia lifestyle worry u. focus on ur own business and leave people business alone and mine ur own. this is the problem with us black women. always quick to criticize one another and just be on some negative shit all the damn time. aren’t u tired of that? whether the man raped her or grazed her he still touched her improperly he plead guilty so now they will have to pay her big money. she is getting her money go get urs and stop behave like fowl always a peck peck in a people business.

  23. Yep …. Stop it …. Either yu a absue the authority yu have a work or yu a tell lie case yu doh know betta how di rat foot yu fi get PPP SS pon internet or ppl GC info ya fool …. Dwl if a suh yu bad pon Google get one gi happle an di ress a scammers plz and tonks

  24. Yuh sound jest as dumb classless n illiterate as u really are hun ,is marcia n apple friends, or was friends or do they have something personal y she went out of her way to make a negative comment on apple page, now marcia as a ole vet wey u badda comment pan di chile page fah really lady,by the way money a no mi problem kaw mi eye no red n mi nuh frighten like u n apple,as i said no classssssssssssss ,poor mr mike is a nice man

  25. By the way it was consensual sex between the two of them, but because of his job he is not allowed to have such intimate realionship of such with an inmate so my girl use dat n buss a bawl out rape pan di dutty fed boy cann sey ah blame ar fi try a ting but nuh badda come pan yah like u ting sort out like that kaw u n dah next idiot dey apple dey pan di same ting just one olda n di nex younga, memba marcia a u bring down heat pan u n u man

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