I just want to tell my fellow black women………Not the men because behind them we are their pillar and in front of them we are their eyes and doors..So, to my fellow black women..before you go white..

1. Know yourself..
2.Put your blackness on the table
3. Know your roots, I mean your true African roots
4.Check yourself on why are you in a black and white relationship
5.Educate yourself
6.Dont get married unless you know the man’s family , every generation that is alive, you must know that family’s history
7.Race is much more than color, its a culture, a lifestyle..Its spirituality ……..and physicality .
8.Know worth, that includes yours, his, and the power of money in general.
9. Never lose yourself, association does not make you something or even a part of it. The world will always have you separate but a part from it.
10. Money never guarantees happiness so if you are in it because of what he is worth it will not be worth you………or your time
11. Lust and attraction does not mean you may be of equal value
12. Not because someone sleeps with you means that they like your race
13. Love your blackness your blackness your blackness because it goes beyond what you or they can see.
14. If you are an airhead and you know you are an airhead……and he likes you because you are nothing but a toy, his pawn…a key to opening a door only he knows about..
15. Learn about secret societies…they do exist
16. If he can’t talk business with you……politics…. chances are you are not really important to his life
17. His money is not your money if he is not spending a good portion of it on you
18. If he liked you because you are without breasts and hips…..chances are you were young and that is what he will like..He will not like your curves when they come.
19. He has to love your hair not your H.B.Os
20. Repeat and follow #9


  1. Met, you ain’t ruffling no feathers! Yu only a talk out de tings dem wey apply to some black females wey nuh understand themselves at all. Some a dem shame a dem race, and think say by dipping dem toe inna interracial waters, things will be better for them. For this reason, I see this particular posting as a teachable one. Good job Mums!

  2. True thing!!! We as black women know finding n keeping a good descent educated black man is few far in between. Especially Jamaican man because them very stubborn n da bag a baby mother n kids that come along make me stop date Jamaicans altogether. But jumping to dating white man is a whole set of other deeper issues to deal with. Is not always greener on that side

    1. Black men and baby mothers are entwined no matter what country men you run to its the same damn thing.

  3. :ngakak :ngakak Ah see…..#6 is ridiculous because you will never know every family member in that white man family before you marry him…ijs.

    If it’s a black man do I not need to know everyone in his family.

    1. google………………….. u need fi know dem family because a lot of things in the line up that u should want and need to know…………seh him have a uncle whey murder dis and dat u need fi know..most a di time black men nuh have dem shady secret dere so searching is good

      1. So what if the black woman Google and find out her fiances who shed deeply in love with great grand father was a klans man should that black woman run? That would be a very sticky situation.

        1. yes but honey mi mostly a talk bout dem witches and warlock thing…a lot of those rich men are in those things and nuff a dem did ina some breed a tings…dem nay a kill black people fi nutting eno..think think

          1. Exactly. Bllod sacrafice.
            She would be marrying intoa generationalcurse.

    2. Honeybee know as in try to get to know their past were they involved in any kind of racial discrimination n so on I don’t think its know each n every one to talk to n the kinda information u seek will more times than not public information

  4. This post is hard to digest. First MET I really dont understand why you didnt address the men. Most successful black men either have a white woman or a light woman. Thats all I will say bc this one is heavy since I have two biracial kids. The reason I dated out of my race is not on your list though..check ur inbox.

    1. No Marie dat is a whole nedda cup of water tea because for the life of me only 1/10 a di ooman dem look good..a black brother will take a big white woman a white man dont want and yet him lick out pan di black woman weight so mi leave it alone ooo.. mi a check now oo

    2. I notice you said you have two bi-racial kids. Do you know where the kids father is? All the Jamaican female that I know that have biracial kids, the father is MIA and the kids don’t know who their fathers are.

      One girl I know, went to the sperm bank a specifically requested a white sperm donor. The bottom line is a number of black women want to have mixed race babies and hence the reason the date outside of their race. Have you notice how the White man will marry a black woman, yet do not want to kids with the woman? To me, deep down, it is part of the self-esteem issue, just black uneducated women bleaching their skin. These women end up entering their biracial kids in all these pageants at exorbitant cost.

      1. As God live uno good…Marie never said she not married or she dont have a man..she just said she have 2 biracial kids.How u gone so far star? Jeezam man mek we discuss and find a common ground man

      2. Baseless comment….if a white man entered a interracial relationship, he knows damn well they may have children , so I don’t know where you get that notion from. I didn’t get in to my relationships because I want a biracial baby…..bullshit you talking. And only biracial kids enter pageant ? Smh….

      3. ASSumptions…I wont even dignify that ridiculous statement with an answer. Have a blessed day Anonymous.

  5. Met , it’s not every black women who dated others thinks that they hit a goal mine. Their are some black women who think that way. I didn’t go looking for a white man on both occasions, nor did I feel I was on top of the world. Both relationships was a experience for me, however I didn’t think they were better than black men. My experiences were that I expected their family and friend to treat me a way but it was the other way around. My black male friends could not accept us as a couple. Those same black men fantasize about white/Latino women. They would go all the was to Dominican Republic to buy hoes. Some people have had bad experience dating others,mine was with my own people.

    1. Honey mi a go very very very honest…I rather a person show me dem nuh like me than smile with me n really hate my guts…and I have white friends who are good people mi nah lie but a lot of them are fake so that acceptance is a facade 96% a di time. Sometimes not even dem know dem racist

      1. I can only speak of my experience. Whether those times we spent together on trips and gathering were fake, I can honestly say I dont know . I don’t believe every white folks smile is genuine, but at the same time I can’t say all fake.

  6. @Met i dont agree with u on the Google families part. If i have a distant relative that commit murder what does that have to do with me? Using me as example

  7. @Met, deep topic fi me me dear…I have biracial siblings, and was told my late stepmother(who’s white) made horrible comments to my older brother(who is not hers) before i came to this country, and i cannot believe she claim she love my fada, sleep wid him, mek pickney wid him and nuh luv him ada pickney dem…It hurt me heart rostoh!!! This topic touchy fi me nah lie..

    1. Highly as mi seh….some a dem doe even know dem racist das all I have to say..

      cause kill har dead she not racist because she tek a black man

    2. Dah situation might be isolated, because most stepmothers/fathers nuh like the previous kids, fi one reason or another.

    3. That’s not black or white women. Thats women in general. Many jamaica women marry men and don’t allow yhe men to have anything to do with outside children, even the ones that were there before the relationshit. Think thats people in general. My greatgreatgreatgrandpatents were biracial

    1. Never been with an African before. However I met a young Nigerian doctor at a cancer center where we both were volunteering , he would wait for me every damn day so we could have lunch together , one day he said he like me an if I would like to go to the movies…..I said no thanks. He was very persistent , until my boyfriend came to get one day…..let me tell you…..shorty never speak to me again……he was like 4ft 0inch and ugly…..nope not my type.

    2. They have a reputation for beating women and you haffi have a very clean set a eayze fi understand dem if dem accent thick. Anywho, I did meet a very handsome one in Aldo one time asking me to help him pick out a bag for his wife, he said she told him not to bring anything this time, but he had to get something for her. They believe strongly in education and marriage, I always give dem props fi dat. But tribe means a lot to African people, so he may date you and show you everything nice, but end up marrying to a woman of his own tribe..it very tricky wid dah one deh.

  8. Black, White, Pink or even Green, I think this list should go for any race and both women and men when choosing a long life partner, di amount a evil wah deh gwan innah disyah wurl, it nuh mattah who u be u still haffi worry. You have internal racism pan both sides -eg you have blacks wah hate blacks, whites ah hate whites, and dem wah hate seh dem black,hence the bleaching phenomenon and di list goes on. In any case, weddah u innah relation or not, dem here a tings u fi know as a woman and as individual, starting off with know who u are, inside and out…:)

  9. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) issued a statement asserting that all humans belong to the same species and that “race” is not a biological reality but a myth.

  10. Today the vast majority of those involved in research on human variation would agree that biological races do not exist among humans. Among those who study the subject, who use and accept modern scientific techniques and logic, this scientific fact is as valid and true as the fact that the earth is round and revolves around the sun.

    The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) issued a statement asserting that all humans belong to the same species and that “race” is not a biological reality but a myth.

  11. Unfortunately, along with the belief in the reality of biologically based human races, racism still abounds in the United States and Western Europe. How can this be when there is so much scientific evidence against it?

    Most educated people would accept the facts that the earth is not flat and that it revolves around the sun. However, it is much more difficult for them to accept modern science concerning human variation. Why is this so?

    It seems that the belief in human races, carrying along with it the prejudice and hatred of “racism,” is so embedded in our culture and has been an integral part of our worldview for so long that many of us assume that it just must be true.

  12. Sorry to spam up the page MET but I saw the article in newsweek and thought it was relevant to the ting.

    Bless up Met and Metters, one love mi seh.

  13. Last week was the last week of class and we were having a discussion about hate in America in my American Civil Rights class.
    The class is made of mostly minorities and 4 Caucasian religious Jew’s, I think the professor bight be Jewish as well.
    Well the jewish boy said “Why are the BLACK people of Baltimore acting like animals” without hesitation I ” Said why is that Benjamin Netanyahu acting like animals towards the Palestinian people?” It was an intense argument that was followed up with the question of ” Why is it that the Jewish faith not race doesn’t censor themselves when it comes to the way they express themselves about other race? Once anyone oppose or have a negative connotation towards the Jewish faith your are anti-semetic. One of my classmate let them know that the Jew’s are a bunch of parasite’s.
    Now these 4 students reflection on minority doesn’t represent everyone within that culture, nut they represent that top 90%. We are all around 18-25 years old the younger generation and the sting that minorities represent hasn’t changed much.
    A mek dem know seh ” The worst feeling in this world is not knowing where you belong, where you call home, a lot of you like to tell black people to go back to Africa. Yes we know where we came from and we will happily go back to the country that has made this world rich. There is no better place than African, Where the first form of modern government was formed (Egypt) and the ancient greeks stole some their ideology. The Jew’s were not free men they were slaves to the Egyptian’s so if any cultural that used to enslavements and persecution it’s the Jew’s.
    Now I’m a nice beautiful born Jamaican girl but colonialism has F**ked us up
    I’m a Political Science major and I love it
    Colonialism is the Cause of the Rwanda Genocide Tutsi, Hutu and Twa were the three ethnic groups that lived in peace until Belgium Colonized Rwanda and made The Tutsi an inferior race towardds the others because the European’s thought they were better looking.
    White ain’t right, white is manipulative

  14. Well at tanpanitlong what the (UNESCO) is saying is Bullshit. ” all humans belong to the same species and that “race” is not a biological reality but a myth.”
    Charles Darwin believed in evolution and from Darwin’s fossil record keeping, he noted that not all primates are from the same class of family and naturalist and genealogist has agreed.
    Darwin believed that most of human evolution happened in Africa.
    Now evolution is not my specialty I took the class as prerequisite and passed.
    Tell a Jamaican father about evolution and hear what he says ” A way kind a f**kery dem a teach yuh”

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