0 thoughts on “I SPY, WHAT DO YOU SPY?

  1. :ngakak :matabelo I try hard nuh laugh at ppl unuh but cmon.. this lady dont own a mirror or have any honest friends :ngakak

  2. Well I laugh because I like comedy. Everyone needs a good joke, and she is not bright enough to know that SHE IS the joke!

    1. U r so right. I was telling my friend that it look like Kartel may come out soon and she said ohhh the f*cken obeah stawt wok fi him :ngakak den mi come see this oman up top :ngakak…Laughter is the best medicine sometimes.

  3. i know everybody is looking at the hair and makeup but to me the biggest problem is di spanx…i thought spanx was supposed to be unseen……

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