A SAKUBVA man this week stunned the Mutare Civil Courts by revealing that his wife was in the habit of breaking bottles and attacks him using them. As if that was not enough, Fungai Gopito stated that his wife’s brother was in the habit of setting his vicious dogs on him claiming that he was mistreating his sister.

Gopito had dragged his wife and brother-in-law, Hazel and Munyaradzi Kuhudzai, to court praying for a protection order against them.
Magistrate Mrs Yeukai Chigodora presided over the matter.

“My wife is aggressive and uses glass bottles to assault me. I am left with no option but to let her go and I seek protection from the law. She abuses me whenever I get paid as she accuses me of squandering the money,” he narrated his ordeal to the court.
Hazel denied having assaulted her husband with a bottle.

“The only time that I held a bottle was when he was kicking me. I grabbed the nearest object which was a Coca-Cola empty bottle and it was not even broken. He was not hurt when I hit him with it, Your Worship,” she told the court.

“We were fighting because he disappeared for a week after he had got paid, which is what he usually does. He told me after he was back that he had spent those days and nights in the beerhall and had squandered all the money. I have endured enough, Your Worship, am I not allowed to fight back?” asked Hazel.

Munyaradzi, however, denied ever knowing his brother-in-law, Gopito, saying he had never seen or heard of him before.

“I do not know this man. I only got to know of him when I was served with these court summons,” claimed Munyaradzi.

Mrs Chigodora asked Gopito for how long he had been married to Nyahanana and he informed her that they had been married for three years.

“He set his dogs on me, Your Worship, and I had to run back to my car.

“He threatened to set them on me whenever we meet again,” claimed Gopito.

Nyahanana remained adamant saying he had never met his brother-in-law.

The protection order against Hazel and Munyaradzi Nyahanana was granted to Gopito.

The pair was barred from assaulting, insulting and setting dogs on him.

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