11 thoughts on “I SPY

  1. Morning Met and Metters

    Mi Sey if Spice nuh deh pan Nicky album i am going to be vex, cause the way spice unda nicki batty she a nicky panty liner okayyyyyy.

    spice or spice spies if you are reading go over Rihanna page go be rihanna friend Rihanna a do reggae album, sizzla buju kartel a pure people she want pan it she sey. go see if yuh caan get a feature cause nicki nah let yuh through pon har album okay. go read the yankee blog page dem nicki in a money worries and try rebuild a nice clean image , the love and hip hop fighting nah go mek fi you and nicki. nicki broke and not featuring you. go fren up ri ri fi a work work work!!!!

  2. Come on Spice stop kissing her Ass cause she’s not looking your way . You already got a buss in the American dream make them gal like Nikki come to you ‘ when will your learn these American\ Trinidad or whatever can’t tame . They don’t like us Jamaicans spice stop lower your standards thought you learn from Tommie. Hail a gal yes but stop kissing her ass .

  3. Surprise y’all dont have pictures of her on the toilet or when she a wipe out har punash. You screenshot everything else..set a crabs

    1. Clean up team is hereeeeee. Scrape up di remains cause it just dead :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  4. Anonymous 10:38 i would love a picture off you licking Spice pussy you see how far you gone ‘ a bet you is one off them Wey she paying to nyam her craches don’t come back over pink wall . We all know Spice love gal bite she silicon front bye Bitch ! Excuse mi language Ms Met & bloggers but that little gal always jump over ya .

  5. :cystg But if we a crab you a wha @ anonymous 10:38 What a way how yuh vex true Spice sey Nicki and Nicki nah sey Spice. Don’t vex wid we. Tell Spice seh she out grown Jamaica fi land pon love and hip hop a fight ( SISTER MARION WOULD NEVER) EHHHHHHHHHH

    Lady Saw…… A mean Sister Marion lef it gi har fi run it an she caan run it, manage it , nor handle it. listen pink wall a nuh spice problem. Bad mine and You Reap what you sow a beat Spice. One last thing Please tell har no more song bout whine pon buddy head…… Geezam the buddy head dun………… :travel

  6. A Wanda a who a di lesbian spice or grace? I feel is dat damn grace. Miss yuh fi tap ie doe yuh just deh pan Nicki dick suh.. she mussi a laugh afta yuh deh now… No, not you grace, dat damn spice.

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