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Hi, I’m Christine Cordero, and I’m hacking the ice bucket challenge.
In the past few weeks we’ve seen people use the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness to fight ALS. I’m doing the ice bucket hack to raise funds and awareness to fight racism and police brutality, which have been made so visible by events in Ferguson, Missouri. I hope this cold water is a shock to the system, mine and yours, to wake us up to racism in the United States – so we can end it.
As a Filipina-American, I refuse to be worked into the system that tries to teach me to devalue and fear black people. I refuse to be kept quiet and controlled with myths of model minorities. I remember my history, when Black American soldiers fought with Filipinos for independence from the United States.
As a born and raised Californian, aware of the worst drought in the state’s history, this water is from warming up the water in my shower, and I’m going to water these blueberry plants. From the earth, back to the earth.
I challenge amazing people dear to my heart and incidentally some of the downest white allies in my life, not just in word but in their actions. Especially in these times, we need our white allies to step up shoulder-to-shoulder. Linda Capato Jr., Pete Woiwode, Doyle Canning: Join me in the ice bucket hack and each donate $40 to the Organization for Black Struggle in Ferguson. Alternately, you can decline the ice bucket hack and donate $100 to OBS. You each have 24 hours to accept the challenge. To learn more about OBS, go to
May all our people be free – from Oakland, to Ferguson, to Palestine, to the Philippines!
‪#‎HandsUpDontShoot‬ ‪#‎Ferguson‬ ‪#‎JusticeForMikeBrown‬
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My #IceBucketHack To End Racism #Ferguson
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