11 thoughts on “ICE

  1. Ppl affi understand this a man nah walk an kill, rob r rape nobody … Mek a youth live an be happy inna himself one life me wouldn’t do it but we do other things that make us feel happy ….

  2. Stupid Stupid all the dance he has been flossing that’s all him get wet up with a bucket off ice :hammer :salahkamar

  3. So whattttt, they’re having fun. Thats the problem with you guys. The fun factor have been lost inna real life. All ginger ale, coke, pepsi, water, OJ, cranberry juice he would’ve gotten. Have FUN my youth & mek dem hype people ya go tek several seats.

    1. Fi unnu “fun” is tom foolery! some ni&&er coon $!it that use to ordered up fi plantation owna amusements :cd cut unnu f**kery out and realize that slavery may be REINSTITUTED AND UNNU NU AN ENOUGH FI DEFEND UNNU SELF…LIMP WRIST MEN!!!

      YAWDY4LIFE! Big uo yu self mumma.

  4. only IDIOT poor(JA) people do this champagne shower crap. Not even athletes winning super bowl do this shit. It breaks my heart when so many people in Jamaica suffering.

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