What an update worthy of the pink wall, when I sent in the story of who own the man it seems champagne really owns him. I hear jay aka Solji got attack by police due to stop and search and champagne jump in front of the police and them batter and bruise her up mi ear say about 20-30police almost kill them and them mussi pile pun champagne and Solji pull out gun pun the police officer dem. At first when I hear the story I never believe till we see the two heading into wild den court and the truck load of police testify. Champagne put the court on snapchat. Mi hear say Solji get 6 years in prison for deadly weapon and champagne is free. She seem sad pun snapchat and not talking to nobody. Her best friend icon start spill the tea please like how you known fi talk people life story. I hope like how she take lynette man she will stand beside him while him lock up. Or will lynette be the one in hmp on the v.o list.




  1. Sender you too damn sad. How could she tek him away? She tek the man away on gun point? These 2 were actually husband and wife on paper so what’s your point? The ex girl wouldn’t stop fuq on the yute so he was meant to stay in it for good. Kmt let the man and his wife breath man. What’s hurting you so much everyone is entitled to Happyness.

  2. Wat away icon name easy to call ur story boring champ life really a hurt up ur head find sumting do

  3. So champagne man deh a prison woieee pop story gimmie that’s why mi nuh see dem together what is not this yes rochelle icon always chat champagne so I believe this

      1. When Champagne did ah rejoice after the woman he left for her she never realise seh di hype can dull. She looks like a fool deh now. Her “husband” who she seh did ah hurt up next woman head now deh ah prison and she leave out here alone. Make it worse him did ah give her bun and mi nah ask mi ah tell yuh dat fi sure.

  4. what away you no so much till you don’t no f**k all, this story is so fake just as fake as you lisa! mi never see champs hype on no one yet.
    champagne barely chat to no one much less hype fi hype can’t done, the girl left dancehall long time and can hardly see herald mi see slog in harlesden this week so when him go prison?

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