ah who fa man cause juliet nah lef him she seh him an her ah mek big plans.
an father rup seh weh sophie tek off her clothes him affi use di bad eye an look cause he nuh wah effect di good eye wah him have. juliet seh ah just time and he will be mine woiiiieeee ah suh she badddd.
but mi wah know which plans father rup an juliet have….. poor stinking mouth sophie uh was warned bout sleeping with di enemy but yuh wah hype life
oh god juliet leak yuh secret father rup





  1. Mi luv suck rup wood. It just big and fat an heavy inna mi mouth like led. Di fuss time RUP f**k mi di whole a mi pussy buss up. Boy can f**k yah an eat pussy good. Ladiea try him out. Unuh nah guh gey dissapointed #trust #mi

  2. Sophia a mad them a her house that pic tek so him want her sender you are boring. Juliet blame him for not wanting you lol

  3. him a drugs man yes and apparently him have aids him just sleep around suh sophia the man nuh want you .. people laugh at your realtionship him f**k left right and centre just come ah your house night time to sleep . plastic surgery body can never tie a man down.

  4. Why these long time big woman don’t get a life mothers and grandmothers, dirty ugly man looking, twist eye Juliette go and look a life you life nasty you should feel shame everyone a laugh after you!! Sad sour bitter bitch!!

  5. Juilette flawless looks stink Sophia is better looking plus she can dress. I don’t like rup tho he is mix up

  6. Good morning Met.

    Here we go London dancehalls biggest where.

    Juliette Flawless is the biggest whore in dancehall right now, she will chat her own friends and sleep with their man behind their back. If it is true that Tasha Irie has HIV then she must have it too cos she and Tasha have slept with the same men also.
    Don’t let this girl fool you she disses Jamaicans but yet runs down the Jamaican men if we are that bad to you why you love our men so much?
    Why you don’t stick to your African men? You are a wicked girl.

  7. Dodow is a big batty man is man him f**k make him reach England plus him beat woman hard johncrow soon dead hes a big instigater that y gal lick out him eye joan stop mine him dnt even know weh unu see pan the handicap him shape bad like long n cranky him need to mine his kids n buy good cloths give dem

  8. Dwflll a good! Dunno how rup puts up with Sophia stinking mouth the other day in the hair shop she was talking to me and I had to take time and move because her mouth stink like shit dunno how she gets a man do they really kiss her? Come on ppl which man a England weh can live free, eat free, drive free, and wear brand clothes not gonna stay with a a woman? Obviously he has to put up with Sophia stink mouth. is it rotten teeth she have in her mouth because I never smell a mouth suh yet! If she don’t mine man she can’t get no hype, look wen she use to deh with di married man hungry belly father hype weh she claim him use to suck her pussy and beggy beggy a same suh she use to have to mine him all him a user, you know how many a soaphia fren him f**k and Sophia just walk and fren dance ppl a claim dem a fren all the one tuff face sherifa chat her like dog, man lookalike tash always a carry news gi father hype true she use to f**k him too! Fi a big woman/gramma you very mix up your daughter must be very confused of why her mother changes man like how mi change mi bed sheets! Wukless gyal no ambition go and look a 9-5 and stop tiff fi mine man yu dow seh yu have tag on so you can’t go dance fi now shame on you, all you father rup gwan hype and live fi free because yu soon get deport you are very ungrateful and KARMA ago soon reach yu, as fi you julette you have no shame fi a big woman di man f**k you when him feel like, and now yu a mad none a you or Sophia is not pretty suh rup really need to get him eye sorted out, julette tell the ppl dem seh you know where Sophia live and you have past on the addres and details to immigration! Ppl wen unnu see the van a old Kent road you know a rup dem a pick up dwflll.

  9. Ppl rup just upload pon Facebook picture of him and stinking mouth Sophia rup please tell us why you are up at 4 in the morning? looolll you run guh put up pic true you don’t want her put you out because you won’t have nowhere to live suh yu a fret or you getting ready to run when immigration comes? Look how Sophia did inlove with bruck pocket hype and if she can leff him fi rup and throw out him tings she will do it again!

  10. Stinking mouth Sophia you run guh move in rup and yu kids no even like the ugly f**ker, by the way does the council know that you have a illegal man living with you? i just hope when dem throw you out you and rup have money to buy house lmao yu always a try hype with fake brand clothes and live inna one dirty block a old Kent road, rup a f**k my cuz fren and she seh him seh inside yu yard look nice that’s.

  11. This woman mouth stinks omg can imagine how her big pussy smell, dunno how father hype use to suck her pussy

  12. A lie father hype don’t suck pussy because when mi use to f**k him and I ask him do it him cuss out mi and don’t chat to me suh how him would fi do that to Sophia unnu too lie mon, although she did deh a hair shop wid the argument last year and a chat hype seh she soon leff him because she can’t take the begging no more

  13. Correction guys***
    It is not tasha irie who has HIV…
    The Brown girl with the tattoos who walk with Juliet Flawless who has the HIV!! Her name is Tasha too.

  14. Met you no see the whole a London ppl hate father rup. HIM walk and chat everybody, all sash mille him a chat, him talk one bag a ting bout beris , him go the hairdresser shop a Lewisham so that’s where immigration a go pick him. low life suck pussy bowy go home

  15. But wait Sophie yuh put video up about Dow nah go nowhere but he will stay because nobody want him mifeel sorry fi desperate b****. Yuh nuh see juilet ah wait fi buss Yuh clart I’m starting to like her coz she ah sit down sipping teawaiting for unno to beat her

  16. Fada hype rude and him mouth bad which gal can put such pussy to him.yes sophia a dat you a tell you friend them but you need fi stop tell lie pon Di man dem.you f**k all Di married man them all the dancehall man them and not one a them put a ring on your finger that mean you nuh good . nobody like you stink mouth thief gal a pure little gal you man them alway go f**k . remember u fight Di little gal a brixton fi man big old old old worthless woman.true u on tag and can’t do road u ugly one eye man a do road a f**k down fi place

  17. last night me hear say rup say him waa go home cause Sophia salt him up. the woman that take u over from paris must be laughing , a the duppy wat u and u bredda dem mek a torment u, sorry but u naa get no stay a England. a gun u go prison faa so the government nuh want u yaa. you salt nuh bloodclatttttttt. sash mille better tek wey him self from YOU, QUENTY REALY DRAW U OUT.YOU A F**K THE 2 WOMAN DEM. THIS BIG BATTY BOWY,

  18. The suck pussy boy was f**kin my fried jade but true her man come from prison him run bck to Sofia him brok like

  19. if uno wha me know uno better low the youth , else some uno a go inna big problem … Cockburn pen no play pen … Samacan youth dem don’t ramp word

  20. If uno know Wat me know uno low the youth , the youth no trouble no body… Cockburn pen no play pen and samacan youth them don’t play , so uno continue play the fool … #warning

  21. Firehouse and anonymous guh siddung underneath yu stinking gyal pussy wen she a see her period and mek it drain inna yu big stinking mouth! Bout bad oh please kmt

  22. Fire house a defend battyman Johncrow soon get dip when the feds hole him rass nobody a England no like the suck pussy stiff tongue battyboy aids victim skermige him a fi quat a England bad where kmt only in Jamaica him feel him bad him not even bad him smell bad dunce like bat cant even read n write suck unu madda bout fire house

    1. What away u bad behind computer with you mouth , uno love see people and f**k round them .. Make me Tell u this , father rup is not easy youth go check the history … Best I can tell you hide on here and don’t make them figure who you cause it not gonna be pretty

  23. news flash me hear say police want him a yadd for murder no sah him better try stay yah cause dem want him bad. hiM better go back a paris or try RUSSIA

  24. Bad Gyal you don’t bad … Hear what u do face the dawg make the man dem know who u Realy b , and see if you make it pass the hour talking .., take my advised continue hide behind computer cause any day u make them find out who u b………….

  25. Firehouse yes fada rup a u same one nobody nuh afraid a you yes we see u and u ugly gal a dance on the street we nuh afraid suck pussy boy.mi know u nuh bad like mi and my boys them if u did bad how man stab out u eye.u like Di word bad u gal mouth smell bad.u a try friend Di Badest set a man them but them a keep you at arm lenght.bad man woman nuh theif and fxxk like dog .fool u can do no gal nothing and stay here we know where u sleep where u hungout so kool

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