0 thoughts on “ICONNNNNN TO DI FULLES…………. -_-

  1. She went to prison 2013… Does that mean the two ladies will be going to prison on drug charges in 2014? A mean, since is she setting the trends and all. :bingung

  2. Trace…u did look gud den…now, u nuh luk so brite!!!!! :selamat

    Mornin jmg, met, jmg crew, bloggers, peepers an all, bless up.

    Met, sometimes I get out of character, today I will try my best not to reach jmg corner!! :angel !

  3. Tracy go and sit down some where you’re irrelevant! why dese broke niggas always trying to compare dem self with millionaires and people that is already established!!!

  4. Good morning Met / everyone…
    I don’t think she mean it like seh a tek har style more she like she set the trend.

  5. Morning MET a Sandra Bullock dat at the end whe mek $70 Mil fi gravity Tracy a compare wid?? whats wrong with these delusional bitches

      1. That is Lisa Vanderpump from RHW of Beverly Hills on the end. Btw Ms Champion you have your dates mixed up. Kris wore that dress to Kim and Kanye’s engagement party and Lisa wore wore hers to a premiere party for her show Vanderpump Rules both in October 2013. Oh and the “it” they are wearing is made by Alexander McQueen $7000.

        1. Thank you!!!! I was like but wait deh… They did wear them last yr… Just true the taping are being released now…. Ppl like dem ALWAYS ahead if the trend… Tracey………………… SATTA MY GIRL…. SATTA!!

    1. Dwln…A reason why me find that loser gal irrelevant. Har frock mek from some fluxxy material and de likkle lightweight fandangles whey use sparingly pon de neck CANNOT add up to Kris and Lisa dress.

      Plus dem frock de out a crutchers reach…lolol

  6. Woman a di end look like the english lady from Beverly Hills housewives…poor Tracy, it sad when u dont have shit to u name and a brag bout nothing.

  7. Both of you are right , Lisa star on both shows. Poor Tracy you got yours from Alexander before it hit the runway!!!

  8. In addition to my post above, Alexia Echevarria of Real Housewives of Miami also wore the same dress for her Season 3 Reunion the same week Lisa and Kris wore theirs in October 2013.

  9. I was about to say the same thing does anyone else realise they are not the same dress? or is it just me? Just asking?

  10. suh is why she feel special?? fi ar own is HOME MADE and fi dem is couture and cost thousands of dollars sum ppl so materialistic fi no reason..humble yuh self mumma . lol shi sooo borning.

  11. When mi did likkle mi used to rate dah B here eno…smh. Boy o Boy… Tracy, what’s your gross or net worth? And theirs? Pick any year :nerd .. Does your cumulative lifetime earnings/gettings even equate these people expenses in the average month?

  12. Tracey go sit down and go retire dancehall you no see say you mash up now me see you put up flyer for your party with no location party not keep this year you dont have any sponsor the man them not saying tracey no more your pussy dun , no value no dey pon it because now your just tracey (no champion)

  13. Girl bye…how dare you. Anyody can make a dress like that and get a big costume piece like that from costume Marcia shop…how dare you. Truust and believe you have no copyright on style acting like you popping shit and you some celebrity…girl bye!!!!

    1. She has been souped up as a dancehall fashionista till she and her fan club believe it. Me rate Kim Possible out a all a dem, she simple and Fab. Tracy soon sey a she first wear that purple body suit from last week……………..DWLNNNNNN

  14. @2:55 her claim to fame is dancehall and selling pussy to jamaican drug dealers and she also went to jail for being a drug mule , her new name is tracey nomore champion

  15. Poor Tracey, unno tek time wid har nuh? She is a cool girl Inspite of all the glamour. Anyways, she does have a venue and has already started promoting her party Memorial Day weekend in Miami.

  16. Oh she have a venue my bad I am on her Facebook page and I didn’t see a venue on her recycle flyer but anyway tracey no more a champion I will be at your party I hope you sell a f**k and buy a outfit from vindictive coutour yes tracey a him make all a your clothes them except the ones with the buzzer hole because from you come from jail you cant afford the make clothes them anymore gal broke and no pussy not selling and she hot none a the drugs man them dont want fi use her as them mule no more

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