KINGSTON, Jamaica — The police have confirmed that the body of a man found in a secluded area of Cherry Drive in Cherry Gardens, St Andrew, about 6:00 am Thursday is that of 26-year-old bank clerk, Dwayne Grigg.

It is suspected that he was stabbed to death.

Grigg of an Erin Avenue address in Kingston 20 had been missing since Tuesday, February 25.

He was last seen alive at his Duhaney Park home about 7:00 pm wearing a red T-shirt and a pair of black, or blue, jeans pants.

More information later.


    1. So he deserves to die because of how he acts?!?!?!?!? Who would have known that “acting” proper would be a crime… YUH SICK STOMACH

  1. Morning Met n Metters, I dont know if this guy was gay, but he was “different” dont kno if its because him too intelligent (he has a Law Degree with Honors), but his was GOOD at his job n very pleasant. He was also a serious Christian

    He didnt deserve to b murdered in this fashion (it does look like a crime of passion), maybe is some gay who wanted him no got turned down

    RIP Dwayne

  2. Why is it that when a man don’t walk and chuck badness and behave like hooligan we Jamaicans always assumed that they are gay, if he was a serious Christian that would account for his mild behavior. RIP.

    1. This is clearly a crime of fashion, it has the batty man trademark of murder. They stabbed him up several times and stab out both his eyes. This is very serious and sad too. It just seem fishy in all aspects.

      1. Maybe the killers wanted it to appear to be so because he was so proper. Who knows maybe is some creature he befriended or helped did this. Again RIP youngman

  3. Jamaica full a killa and ole negga an we so boasy wit it 2 . Anywhere with too much ugly people is a problem . Jamaican 2 corrupt .The people have no self respect . If you honest you would agree 2 unless u’re one of the idiot

          1. Latest police reports are that a car belonging to the victim was chased and shot up by the police one of the occupants has since succumbed to his injuries, there was also a SEVENTEEN year old GIRL in the car, she was apprehended after she tried to escape. Another young girl riding around with murderers, luckily for her she wasn’t harmed.

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