1. Yes a chue! I started following her. I love her vibes and some of her songs. She reminds me of Saw in the sense that it’s her alone on stage with no dancers doing gimmicks. The next one stage shows commi like a fricken circus show. Notice every song ain’t about har undaneath like the next one. I don’t business with Angel front, it’s her own. “Dem a worry bout me, me nuh worry bout me” deh Pon repeat.

  2. I would support Angel or Shensea taking over the queen of Dancehall post from Spice. I can’t stand Spice behavior and someone really need to put her down to earth a bit. Come Angel…. Tek ova this thing.

  3. spice ,, annuh everybadi ghetto and love the slack hood rat lyrics,, spice you just gave Angel a come back ,
    spice everyday you name call pon mix-up why,
    you want to be something your totally far from ,you are not the example jamaica need for women empowerment.
    spice you talking about angel private life, Why, your evil ppl unnuh come dash out spice file plz
    everybody and spice fall out sher luxury doll ,nikiesha, lisa hype ,dovey magnum jodi couture ,rene 6.30 marvin , lady saw,nuffy,shebada, tiffa when you ready you dawg pamputaee , all your enemies need to all come together and give it to you lyrically you keep calling world boss cause hes all you got talk about how your husband catch you comin out of hotel with worldboss, talk bout your lesbian disoreder you have nuff nerve your family a suffer spice ,, spice i never hear you got highlighted for promoting a up coming artist NEVER ,, spice who are you.. you ghetto dancers a bait you , money an fame get to you. spice your body UNEQUAL spice the way how your money tall you must never mix REAL AND FAKE , you shoulda move outta caymanas ,,, you should be flying in your own jet .. cause memba puffy and dem rich man deh have dem own jet ..and you never hear dem a brag or see dem post a pic trying shoes on in a high end store . spice im ashamed for you JAMAICAS WORST ENTERTAINER IN THE BUSINESS.. IS SPICE spice you are a evil bitch

  4. Gwaan tru fallen angel, yuh get 2 icon fi wife yuh spice cudnt even get mouta mussi Nuffy fi call har him girlfren, 1 an move him seh loll

  5. I get it and give her props for standing up to that damn illiterate bully spice but angel still sound as dry and deady deady as ever IMO.

  6. All when spice wear the brand them it look cheap on her yes wicked wicked spice your heart is as black as the color of your skin mi 8 9and 10 you old dog shit, remember say you a gal that fuck four man in a one day in less than 24hours that’s a FACT remember we were friends and we used to dance together at the go go club and you is nobody I mean nobody to be disrespecting people, spice a better you cool because you a suck pussy longtime,I got some pictures and I definitely know you don’t want it out there?

    1. Dah one yah hebby. Dah one yah a nuclear weapon. I don’ts know if wi ready fi it. I need my hasmat suit. Met, please outfit with deh.

  7. @mt vernon, nuh play wid mi, enuh! Which “husband” Paprika have????? I was trekking right along with you, and you left me, like how Kanar and di “mindables” left Paprika! Why yuh dhu mi like dat????? Mi si call Social Services pon yuh and mek dem fling an abandonment and ah reckless endangerment pon yuh, enuh! :ngakak

  8. @mt vernon, nuh play wid mi, enuh! Which “husband” Paprika have????? I was trekking right along with you, and you left me, like how Kanar and di “mindables” left Paprika! Why yuh dhu mi like dat????? Mi wi call Social Services pon yuh and mek dem fling an abandonment and ah reckless endangerment pon yuh, enuh! :ngakak

  9. CC come here…yu too outta orda. I laugh till mi naily pass wey.

    Suppose Beenie Man step in a sey Dutty Gal Spice stop call up the mother of my child’s name. Suppose Bounty decide fi sey, lowe mi ex-woman. Suppose Krystal run in an defen har step-son modda. Suppose smaddy fi talk bout Spice mumma who look like shi grow Spice widout love, cause nobody wey grow wid love nuh behave suh.

    Suppose Spice mek di mistake an call Tanya Stephens name. That would never happen cause mi memba when Spice, jump out pan di show a Tivoli an a try war wid Tanya Stephens fi Tanya ansa har. Tanya sey I would never clash with Spice because Spice is not even at the level I started. Come good gal Tanya, look like yu haffi tek one fi di team an bury Spice one an for all. Mi sick a Spice now. God know.

  10. Mt Vernon u know is Angel dem did seh did ina tings wid Kartel and people see har doe? :nerd …Kartel dont like Spice and Spice does not like him …as mi seh mi jus a laugh afa dem hypocrite play on the gram..Spice said Kartel a devil which she find out quicker than most people cause it takes one to know one..and what Spice said about Kartel was not to his face…She know she cannot dis him ina him face ina real life..Now in saying that is she n Kartel a such a friend why him nuh tell har Angel business hee? …

  11. @ Mount Vernon and Anonymous 2:22pm, oonu jus dash wey certain information out dey like how oonu dash wey garbage inna de bin, eeh. DWL. Whoa, a weak inna de Monday 2019 ya! I find de whole D’Angel and Spice feud ironic, given the fact dat a de 2 a dem sing de song “Right now, me have nuh worries”, and yet a more dan a week now, a pure worries wid de 2 a dem pon social media. D’angel name always inna controversy from long time, but Spice tek de cake, cause a she a de Queen of Friction wid people – from har baby faada, to de he, she, and de old lady! Spice, a full -time yu stop being a public nuisance man, stop it!!!!

  12. Nah I watched this whole clip smiling and dancing. I didn’t know Angel HAD IT in her. She won me over. Wow. Big up Angel. Spice, take notes and learn to deliver with GRACE. Thank you, Shani. ❤️

  13. That’s why me is a girl weh dont trouble people enuh, look what she does and think say she a flop the girl show…. spice and everybody inah things, yuh coming like coconut milk, everything yuh inah! Its always the ones that talk about people a badmind dem, dem is the wicked ones…. you can see fakeness all over spice, yuh run guh friend up the love n hip hop girls dem, but one thing I know, dem nuh ramp! And estalita soon find yuh out. You are untrustworthy. No loyalty to anybody but your damn self! Yuh see how everything backfire on you?(karma) stop trouble people and go and take a humble pill.

  14. Hello wall. Uno see spice come with VOICENOTE n BIBLE? She sey she done now. I wasn’t gonna comment but when mi see she sey she done I said TYJ.. she ago run with 20/9 she giving away 1m to whoever can prove she always start the mess. Lord mi just open my business and just had BBL wonder if she want to give me the 1m.. Spice after my kids I had a lot a fat in my belly I didn’t like it so I did a BBL.. I am home healing and need money, can I get that 1m please?

    1. Come mek me and u do di home work for it o…cause so help me God she dangerous bout she come out wid bible..Whatever Angel did at the water hurt her………….Yemaya came out Spice not angel..I doubt angel knew that she was summoning Yemaya in the blue with the cardboard and the limes but thats who she summoned..the anger of the sea…Lets hope its her that comes to her defense and not Olokun :tkp

      1. Mi say Spice calm right down lIke if Dem inject her with Ativan. Spice is losing her mind bc it’s she start it publicly. What’s there to prove. Kmt

  15. Met & Marie .. Honestly people like spice will kill you and cry to your family how good you were. She too lie, fake n wicked . It’s death before she surrendered..I won’t name names but people need to watch themselves mi done!!!

  16. Dwl @Cc real bad! Hehe. Bwoy all when mi yeye lid dem a pop down and the books a beat mi bad all me need fi do is come over here and me WAKE up Dwl. “Salty” a commit career suicide; she is not a good person, I know first hand, character poor poor smh. I hope they stop now, too much now

  17. @Met, mi sehhhhhhh……what ah gyal eeeeeeeevil, lie, wicked and treacherous????? Di gyal guh fi Bible!!!!! And all widdy Bible inna har hand, shi still inna wrong, because that video was more to let us know that she gave Michelle the $200000 and fi mek si know seh shi did ah complain bout Zum and Yanique, fi try out har inna trouble, more than AAAAANYTHING ELSE!!!!! But ah she have “foundation”, fi come tell di poor single mada dem weh and weh shi dhu fi dem, and broadcast who did bin out and shi tek har pikney dem name brand gi dem! Di way how shi dangerous and warped, shi DON’T EVEN SI SEH dat video makes her look worse; but yuh cyaahn tell har Stans dem dat mi luv!

    @Side chick and loving it, come mek me and yuh and Met Maths it up and mek yuh win di money. But brace fi shi tek it tell yuh!

    @Marie, mi HAAAAAAAAAATE YUH!!!!!!!!!! I know you did not say “spice calm right down like if dem inject her with Ativan”! Grung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, unnu ever si di sick head dem ah WILD OUT AND AH DISRUPT DI FLOOR????? BEST BELIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEVE SEH WHEN DAH ATIVAN OR HALDOL DEH REACH DEM…….all 2,3,4 days some ah dem nahve AH UUUUUSE to dem self!!!!! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  18. honestly, D’angel could never get my money. I think that the support that she is getting is because Jamaican people get caught by light skin.
    Spice is a much better performer.. lets keep it real.

  19. STFU and go and sit yuh ass down somewhere! That’s your opinion; besides, your point is baseless! No one here is debating talent! Go somewhere with the damn foolishness

  20. Whole heap ah Typos: *bun out, * put out…..Unnu know mi nuh write foolishness. Di wall too FESTIVE and ah it cause all ah dis! Lol

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