Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter

Teachers and students of a primary school in St Ann were appalled last week after a parent entered the school compound and assaulted a student in their presence.

Information reaching THE STAR is that after school was dismissed on Thursday, a hired bus which transports students in the area, stopped at the school to make its usual rounds.

It was reported that shortly after the bus arrived, the parent’s daughter and a young man who attends a high school in the area were engaged in an argument and blows were exchanged.

According to an eyewitness, shortly after the altercation, the girl’s father drove on to the school’s compound, entered the bus and began raining blows on the unsuspecting teen.

“It started from a heated argument between the guy and girl. After that, she used a bottle to hit the boy in the face. He laughed, and they went up in the bus and it started to drive off when a car speed up in the school and a man jump out and come into the bus and start hit the boy in the face,” he said.

It was revealed that the 11-year-old girl used a cellular phone to call her father who attacked the 14-year-old boy and used his fists and a tape measure to hit the teen in his face and all over his body.

“The father was beating the boy and some vendors nearby who saw what was happening tried to pull him off and put themselves in between the man and the boy and some of them got hit as well,” a worker who witnessed the incident told THE STAR.

The worker also stated that she was shocked to see what transpired afterwards.

“After the driver of the bus sped off the compound to try and save the boy, the father took out his phone and called someone and he came shortly after and was asking ‘Weh di bwoy deh?”, she said.

She told THE STAR that despite the efforts of members of staff and onlookers to subdue the fuming father and his associate, their efforts were dismissed.

“Is mi first born, mi naa go mek nobody beat up me daughter,” the seething parent allegedly stated.

According to onlookers, shortly after, the father along with his associate sped off the compound in the direction of the bus.

Reports revealed that during the assault, the boy’s uniform was mauled and he sustained injuries to his face, which resulted in swelling.

The school’s acting principal confirmed the incident but told THE STAR that she could not speak on the matter as she was not present and it happened after school was dismissed.

When contacted, the Ocho Rios police were unable to confirm the incident.

0 thoughts on “IF DI BWAAY FATHER SHOOT HIM NOW??????

  1. mi wah noe why police caw confirm an it neva done inna hiding kmt….em a talk bout daughtah mek di bwoy parents stan up fiem now yuh ere seh dem rong smh

  2. I started to agree with what the father did until after reading the story in full i realized that it stated no where that the boy had hit the lattle girl. If he did indeed hit her then the father was right because mi ah kill somebody fi my daughter. mi nuh business if yuh old, young, deaf, cripple or blind. DO NOT TOUCH MY CHILD. Also we do not know what she told her father when she called him. She may have told her father that the young man hit her. Poor boy.

  3. Boy if I was the Mother of that boy :batabig :batabig ah War.The school and stinking father haffi answer to me

  4. Them need fi lock him up!!!! He’s an adult and the situation could’ve been dealt with another way. Wah if him did lik him kill him, then wah?……….tomorrow now the Likkle bwoy gunman uncle shoot the fada or worse the little girl is a different thing when it didn’t need to go so far.

  5. It look like the teachers did not call the police during the entire episode. Wrong bang de so!

    I am 100% certain de friend who came after being called had a gun on him.

    If police shoot dem 2 wutliss man yah during their attempt to board the bus again then people block road…me sey de smartest one here was the BUS DRIVER. Wukliss father, friend and teachers.

  6. This is how people get killed! Sometimes you haffi pick sense outta nonsense & get the 3 side of di story before you comment & react.

    Mi wonda if di likkle bwoy family ah go tek it suh?????????

    1. Poor thing may not have anybody fi defend that $h!t pon de same level. So I hope report make a station and witnesses come forward so the courts can defend that rass.

      more time a one granny or one single mother dem have inna dem corna

  7. Yes Honey…..dat mi say too. Sum ppl ignorant and dark…..Cause there is no explanation for an adult male to jump on a school bus and assault a child….yes 14 is a child. Dem quick fi talk bout “defend my child”. …but if a rich mzn comd ina di community wid a bag a money an pretty car a give weh an him request dat same daughter…yuh might frighten fi see how dat daughter get orders fi go link di big man an do ask he asks . Wukliss and chuppid I tell yuh. Dem say di bwoy laff when she lick him wid di bottle suh it didn’t even seem that seruss.

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