1. Funny we have one of the ex up here and then the pit toilet on the same day….Angel go have multiple seats!

  2. Ishawna dead already and she no reach a sting yet, she a look hype, Ishawna you no see that D’Angel 2 of the beat teachers.

  3. Ishawna better go hop over di prison bar dem & get bout 4 dub from Kartel if she want compete cuz D’Angel can get Bounty dubplate fi free like she seh! And you really can’t compete with a ‘people dead’ dubplate!!!

  4. Met the when me just start watch di video me say alright, Ishawna look good in her costume. When me see Angel come out me was so disappointed. Why does Angel have to always look so cheap and tacky? Note to Angel, cheap doesn’t always have to look tacky. I never see you and you look good yet. Your dress code is always cheap and tacky.

    Anyway, Ishawna, you give off this vibe like you are an innocent uptown girl but… I will leave it desso.

    met a pure laughing me deh pon when me watch di video. Dem shoulda keep the personal stuff outta the clash though but it funny bad

  5. bwoy it sticky bad, mi never know say a suh clash guh now, Ishawna I hope you watch back da video yere, you look god but you nuh sound good, D,Angel win this round. Ishawna I think u better try some thing else , because I don’t know what u a duh. :angel :malu

  6. this is from magnum celeb sound clash its was not a lyrical clash for all who was wondering next week its kiprich vs elephant playing dubs for dubs

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