New appointment needed for artiste to get teeth
Diandra Grandison, Staff Reporter
It appears that Internet dancehall sensation Gully Bop, aka Country
Man, will need to take a trip to the United States to fix his smile,
after he reportedly missed his free dental appointment and the
US-based dentist is scheduled to leave the island in a few days.
THE WEEKEND STAR contacted New York-based dentist Dr Kerisa Harriott,
and she told our news team that she was told by Gully Bopâ EURO ™s manager,
Shauna, that the upcoming artiste was unable to make his appointment
because he was booked for a show in Montego Bay.
Harriott told THE WEEKEND STAR that despite his missed appointment,
she was still willing to perform the procedure on the artiste at his
At this point, we are waiting on him to become available, when his
schedule is less hectic, he just doesnâ EURO ™t have the time,â EURO she said.
When THE WEEKEND STAR inquired about the cost of the procedure if the
upcoming artiste had to pay, Harriott revealed that it would cost
approximately US$2,000 or J$230,000.
Late last month, Harriott and her colleague offered their service free
of cost to Gully Bop, after seeing a video of him online deejaying and
becoming enthralled with his intricate flow and lyrics. The
Jamaican-born dentist believes that Gully Pop suffers from periodontal
gum disease which would take about three to seven sessions before it
can be corrected. Harriott admitted to THE WEEKEND STAR that she could
not say when she will be able to begin fixing the artisteâ EURO ™s teeth
because they have not engaged in dialogue about rescheduling, and she
is set to return to the United States on Sunday.
She has hinted, however, that he would possibly have to visit her at
her practice in New York if an appointment is not made. â EURO oeI cannot
say when he will get the procedure done, because we have not set up
another appointment. I will be leaving the island on Sunday, so he
would possibly have to come to the States to get it done,â EURO she told
Gully Bop rose to fame late last year, after a video of him deejaying
his now hit single Every Gyal Want A Wuk Offa Me went viral online,
with many declaring that he should use his new found success to fix
his mouth.


  1. Boy me Nuh know…. First it did free and the dentist want money? That’s why him couldn’t miss the show him a hustle up the money lmaoo

    1. I don’t think that Dentist wants him to pay. I think she was just letting them know how much the actual procedure would have cost …..if he were to get it done elsewhere. I think she was just saying that…..to say it’s not a cheap procedure so he should have been grateful and made the effort to find the time.

      1. Any artiste want a bus fi link Shauna she bad pan di publicity ting mi nah loi……….she go choo any length and have di stomach strength

  2. somebody cant help this man,,,,,this woman SWINE is destroying the man,,dont worry bitch you will get your some day..SMFH

  3. If him can miss him free dental appointment then that’s on him and his management. The lady offered her services free of charge and him still miss it. A which show was so important dat him couldn’t teck an hour out of one day fi guh di dentist? kmt.

  4. Maybe the Dentist confuse Bop and Shauna as to cost! Bop hurry to a Dentist fast your Toofus don’t look good, I’m surprised Shauna tek di wuk off ah yuh, not only are you twice her age but your mouth looks stink, go get it done!

    1. Quena dear. Happy New Year hun. Glad to know u still here with us in the New Year cause mi know u get u share of peppa ova here. Lol Thnx for taking it in stride. We still are family. :peluk Quena I don’t think they wanted a cent from Gullybop for the teeth. I think she was just quoting the cost of the procedure. Trust me di way how dem look pon it is dis…..Him dun buss without di teet an him rather go perform an get a instant money dan miss di money just fi likkle teet. Dem priorities backwards cause all dem see is quick money money. Dem naw think long term. Kmt

      1. @Cita FELIZ ANO NUEVO :newyear
        Thanks for the clarification, if Bop doesn’t make it in the long run it would have been nice to see that at least he got a new set of pearly whites to show’fa……..cuh it doh luk gud!
        Cita unuh cudda peppa likkle more…..ah mi say NAH COOOM AUF AH DI WALL :ngakak
        I am a contributing factor for good or bad!

  5. Some of you ppl are so harsh. If we dog our own ppl like this, how do u expect another race to treat us?

    1. STFU wat the hell u tawking bout dogging right is fuxxing right dem rotten teeth can’t be healthy for his heart he needs to go look about that shit
      Piss me of bout “dog own race” kmft

  6. how de phuck she mek e man miss dat very much needed appointment she nuh must know ahead a time seh de man mouth neva did alone bookedfor sting but nung booked tuh stink….she cuda work round dat performance wid a time frame smfh

  7. Oh yes… HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE…. Met, highly, cita, Quena, simply, chuet, willy, Tinan all the old a new ppl dem… Who mi a miss Im sorry… Mi DEH yah same way mi Nuh gawn NUH whey… Just busy! When I’m available again I will be here more often than usual… Nuff love big up. How mi figet yeppy! :peluk :peluk

    1. Happy New Year Bubble Mummz, all the best fi di year and beyond..glad u still deh bout. Hurry up and unbusy and kumm back:))

  8. Met leave the raas man mek him prosper .Him have a show him affi do him show,stop badmind the raasclaat mad man .Teeth will fix in time ,she anuh the only dentist in the world.

    1. A when since doctor’s appt a kip a night time? Is which show a hold between di hours of 9am-12 noon weh him couldn’t ketch di appt?
      Get di rass off Met, shi providing information fi di masses, shi cull di article and put it up yah, suh guh labba eena Gully Bop mout and come awfa yah.

  9. Visa fi u now Gully Bop, onoo tink Chin nuh know whe she a do. So him haffi go get a Visa fi go si di dentist in NY
    Manage on yaa Chin.

  10. !st off dem did a brag an a seh a next month him a get di mouth fix dat a right b4 him do sting suh dem must did know b4 him so called booked fi di mobay show him an him gal is 2 fool’s dem nuh look a di bigger picture seh him ago get di free dental work plus a new look an maybe more money in di long run smh is a hell of a ting weh u nuh know no better .

  11. At that price is jus 2 big nasty looking false teet im aguh get after shi dun tek out di rotten one dem because to put teeth up inna yuh gum cos ten grand usd and more!

  12. Chin cant come back yah. A muss inna a different name. Chin, come tell the ppl dem why yu get deported from the USA. A weh the police/feds dem catch yu with????? Mi philly ppl dem come talk the things dem!!!

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