**Let me also add to what the Observer has posted and mi a go seh it agen..Downlow man with families I dont post here and will never. Also, now that the principal’s reputation has been destroyed along with his family’s in terms of career and safety. I want to school many of you who have ran on here trying to tell me what to do. There are two legal directions that can be taken with nude photos and I am schooled by an attorney as to what I post here and what I cannot post. Apart from me deciding personally not to get involved with exposing downlow men with families , photos that are sent to someone’s phone has a different legal process than photos that are TAKEN from someone’s phone. If I send someone a naked photo an they put it online, I really cant do anything but if that photo is taken from my phone whether my phone was lost or hacked into..Ask any lawyer this. If a photo is stolen from someone’s phone or personal space it is an invasion of privacy and whatever happens when those are released is also a huge deciding factor in damage claims. The Observer has ran articles about the story, has not given direction as to where they are located because they do not want to be a part of any damage claim which might see them coming out of pocket. They also included that the pictures may be fake just in case they really might be…so that they will not be affected legally. Everyone wants to see to get their little 5 minute of hurrah and adrenaline rush but media entities have to and MUST protect their interests. That is the bottom line**
The acting principal of the Christiana High School who has been embroiled in a sex scandal, triggered by photographs circulated on social media, is alive, contrary to rumours on social media that he was dead.
The Manchester police said yesterday that family members assured them that the teacher was alive but that he was not prepared to speak.
At the same time, police said relatives were not prepared to reveal the whereabouts of the acting principal, who is married and a father of three.
The police were prompted to go in search of the embattled educator after a photo of a body on a slab started circulating on social media. Rumour had it that the body was that of the educator and that he had either killed himself or was murdered as a result of the pictures, which featured a young man, being circulated.
The acting principal confirmed to Nationwide News on Tuesday that the pictures making the rounds on social media was indeed him, but insisted that it had been doctored to add the homosexual element. He said the pictures started circulating after he lost his phone and that he would take up the matter with the police.
Meanwhile, the school board is to meet at 10:00 tomorrow morning to discuss the fate of the educator.
Yesterday, Calvin Lyn, chairman of the school board, told the Jamaica Observer that the school community is “coping” with the scandal and it has been “bombarded with calls”.
“We are trying to keep our ends together, not to play it down but to see how best it can be dealt with,” Lyn said.
“I know it can be a rumour. I have friends who say you can doctor these things,” Lyn said, referring to the controversial photos.
“I hope I get to talk with him before I form an opinion,” he added.


  1. Why Jamaicans like to promote these homosexual. The more and more we talk about these things, it puts them at the forefront and this puts pressure on the Jamaican government from America to legalize them. Ninja man said it best he ain’t talking about them cause he ain’t promoting them, they stay in there own lane he stays in his.

    1. How are they “Promoting homosexual”? Whether we talk about them or not they will always be around, they’re not going anywhere.

  2. I just heard on the news that he resign from his post. I dont believe in outing anyone, whether they married or unmarried. Whatever in the dark will come to light.

  3. I’ve not seen the pic, so I won’t condemn this man. If the other person is of age, the the Principal has to deal with the scandal however he chose with is family. If it’s an under age boy, let the law deal with.

  4. I saw one! Thr one with the guy pouting with him and taking the pic, The man look knocked like the boy podin like he’s kissing him while taking a photo. Mi no know if a me one ” that man look like he was asleep shirtless” dis man no look like he did nothing or was doing anything. Its a posdibility he was drug. My opinion base on the pic.

  5. I am not going blow my own horn and say I am an expert, but in my profession I do photo editing and those photo I saw are badly edited. Both men we super imposed in there surrounding (on the bed) and this is quite evident by the shadowing or lack shadowing .

  6. I don’t understand how people who claim to bun out these things can stomach and take viewing pleasure in not only seeking out the photos, but looking pon dem, storing dem on you phone and then sharing them in glee

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