Hi Met,

You remember that big controversy few years back involving busy signal hit song asking Gary to give him one more night? Busy to this day insists he said Baby but the point is a similar song released by vybz kartel 2months ago is causing a similar wtf did I just heard moments.

I was at a barber shop and the song titled good man/if he pays your rent was being played. Listen carefully for yourself and note the intro/chorus stating “if he pays your rent and suck you the best …” The gist of the song is that this type of man is a good man so u must heng on pon him.What kind of thing that Kartel a promote Met?Then there’s a next line stating “gyal everything whey yuh do dem follow follaw,just tek her Daddy and see!” The barber was saying I have a point but he thinks is fk not suck the one kartel a try say but this was of no consolation or serve any purpose.

Reason being was that outside the shop there were like 6 to 7 girls most under 14yo with a couple in their 20s,all were wining,gyrating and screaming tounge out between v fingers “and sucks u the best” smh. But kartel did sing a song that stated if him nuh s $#t,them can’t nyamm. What a way the young generation a absorb and digest this full of s@#t man’s crap smh!


  1. Mek me comment first. A New year uno fi have a better understanding of life. Stop it now man.We tired-this bullshit music inna 2017. It naw change nothing inna nobody life. This man is a convicted murderer and we tired fi hear the f**kery. Real Talk inna Real Life.

  2. I want to know whats up with the broadcasting commission of jamaica. Why is this convicted murderer getting so much airplay.

  3. Ah pure slackness he teaching the youths! Do as you wilt… you only live once…blah blah blah sell your soul! We need good conscious music back in a dancehall for the 2017! In my loudest Capelton voice “bun out slackness!”

  4. Looking at the pic, everytime I see Fartel tatatoo hand dem, mi rememb dem pon di ass cheeks while him inna smaddy battyhole.

  5. He look like him eat up the ting. If he put it in his musicI didn’t here the song but I’ve live long enough to know people are going to do whatever makes them happy. Look at the 3some epidemic im reading about here on the wall. I didn’t even know yardie ting gone way deh so. I can’t recall hearing that in any song. I must not be listening well enough. I must live under a rock.

  6. So a wah if him say suck??? Afta ano man him a f**k. Don’t Mek hunnu picney listen an den come talk bout a society fault Dem nuh raise right cause a wah dem a get feed…. A fi yuh dem feed Dem di right ting as right parents are yuh play good song fi dem listen tuh…yuh Nuh read revelation a perilous time no-ting naw change

  7. furthermore mi will happy when him tell him followers him dweet suh di mon dem can come out freely and stop hide it; no more hiding. since everyting him seh or do dem follow. mi know him inna di sucking business long time. if yuh listen keenly to him gyal tune. him too obsessed wid crotches fi nuh tek it in all forms.

    him nah get nuh backlash fi tell di ppl dem fi start dweet too. let it be free dwl

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