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  1. Kanye been wearing that same shoes and maybe the same black jeans with the cut out knees for a few days and claim he a fashion icon

  2. And Kim wants us to believe she is a strong woman??? Every man this gal teck she have to become them muse Ray j needed a porn star he got it, Chris wanted n idiot well she was being herself in that one now Kanye who wishes he was a woman a dress har like he would himself if only him was a woman kmft damn idiot no individuality

  3. from you see kim you know say she limelight and fame whip.. she never usually act like this, if Kanye tell hi fi jump over a cliff she jump over it.. woman fi listen to them man.. but Kanye control her.. and Kanye doe even ow if him a come or go.. two clowns kim have a weak mind! oun nuh see a bad man dat.. @met you ever hear how him talk?

  4. @met kim know say weh dem a wear nuh look good, but she know not to dare tell Kanye she not wearing it.. she haffie gwaan like she like it.. if k and Kanye roke up and she come and say Kanye tried to control her down to how she dress me woulda believe cause it played out inna public do to the wedding dress Kanye part take inna me say a caah stand the boy.. when him talk him swer him knowledgeable like tupac, but that f**ka sound mad and fool

  5. That’s what happens when you live for money and fame.
    Haffi a sex battyman and be subservient.
    Now yu tun faymouse.

  6. kim and Kanye wan be like jay z and Beyoncé, but one thing Kanye failed to understand is beyonce have talent.. me a wonder how kim feel when she go a the grammy awards with ppl weh have talent and she doe have none me a wonder how she feel

  7. KIM sorry but your married a mad man. When him done wid you Kris Humphries gonna look like a King. Btw I think Kim’s true love is Reggie Bush but he gave her a reality check (unlike the one E gives her on pay day) and dump her.

  8. He control down tuh the draws shi wear. Battyman Kanye living vicariously thru Kim. Kanye man is Riccardo Tisci and Kim know, but because of fame and the spotlight shi act like shi nuh know.

    1. “Givenchy Designer Riccardo Tisci Relives His Best Sexual Experience With Famous Man
      Last week a hilarious rumor surfaced claiming Kimmy Cakes was concerned that Kanye West might be creepin’ on her with a secret gay boo.
      In last month’s issue of Vogue Hommes Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci talked about the “hottest weekend of his life”.
      Read the quote that the grandma-couch-print dress maker dropped and tell us who you think he’s talkin’ about:
      “I have several but the one I think immediately is an experience I had with a man who is known. I never imagined that something could happen between us and it’s still the hottest weekend of my life. Nobody really knows if this guy is straight or gay, it is a mystery. However, I was attracted to him, his way of speaking, thinking, walking, dressing. I love what he does as an artist. This weekend both, this intimate moment has only reinforced my attraction to him.”

  9. dat self aggrandizing whore lakka Kanye? u know seh mi a wonder wha aggo happen di moment di paparazzi finally leave dem. ?Suicide?

    1. Kmt so because it’s Karl Lagerfeld it looks good? And for ur info a jacket does not pass ur waist wat he is wearing is known as a coat #chilecheese

  10. Dem look like freaking cult leaders.
    I have a bad feeling in di pit a mi stomach bout dese two. I just hope to high heavens it wrong.

  11. Lol @ comments I think her wedding dress was nice..him doh want her inna de Kardashian no more.u no see kim caa show de baby inna de show k anye dont want him baby inna de show…je ezaz him controlling bad

  12. The person whe say dem fava thansgiving and chrismus bed-spread wid sham, have me pon me side…Me laff till me side hurt..ROFL… :ngakaks :ngakaks

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