KINGSTON, Jamaica — Reggae singer and deejay, Queen Ifrica, on Monday sought to clear the air regarding her ongoing contentious association with the gay community.
Queen Ifrica told OBSERVER ONLINE that she is not homophobic, insisting instead that she has love for everyone in spite of their beliefs.
“One thing that a lot of people don’t know about me is that I love people, regardless of their religious, sexual or any other belief they might have. I just love people in general,” she said.
The outspoken artiste has come under increased pressure in recent times because of anti-homosexual lyrics she used while performing at the 2013 Independence Grand Gala in Kingston. As a result she has been banned from performing at several shows, the latest being an event at the Amazura Concert Hall in Queens, New York where she was the headline act.
Meanwhile veteran artiste and producer Tony Rebel who also spoke with OBSERVER ONLINE Monday supported his colleague saying a lot of people are not aware of the love she has for people, including those of the gay community.
Kimone Francis

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  1. hahahahahahahahahaha weh me say!! TALK IS CHEAP! Marcus Garvey did tell oonu that money is power, dont be afraid to make alot because who holds the wealth holds the power. see it deh. Queen Ifrica love gay community? since when. me know a bag a people ago talk bout she sell out and how dem wouldnt do dis and dat, lies!! cause oonu turn a blind eye when di boss at work a battyman.
    gay man a beat up di musician dem lol end of di da she haffi do what best for her so im not judging. still it nuh look good when you make big talk and haffi swallow it. nobod never tell you to bun dem inna di first place, now you look silly. aww bwoy.

        1. Well, a dat mi seh. Just duh music an nuh volunteer nuh opinion pon sexual matters cause yuh gwine be a target. Dem lobby well organized an dem gwine force anybody tek a hard stance fi get saaf and look like fool when dem affi walk back dem talk. Mi suprise wid all de lyricist dem inna de music nuhbady cyaan offer a response dat neither condone nor condemn de nastiness. Instead de artists dem get back inna cawna and look weak and chupid. Public relations really lacking.

        2. shi shouldnt seh nutten like how shi keep quiet so long bout she and tony rebel..likki likiki rasta …but mi did si from di way shi start dress seh all lef a shi go put een di mohawk…………rasta life get boring

  2. Mi not even a laff. Seriously, we are living in an ever changing world and the reality is those who refuse to change and be accepting of peoples of other cultures and orientation will be left behind in isolation. Dont have to condone the behavior, just as long as no hate is being practiced or promoted publicly.

  3. Boy di Tony Rebel him no easy eeh no him a feel the cut inna him pocket him hurry up a bawl out bout Ifrica love everybody so Tony wat about u??????????? U love the gays dem tooooo :nohope :nohope :nohope

      1. Ride on my dear ride on mi no rate a bend dung n bow deh cause nobody neva ask Ifrica her feelings on gays so since u volunteer the info say what u mean, and mean what u say while walking abroad inna u wrap up head kmt

        1. mi nah chat nothing and tek it back so u maddddddddddddddd ifrica ..a di mark u dus tek right pan u farrid deh 666
          As oc say do u music n nuh call dem name but dont call dem name and den go tek back u talk

          1. Especially dem chat deh couldn’t go back inna my belly a diarrhea that man

  4. As Ninja Man sey: The gay organization is bigger than Pepsi company. These artiste need to do what they’re paid for when on stage, perform then collect the rest of your money, keep your opinion to yourself, then go home to your family. JFLAG and the rest of them are not an organization anymore,they have morphed into a mafia. Her children need to ear, go to school, and a roof over their head; now look at Ifrica, talking about she love everybody regardless of their sexuality when we know it’s a damn lie.

    1. Exactly! Just like di rest of us who work in corporations and have to work and keep our feelings to ourselves about many things, and many of us do work with gay colleagues, or have gay superiors. All a dese ppl who a talk dis and dat, not a one a dem a talk loud inna dem office bout how dem feel bout certain tings cause dem know there is a HR office there and they can get in trouble, suh dem keep dem opinions to demself on the job, not a one a dem messing up dem income, benefits, pension’ but dem will quickly tell di artistes dem fi stick to dem guns while dem mess up fi dem income and residuals, u tink ppl easy..aye sah. Artiste fi do dem work as though they are a corporation, because they are a brand, and nuh get tangle up eena certain topics, put out dem music and keep di focus pon dem music and nutten else…just suh

  5. anot even ifrica suh much mi a pree is how de babydaddy run in bout him yes she has love for the gay community ..is like him slice de bread nd it wasnt whole it was a quarta suh him run inn smfh…

  6. Not too long ago it was tropper and beenie now ifrica.
    Regardless of how Bounty stay sometimes, him nah guh back pon him word. U affi give ratings where it is due.

  7. Artists and society need to go on offense defending the RIGHT to have an alternate opinion of that which is of concern. It cannot be the case that everyone has the same opinion and sentiment of any issue.
    “While we understand that there is a cultural shift in the acceptance of that which taught to us for centuries as morally wrong, we do not advocate hate nor support violence against ANY human being, since it was the Supreme Being that created all humanity. However, in the same way as some desire acceptance for their life choices, whether conscious or unconscious and do not desire to be discriminated against or shown disapproval in their workplace, we as artist wish to be extended similar courtesies.”
    Artists need to get organized and start filing lawsuits against these groups that are preventing them from performing their work and earning a living. These disruption cannot go on unchecked. That is unsustainable.

  8. Ifrica pocket ah get hungry, if it nuh hungry arready and ceet ya nung, she haffi bow to de gays in order fe eat! What ah ting like money eeeh ma!

  9. I nah tell no artistes dem nuh fi protect dem income cause I donts gots no wuck fi gi dem, wus mi nuh buy music or guh show suh unno ooda starve if a fimmi support unno a wait pon fi put on unno pot, I just don’t like music dat much. Dem fi recognize seh a different times wi live in, wah seh a JA ketch a Austraila in seconds. You can talk all you want and stick to your beliefs if JA music market alone is enough fi sustain you, but if you need an international market u best keep certain opinions to uself, and unno manager and Pr ppl should done tell unno dis from jump suh unno avoid dis mess. Just as a one may look at another’s religion and consider it paganism, you wouldn’t as an artiste guh broadcast dat feeling, same way you keep your feelings to yourself when it come to the topic of homosexuality cause every major music label hab homosexuals pon staff and in very high places, media industry is di same. If unno gwine draw first blood meck sure uuno can slay di enemy, if you caan slay it, left dat battle for a better equipped challenger.

  10. Well me no agree with this a rass. I cannot remember the words she said exactly and if whether they were tantamount to the killing of gays. But some a uno fi stop with the “we work with homosexuals crap.”
    Mi know if me work with no battiman but I have never wet on a public platform and say that they should die nor neither do I believe I should nor would I. I let it be known to anyone who ask me what is my stance, that I do not condone the behaviour and I think that it is morally wrong. I don’t believe anyone should die for anything that they do other that someone who rapes of murders. Period, point blank…..So some a them artist yah fi go easy and try get intelligent instead of doing this same bullshit everytime ajump up bout who fi dead and no dead.
    And when fire reach a mus mus tail….them start retract statement and a act like the giddy headed bout how them love gay and all kind of fart.
    But me no wrong her cause a fool like tha with that level of intelligence no want haffi go a town go walk and sell panty. No disrespect to who a do that…..but uno fi step uno pussy game up.
    That is why most of these artist I don’t follow a word them seh. Half of them weh a talk bout them naw suckkk thisand that mouth full up of everybody inna the village cum.

  11. a who sey killer hold morals…lol..a him fuss di sell out and do video wid naked man inna it..lol….lol…..

  12. 2 side cutlass!!! Nuh yuh seh weh day seh yuh bun dem things deh?? Now all of a sudden yuh ok with it, some a unuh dread need fi trim!!

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