Hide mi ID  please……. de wife dem a wise up. First lord prince, then Rickydungatown. Now Gary Sherlock. Dem man yah luv use people too rass much. Gud fi dem no Paper fi dem bl***t. Dem too wicked. Dem nuh want nuh body. De gyal dem start wise up now. About due time f**ka dem. Happy new year

6 thoughts on “IM IN AGREEMENT …LADIES WISE UP FI 2019

  1. or..di man dem wise up and a find out seh some a dem foreign gal yah pussy busier than the channel tunnel? lol

  2. Sound like your one a them gyal….. why degrade a next woman. Who’s getting cheated on and used. Bitch like u need to drink some acid. Sound like your a cocky clown. Wise up ladies dnt make these wack ass niggas use y’all. Woman empowerment for the 2019

    1. But you run eeen on someone else comment and your GRAMMAR needs HELP. Bye Biotch….! Bout Empowering and you’re DUMBER than DUMB.

  3. Woman need to empower one another and stop bring each other down for likes and status. No one who is giving negative comment about a woman being used would want that to happen to them, that’s why you must watch what you say, because one day God is going to let you experience it since you have so much to say. We do need to wise up, woman think that everything is good but the man has a hidden agenda which won’t last long, why because God doesn’t like ugly, everything you do in the dark will come to the light soon or later. Women if you giving someone a green card because you think he truly want to be with you and end of finding out he had other intentions, do whatever you need to do to get that green card revoked Trump don’t want don’t want illegals here so you know they will look into your claim. I had a man I thought loved me and I loved him and we had all these plans and just recently he showed me his true colors and I’m glad we never married because if we did and I found out later, I would be right down there or in immigration here in California getting the divorce annulled with the quickness and I would report his wrong doing and his location, I’m not one to be F*cked with a true Aquarius do not play once they are done wrong don’t abuse my kindness because you never want to see me upset, because I will do whatever I can to ruin you, he will be back in Jamaica real quick.

  4. These females in the diaspora and other progressive minded females need to en value themselves for what they’re worth, they’re behaving too desperate and thirsty, jamaica has a demeaning sub-culture that currupt all walks of society, all class, age groups faiths and gender, the opportunist, entitled, get everything for free mentality is one of the very said reason why the country is in a regressive state, females, if you mean yourself good you can always venture outside of the box, other nationalities, culture, race etc.

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