A dis shavy did a talk bout pan him live. One don baby mother and har friend, go a di ppl dem party and thief di promoter family purse. Look how dem dress hot n inna di ppl dem party a thief. Every day dem dutty gyal yah and dem man go a party and floss… unnu should a shame… petty robbers. Unnu get caught

15 thoughts on “YUH TEK DI PURSE FI CHOOT

  1. Glad technology is available to out them for the whole world to see. No invites to ppl homes, and every promoter to ban them from parties.

  2. The gal them nuh Tek it as if them a tief it dem think a dem things and never kno ano fi them uno too BLOODCLOT NUFF THE FAMILY NOT EVEN WORRY BOUT IT AND UNO WORRY BOUT IT KMT tell uno bout uno

    1. are you for real? so she thought it was her purse. but looking around if anybody sees them smh. you get ketch so tap eh. obviously the family put out the video so they are botherd. classless hoes

    2. You and your scum bucket friend stood there and plotted before taking the bag. Move you little petty thief!!!

  3. If it was a XOXO bag dem wouldn’t look pon it dirty bum bitches! Dats why we shouldn’t grudge dem gal deh!

  4. Smh this is embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!! yooo I know they tight, the club is not a store keep your hand to your self you will be exposed.

  5. And there’s the problem! These type of girls always want the latest fashion, the long flowing hair,(smh) the makeup and that handsome man on their arm. What do they have to offer? nothing. They are nothing but thieving little low lives with no ambition.

    I’m so glad I have a son who would not batter an eyelid at these type of girls. Guh find an education, job and get a decent life, People go out to work and get them tings, not for you to come put your slippery teefing hands on. KMT. Can’t stand a teef.

  6. Disgusting classless bitches… look how dem well dressed and hair long dung inna back. Unnu should a Shame. Mi did deh deh when the party done and the lady a look fi her purse fi true, wid her phone, her money and her card dem. She fi lock unnu up. Yeah man.. tek di germs dem off the street

  7. That’s the same bitch that fuck uncle and her friend they both planned and steal the woman bag they do breast batty belly lip order fake bag shoes clothes like apple kerryann dem and walk and thrift everywhere they go they all driving bmw and Mercedes Benz but thrift everywhere they go not a way in this world she think that was har rass bag dem ah lie

  8. The one in the short back less dress ah mousie woman she walk and fuck everybody the one who walk off 1st ah har big mouth cousin

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