1. Lmfaooooooo. This to me is equivalent to the the illegal butt injection. this dont have no labels on it no ingredients and she is not even close to a chemist much less cosmetologist. Why people would buy some random ‘bleach’ and put it on their skin only God knows.

  2. keep the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors them busy and rich . cancer for sale . do ur thing yah my girl. if it a sell sell it.

  3. First of all it is illegal
    To sell skin cream on line.
    Being the company first
    Isnt regesteried thats a 5,000
    Dollar fine
    An second ingredients are not
    Listed on tbe product
    Which can be dangerous
    Cause of steriods etc

    An other disfiguring ingredients
    Mixing up a bunch of cream
    An selling it in a container
    An claiming its yours
    Dosent make it a legitimate

    Feds run facebook memba dat
    An if i was lavish i wouldn’t
    Have dat up pon line
    Cos dem find out she ah guh
    Inna bang gah rang

    Mi know someone it happen to
    Take my foolish advice
    Not because somebody inbox yuh
    An yuh See seh dem have uo a profile.
    Dat means seh ah fe dem page
    Ah computer yuh nuh know who
    Yuh really ah talk to. :nerd

  4. Simone shape stylist sell bleaching cream n now Melissa a sell bleaching cream. Unno ppl good whe buy them things here n it nuh label.
    But ketch the name nuh smh.
    Help dem lord

  5. But dat deh sinting deh look like cheese spread weh fi inna fridge..and dat girl look like a born browning,stop false advertise Melissa.A u get me pink

  6. I always wonder, how could you put out a product to the public and there is no listed ingredients in case of an allergic reaction. Now imagine, a cream that is going to get you pink in just 3 days. Can you imagine the amount of chemicals in that mixture. No thank you! you can keep that cancer in a jar.

  7. Trying to lure more flies with honey than vinegar? Woman, just take the direct approach with your bleaching cream and GTFOH with that shit!

  8. Bwoy di slave masters must be smiling in dem grave, dem do a really good job getting some black people to hate themselves, generations later and some black people still ashamed of their skin color.

  9. And then the audacity of these b*tches to be talking about “And nuh come ask what’s in it.” I know one that said people not to ask her what she mixed up just look at her…she’s living proof. So glad I am confident in my skin and I am sure of myself and know that my skin color doesn’t define me.

  10. When your selling bleaching cream you need to have it in a package that is protected from sun light / exposure so it doesn’t change color which is actually changing the chemicals in it

  11. If she is using the same products that she is selling it looks like the cream works for her but at the same time it’s very dangerous… I read that a women was found in a warehouse dead because she got butt injections and they left her there to die… Women love the skin you are in, if it is not a safe enhancement don’t do it!

  12. I am all for ambition but you could not choose a next hustle? Black women love yourselves and be comfortable in your skin.

  13. Ridiculous! Exfoliating and using raw shea butter will clear up any blemishes and bleach you too. Now, the smell of shea butter is not for everyone, you can drop few drops of your fave essential oil in it to give it the odour you want. An exfoliating brush/rag/cloth is $1, a 1lb tub of raw shea butter is $5-8. Nope, shea butter will not clear you up in 3days, but if you willing to give it 3months you will get an all natural toning and glow you only dreamed of, and you can sleep well at night knowing no chemicals in your skin.

  14. Poor Melissa she just confused and dilusional. First the fake batty injections now bleaching cream and call her self lavish smhi Memba when Melissa a live Inna har mother house pon beekman wid har son and she a rhadona was big fren a go dance every night wid har shape bad self and a wear dem one another clothes Melissa is a hot mess and just a cum she need fi humble har self and stop gwan like she born inna lavish life. P.S every night she inna dance and har daughter teeth dem a rotten

  15. Debbie was a pretty dark complexion girl. i dont know if is the beating and batter brusts Chubby use to give her, she’ trying to bleach out but please stop it.

  16. she could not even wait until shushana get settled in her cell before she take over the girl hussle.
    old lavish pig

  17. Guys! please stop tearing down the girl; she is trying to make a living off the mentally suppress BLACKs. Lmao! A matter of fact, whomever buy this cream is taking a big risk, so therefore if he/she develops any abnormal skin lesions it should not be Lavish’s fault. This individual would be at fault because you damn well and know her ingredients are not legally approved. In fact, if you want Brown skin, go see a dermatologist.

  18. Most of Lavish colleagues are arrogant; therefore, I am pretty sure history was not taught in their school era. I am highly upset with these individuals especially this young lady whose photo is on frontline. You are very pretty but arrogant! Why changing your skin color? It’s sad that both you and Lavish is experiencing Identity vs.Role confusion. You have identity issue while lavish is confuse, “I am praying for you both.” You guys need help!

  19. Nothing more than she mix a whole heep a cream and serum she buy a beauty supply together. But unu ever read the packagin and it say should not be used with any other product. Unu try no war with nobody mek them scratch unu in a unu face. Cause unu pigment gone

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