Hello Met,,
Just want to show you how much this Prostitute value his marriage . Instead of coming on to apologize to his wife and beg har back, Please read the issues he chooses to address. Dem seh ppl weh no use to nutten always show off wid nutten. Shabba only worship his clothes and shoes and thats all he post about. I hope dem meck you pack all dem shoes and clothes wid you when you house hopping and state hopping. DI wife seh she dunn so you know you stunted now. Marlo cannot help you cause she ah ole criminal and she barely can read muchless write a proppa sentence. Nikki , I hope you see and take all the lesson for the last time. Shabba came on IG to protect his image and character not his family or his wife. If he ever comes around you and ask for sexual favors again, make sure you insert a finga ina him batty and see if him like it. Dats not a man .. no real man gwan so when dem whole life has been upstirred by a groupie that he “doesn’t” want.
Nikki Fab
21 hours ago · Edited
I gave chances on top of chances but I’m all tapped out now!! Yup free like bird! Yup!! Divorce in the making yup! It’s hurts like hell but like my mother say I got ur back boo!!! Yup!!! A loyal person will always defeat an disloyal person!!! Please stop telling me to stop putting my business on hear!!!! Y’all need to be true to y’all selfs cause y’all all knew already!!! What’s difference between me putting this fb and someone putting it up on groupie!!! Y’all been putting private business on pink wall for 3yrs now lol gtfoh I’m going do me regardless!!! Anything anybody wants say can direct it on hear and not pink wall cause I Nicole isnt hiding anything! According to yall my life was an open book already! Otay!!
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Nicola Martin-Johnson nick call me.
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Precious Lyle-gibbons Nicola Martin-Johnson meh already tell har fi link meh she nuh wah talk yet if she call yuh link me. Our baby is hurting and if she calls I’m not gonna tell her wht to do how to act. Every action is a reaction this is Nikki Fabletting it open in her own. If there are to be consequences because of her actions only Nikki have to deal wid it. I need Nikki to call me to vent get it out cry bawl cuss.
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Annetto A Redley-Cumberbatch ohhh lord dis shit is crazzzzzy
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Sue Bailey I am telling you to stop it Nicole Bennett and I am serious now. I know you are hurting and I am here to listen. I am on my way to talk to you both. You both are my relative and I am not pleased with all of this crap!! Smh
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Karina Idowhatiwant Francis Tell them cuz
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Shakeria Reidposted to‎Nikki Fab
July 16
Really Nikki Fab mi just see di 2 of uno less than a hour ago all f**kin happy, cum on now mon remember this is not a boyfriend this is your husband that you have 2 beautiful kids with, don’t come on here and share your personal life. because a dis di ppl dem want to see long time smh please delete dat shit!
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Nikki Fab Where is my comment missy??? Listen I don’t care no more I saw what I needed to see and that’s that!!!
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Shakeria Reid I understand what you’re going through right now but me & you know datz wat di dutty ppl dem want see!!
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Nikki Fab Shakeria Reid guess what they can all dive in at once cause it won’t make me feel any different from how I feel now my decision have been made up!!! Yup I will be content!! Do u know that everytime they put me on pink wall it’s because of him cheating on meeeeeeeee!!!
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Nikki Fab I’ve been faithful to this nigga and wasted my time with him!! Shakeria my son pasted away but yet he still find ways to hurt me!! I give to shit what these ppl want to see!!
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Shakeria Reid I swear this touched my heart and its not even me smh he really f**ked up this time but I just wish you deal with the matter a different way still but we all human and have feelings too
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Shakeria Reid Nikki Fab mi want yu sit down and think about dis wisely and clearly get a piece of paper and write down all the good things he did for you and all the bad thing he ever done to you because mi nah tell yu fi leave yu Man/Husband but him coulda at least respect you on sum real shit but remember no man out your perfect
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Shakeria Reid There*
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Nikki Fab Shakeria Reid with the amount of shit I’ve been through I don’t care to have no man!! Honestly I just want to be alone with me and my kids!! I don’t everrrrrrrrrrrrr want to see him again!! I’m disgusted to the max!!
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  1. Mi no know how woman no scorn man like him. From mi get a vibes seh you a cheat pon me, me gone. Nikki see it and still stay. When him breed Alissa she shoulda run and not walk to the nearest clinic. How can ah man be sleeping with me him pregnat wife raw and breed gal a street you madddddd. Then Nikki go back an d breed ah 2nd time after all that and he was still cheating. My pumpum sensitive and me cah badda fi a scratch and itch every other week. Mi sarrie but is money alone meck me get horny and Shabba no have none. Ladies please to tell me what Shabba does why all yall not thinking and just a skinout fi nothing? IF him did look good it wouldn’t piss me off so. Him is a waste of color.

  2. Don’t forget and him mouth VERY STINK and teeth dem NASTY LOOKING. had to put those words in capital letters cah dem nuh normal lol.

    1. Ah true!!!! Shabba mouth stink baaaad!!! Him teeth them look like shit hitch on pan them, him need fi si the dentist ASAP. Met me a go try send u some pics wid shabba mouth.

  3. The woman just loose her son and instead of comforting her him a choke he with bun smdh if she can live without her son then she sure can live without a nasty man like this .kick him out and move on don’t give him any papers stop the paper work he has no love for you.

  4. Shakeria like salt she in every mix kmt ah u name doctor Phil? Mine ur belly business u too damn nuff

    1. Nuff bad, she haffi inna every thing, before she worry bout har gut, she send in pic wid bobby and har baby ultra sound pic talking bout “twin”, she waan know say Patsie brother Jesa get baby weh look like him carve har out, couple years afta rumors start about the child’s real dad Jesa decide to do DNA test and surprise surprise he’s NOT the baby daddy. Whoring Althea went as far as name the baby Jessica!!!!! afta She well and know say a Dan Dan pickney she a give poor Jesa…so mek miss Star gwan beat har chest.

  5. Don’t figet when him guh shoplift a saks n Nikki affi bail him out
    Cause him carry dem child guh teef

  6. Falling star too f**king nuff , the advice wah u a give u need it ….. u f**********k everything weh walk even dog u no betta than Marlo , u is a homewrecker too. No worry uself Nikki Karma is a bitch…

  7. Falling star too f**king nuff , the advice wah u a give u need it ….. u f**********k everything weh walk even dog u no betta than Marlo , u is a homewrecker too. No worry uself Nikki Karma is a bitch…

  8. Falling star got something big coming her way wait when it drop she going to dead in shock yes shakira pinocck born when again October OK your own mouth is your downfall no investigation needed on you cause you chat everything Marlo should box you in your mouth. You need to exit america real fast green card hold no weight

  9. Shaba ugly bad these woman need to do better. He need to brace his teeth they looking like a horse. Talking bout he not leaving Marlo cause he love her broke nigga just love the new shoe she buy him for the dance

  10. Yes marlo teck a gal man and so care zero if she put him out cause you can put him up more your man than niki cause everywhere I see him I see you niki is just the mate.

    1. You sound dumb as F**k. How the wife the mate and she is legally the wife. He his Marlo from Nikki cuz she was a hide AnD. F**k type hoe we all know Marlo the true mate come on now this dirty stinking nigga had a party AND Marlo ass couldn’t even step foot in the door. Bye hoe you probably a homewrecker too that’s why you defend the f***kery!!!!

  11. So that’s what she doing writing down all the bad bobby did to her dwfl she better write a book.bobby better do DNA cause this girl f**k everything walking and suck every gal pussy in philly . remember when she did a try style Susan and Susan shakira no matter what you say ” YOU CANT UN EAT THIS PUSSY” falling star when your baby is old enough to use computer it will still be in history boo

  12. all know Shabba nah claim Marlo but Nikki nah buy it!! Nikki gwann thru yah cause nuff nuff mon want you bad!!!!!

  13. @ano 3:32 u sound like a real dunce!! Look like you cannot read from yesterday till now! Nikki left Shabba!!

  14. Mi use to pick up fi the mon Shabba but mi nah lie mi lose off of him. No mon Mi lose offa yuh and mi hope Nikki serious and left you! She been through to much.

  15. Stop talk bout yu use to clothes just seh yu use to teefing from yu deh England yu wi do anything fi west clothes and boot even sell yu ass! Battyman shabba you will do anything for clothes and shoes

  16. Nikki is making a foolout her self she will be back and dats when mi ago laugh da man hav a baby by another one and a simple text get baby unno try dis da man shut the f**k Nikki I’m sick if you

  17. But I don’t get why Nikki mad smh shabba don’t want her after the party he took Marlo to Atlantic city lol Marlo f**k a lot of niggas but saba love her.the man have a right to choose who he wants and he choose Marlo so why yall mad?

    1. Your another one who can’t read. Nikki left him and we all know Marlo toosek him to A.C.. and so what if they did go niggas always take they hoes out of town so nobody they know will see them It was nothing more than a thotcation!

  18. After Shabba party Nikki and Shabba went home and had sex and a pool party the next day @ano 9:37 u are a trouble maker

  19. Bout him use to clothes ..bwoy yuh use to clothes but not a dictionary. Go pick up a book .Bloodclaat Dunce bat.kmt

  20. Since when did people start spell (or even abbreviate) the word ‘and’ as ‘on’?
    Old Dunce Bat fi true the!

  21. Shabba gone rite a Marlo big house him not worry bout a ting Marlo a tek care a him well so him gud as a woman way you a do wit a man that can’t do anything for you just saying

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