8 thoughts on “IN MEMORY OF

  1. A Jagga b daughter by the way a her brother that tek him life yesterday that was she Jagga b daughter that throw the baby through the window a bronx when she did a breed and a hide it cause I know one a Jagga daughter did that and now him son dead yesterday. Boka gawn hold the faith

  2. Trying time for you eeh kadian and little miss son for Jagga b your brother in a mad house a Jamaica always a run way one time him did wet up little miss and English in a dance A her second brother this dead and her man bready Pray girl pray

  3. Generational Curse…

    People need to start praying, fasting and making sacrifices for their loved ones. No sah smh… May his soul rest in peace.

    The Sting of death…

  4. And sooooo? kmt
    Kadion love attention bad bad bad and still cyaan get ti. Were you close to your brother? How Bready reach inah dis? She always want people to know who she related to or who she friends with to catch a hype offa dem. Bitch please.

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