Deputy Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), Hamish Campbell, has said that based on the cell-phone footage of the police attempting to arrest a woman who firmly resisted the officers, the lawmen were doing their best to restrain her.

He said that INDECOM, the police watchdog, was not directly involved in the investigations of the incident but was overseeing the Inspectorate of Constabulary as it conducted its probe.

He said there was more balance to the situation than what persons were reporting when they said that the police mishandled the woman. “The police had told the woman she was to be arrested and they were seeking to arrest her. Sometimes it’s wiser not to resist, but be arrested,” he said.

“The police didn’t draw their weapons, they didn’t threaten to shoot her, they didn’t strike her with a baton and they didn’t punch her. The officers were engaged in trying to force her into the vehicle once they had made the decision to arrest her, and so you are left with this shoving and pushing.”

Officers At Risk

Campbell pointed out that the police officers could have been at risk.

“They were carrying their guns with them, they turned their backs to the crowd, their pistols were available to be taken by anybody, and that’s what I really was trying to demonstrate. Let us calmly assess this situation before indicting these two officers. We’re quick to point out to the police where we think they are failing in the standards, and here is a video, ironically, which is not as stark as reported.”

He advised that citizens must comply with the lawful instructions and orders of police officers and have the matter dealt with swiftly in the police station.

Campbell said that the woman in the video has made an official report to INDECOM and so far one witness has come forward.

The unidentified woman has been charged with resisting arrest, using indecent language, and unlawful wounding.


  1. The INDECOM Commissioner is right. One regular sized woman really needed 2 grown, well-trained, strapping, male police officers trampling, tearing & mauling her to get her in line. I totally get what he’s saying :nerd

    1. Try when you a “tek it to dem” you remember say dem a go tek it you just as well and even better.

      Resisting arrest will never fall in favor of the person being arrested… that’s INDECOM point in the article.

  2. If she was in the US, she would have been thrown to the ground within seconds of resisting and two/three officers have their knees firmly planted to her neck. The Jamaican police has grown soft. Never resist the police under any circumstances (despite what ghetto people like to say). She is lucky she wasn’t shot!

    1. She would have gotten a pepper spray bath, and full strength of a Taser or two on top of what you described…not to forget a record causing job disqualifications. If you play possum then compensation forth coming 😀 😀

      Some rotten fruit de pon the JCF, but Jamaican people don’t have any respect for ANY persons in the uniform…. tit fi tat and in this case we see that the majority say two wrong mek a right.

      The truck well marked, a call into dispatch reporting the incident would have had a supervisor on the scene and the team call back for ID. But John public wouldn’t know that cause dem never take appropriate actions fi know better.

      Me nah tell no police in uniform fi suck dem mother cause me ago mek him have fi suck har when me get him demoted,suspended or fired.

      1. Fi something like that pp u nah go win so in this case mi nuh wrong har fi resist cause it really hard fi go spend a night a jail knowing u did nothing..If u carry him infront of a judge no witness and him squaddy dem a go back him because a words..a better she did tek di suck u madda and done cause she wudden win. Mi never ina di histrie of knowing police anywhey and see dem a call to ooman and a say di tings jamaican police seh ..people nuh respect them because there are too many bad eggs in the force

        1. You know say dem would have fi let har go shortly when dem reach station if she did just tek de cuff? From JP go a station and relate the incident dem would let har go.
          That officer would be held accountable base on a system that Former Comm. Ellington enacted.

          1. PP they would let her go yes but why arrest her in the first place when a di police insult har so that mean dem above the law and can do as dem please den? Ive seen them done almost the same thing infront a me, call to smaddy di person dont ansa and dem waa haul and pull the people fi mek police haul dem a station because dem feel like??

  3. I wonder if this is the same indecom white guy me hear pon TVJ news sayin the police actions were commendable? When did hitting someone with a rifle n stepping pon a woman’s hair commendable??

  4. Idk how this goes but can u just up an arrest someone like that? Dont u need a warrant? A reason ? Seems easy to just up an arrest someone. She shudda jus tek har suck u madda, now she inna problem.

    1. Warrant?

      Yes you can up and arrest a person base on the fact say dem throw away dem rights when dem decide to resist arrest, use of explicits, become belligerent with physical force, plus inciting bystanders.

      People must learn how to use the law to their advantage and how to maintain their rights BECAUSE LAW ENFORCERS already know how to manipulate said laws to THEIR benefits.

      This woman really think when she responded in kind it was going to be done with? First and foremost, if that officer so comfortable using such language in the company of his co-workers then that means dem ago side Wid him. Something tell me dem two aren’t strangers to each other.

        1. :hammer

          me hate homos but me wouldn’t use that fi give a uniformed officer the right to abuse the woman verbally.

          One bad fruit draw fly and tot, which cause the better fruit dem fi perish too.

  5. I watched the video and the woman was wrong to resist arrest the way she did. If I remember clearly another woman was shot to death for little or no resistance, so this woman is very lucky. She wan play bad bull she buckup pon two a dem. people fi know dem self.

  6. Jamaica gone to the damn dogs. All a dem duty police fi ded. Wipe out them rass. If crowd never deh deh dem wud a shoot her. That’s why me no look when gun man pop two shot under them rass. Nuff a dem a thief a night time n gunman. Most crime do a jamaica a police n scammers. Unu stay deh. That rass man that give this statement want put inna place. Some a dem come out a cow pussy them no hv no mumma

  7. Anybody tell me fi go suck me mother me a tell them right back with more behind it. A coulda andrew or portia.

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