Seriously Tanya Platinum of all the man dem in the world and in the dancehall scene/community that is who you damn decide to ra*s date,and sleep with??Look how him big,short and b***t f**g fat!!!!!Him gut big nuh b****t!!!!!You will be much better off staying with or going back to your babyfather Driver Mills worst like how him and Donna Flexx on the rocks and on the down and outs!!!!!!Every since you link up with him you deh on piece of hypeness and on your white f***g horse……you watch your lopsided ass soon drop off ah dat bl****t!!!!!All have the man Range Rover driving up and down in like a bl***t fi yuh it……success is not transmitted like aids or based off which hype man yuh decide fi f**k inna dancehall work your ass off,hustle and do your own thing and stop expect fi ride off Cash Boss coat tail cause his big gut ass aint want nobody!!!!!!He change woman like he change his f***g big extra,extra,extra large draws!!!!!!!!!!!

36 thoughts on “BIG BELLY MAN STRESS

  1. But wait!!! Afta cash boss nuh more Dan tanya!!!!! To me tanya have a hype to er more Dan him!! Mi see tanya Inna dancehall long before him, him might did in dey to but mi Neva see him, tru him keep 2dance DAT Mek him hype? Kmft!!! Den him and Natalie Goodaz Neva did dey to? Tink Dem did married ooooo!!! Bwoy these dancehall ppl!!! But tanya a true u should have a Neva gone dey suh!!! 2 a unnu match but u look desperate going there!! Now to Vinni she!!! How u talk suh bad bout tanya cause I tink showaman must c did a look tanya or something like DAT and u well Inna er dance a tek pic wid er!!! All unnu mi nuh rate unnu enuh cause any gal can talk up bout unnu and unnu still Fren Dem!! Unnu a real mascot gal!!!! Now Toya British u live back dung a fl now? Where are the twins? Boy u stay bad a nikki blacks party wey day fi sey a new York u coming from and fi gal wey nuh come did side fi suh long, wat was really DAT?

  2. So a wah happen to the nice,nice redbone that Cashboss had couple months ago that he took to jamaica with him and introduced to his family & friends??I guess that is the kind of man Tanya want the kind of man she and daughter Nicolette sharing and f***g and the kind of man whose pants tighter than her pussy and whose gut bigger than hers but to each their own…..i guess!!!!!!!

    1. From the one whey mi experience, the answer is a resounding YESSSSSSS! Dem really nuh have no koki.

      While mi never hear bout di tan pon it long part before, I have to thank you for solving that part of the puzzle for me……. Di man cudden stay long fi nutten!!! Not even 10 minutes!


    2. Not true..besides unno women always a sey good tun tun need shelter so whappen to good c**k)y??

      Go gym n lose the belly n unno women same one a bawl Unda the agony!unda pressure the worl unda pressure!

  3. Sender please go back under the covers. So what? Overweight people need love too, people who we don’t find visually appealing can have other qualities that are great and guess what, they deserve love too.
    Leave the lady alone and the man with the belly as well.
    Some of you are dating sexy people and can’t even get a pic with them to post so please, just stop.

  4. Smh but just the other day Mi friend piss pan cash boss while him a suck her down left right n center..

  5. Him suck all wah him nuh see batty an alllllll a batty bouy da all him du a f**k out the gal dem batty him a look everybody if mi ever put up my inbox up here she dead she des pa rate badd inse cure bitch she & er data pinky f**c ot all the man dem in a dancehall them f**k the same man together those hoes pinky every bady F**hs er she low life so she pick up that dog shit wey mi puppp on him wen him a suck mi out mi naw lie him suc goo miss the clean up

  6. Ok she hype him hype an her party floppppppppp it’s saaaadddddd she live in a party like the sound an am sock to f**k to seeee the little bit of people who came to support her what a shame my god I went specially because she support me at all my parties but was so shock to see the turn out wow

  7. Senda move you pussyclaat! If di gal happy what that have to do with you? Nuff 6 pack niggas dey bout n don’t do shit but diet and work out (set a faggots) yes health is extremely important but that’s not what you saying a looks you s focus pon. Go suck to father hood!

  8. Dem kina man deh cocky just fat like dem but no length….. An mi like length. Cocky fi look like it healthy.

  9. Everyone needs love fat, skinny, tall, medium, bones all needs some type of form of loving… Now since Cash Boss, is on the chubby side he makes up for whatever his lacking in length with going downtown and eating and there’s nothing wrong with that most men love to eat the kitty for the most part… I don’t know these individuals from no where, I just read what the sender have to say and the comments… If he has so many different woman he must be doing something right, being the eating’s is good, or and the money is plentiful or to top it off the sex is good… We don’t know what he can do unless someone whose been with him says otherwise and if I read correctly someone at least can vouch to say the man can get down in the eating department but all and all God made us all to be different and some of us are lacking something and thus the cheating comes in more time… But if she like it, then shoot I love it only she have to put up with his slackness behavior if she choose so I can give two rats a** what the big belly man got going on, by the way they make a cute couple same way still. lol

  10. Dr’s state for every 30-50 extra pounds, a man loses one inch of penis. So if big belly man up top is 60 lbs overweight him 2 inches down. Dwl


  12. Samantha Bryant stop send in the ppl dem now ugly bitch you and toya beckett soon get weh unu a look fa damn monkey unu

  13. I don’t know them but the bad mind just a reek inna the Sender words. BitterNess and envy a kill dem

  14. Dwl.Sender sound real bitter like for some reason he didn’t eat her kitty.She a carry feelings for the man tongue.By the way not all big belly man have lack of inches.I once dated one on and off for 10 yrs and trust and believe he was not lacking in inches.That cocky was everything fat and had great inches and to top it off his tongue game was off the chain..dwl

  15. Listen to me how Tanya Platinum life is beneficial to me and who Tanya f***g… my damn friend Toya and me life beneficial to me??Whoever call my name tel dem fi come suck me out bout mi ah put up people i know nothing bout Tanya life so please refrain from callng me name and ah one man mi ever f**k inna dancehall and that is Randy Innocent and from mi cut ties wid him mi nuh look pon no dancehall man so oonu nuh f***g mix me inna f**y argument
    After me and Tanya nah f**k the same rass man so weh mi ah send in Tanya fah oonu reveal oonu name ah dat oonu fi duh bout me and Toya Beckett suck oonu mumma any body mi and friend fi chat bout ah di man weh use to f**k or currently f***g so anybody wi fi chat ah man we use to f**k or man weh wi aguh currently f**k nothing bout tanya or cash boss business nuh entice wi so mi understand dem johncrow yah kmft oonu reveal oonu self just like how mi fi reveal miself mi and friend doh f**k who oonu f**k f**g hell

  16. Correction how is Tanya life and Cash Boss life beneficial to me….how is Tanya life and cash boss life beneficial and enticing to f**g me and mi friend anybody wi fi ah chat bout ah man wi use to f***k or currently f****g da fuq??
    Facts reveal yuh f**g self nuh

  17. Any man mi and yuh friend fi chat bout ah any wi use to f**k or currently f**g bright nuh rass oonu come defend weh mi seh now!!!!Outta order how Tanya life and Cash Boss life entice mi outta order and bright oonu lucky come gimmi mi and mi friend weh wi ah look fah bright!!!!!!

  18. I see Tanya inna every I repeat inna every dam DanceHall video…she really need to be inna an ORTHODONTIC chair strap tight

  19. Just peeped the video….what in the sam hell is up with the nastiness….women juss a tongue down each other like…smfh

  20. Only only no good nastiness I see that girl with is dutty suck pussy scary milla from onelink this new man is good for her I was glad when she dump his ass Tanya tell someone that he can’t f***k and don’t even suck pussy good to come with so much stress good pick Girl let’s see where this one will go.

  21. Can someone add the link please or provide us with the name of the party, mek wi see for ourselves, thanks

  22. Okay I saw her party and she was acting brand new is this her first party? Then these females kissing and to going down one another this crazy it come im like a style… That one I think they called her Danity if I heard correctly im tried of seeing her with her one piece and pouch straight lesbian, just pure nastiness

  23. Lol you sound big mad. Who tf cares? Spend some time focusing on yourself instead of hating on this chic.

  24. All of them just nasty. That bitch name Tanya need to go fix her teeth and her toe. Tanya and pinky f**k driver together. All of them nasty and live off of food stamp. Instead she go encourage pinky to get a education she rather pinky be just like her low life, broke hype and still have home health aide certificate. Damn shame! F**king losers. All that hype live in apartment damn shame

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