A sender submitted the following information on officer K’Mar Becford who was killed on Good Friday by a Police Inspector in an alleged robbery.

I was told by a police in the force that the policeman that died was involved with the girl that sell in the bar. They were co-owners…..However, unknown to him the police that shot him was financing the bar too. The one that died went there the night and saw the one that shot him getting money and ask what was going on why is he getting his money…..the police get mad and shot him kill him….the bartender was tricking from them both and cause the death of one.


  1. Why dem ooman ya nuh stop wid the 2 man system. when the eediot police realize seh the dutty gal a play dem both why him neva just walk weh.

    1. you can’t just walk weh from what you investing in and in this case it seems that the decease was invested in the bar and the whore behind the bar. As a female me utter a prayer for good men deceived by demon vultures in the image of women.

          1. lol…I swear at least (watch dis!) “40%” a de man dem inna ghetto dead from this double tricking scheme.

          2. Nuff oman could a bex till dem blue, but Jamaica fi have automatic DNA at birth.

            I find that nuff a de man/boys dem side track dem entire life and go tun criminal fi feed dem woman and youth when in many cases- dem neva had to do that because a nu fi dem pickney any whooo.

            All this thing bout raffle off pickney and who a gi bun is spoken in jest or to be mean but it impact we society bad, bad, bad.

  2. This story taking many twist and turn. The first report said that the Bar was actually owned by the Police Inspector, now it is co-owned by the dead cop and the girl that sell in the bar?

    I find it hard to believe that the dead policeman did not know the Police Inspector before. The dead policeman was on the force for over 5 years and I lower rank policeman tend to know the higher ranked police officers of at Inspector and above. The JCF is a small group and these police move around very often.

    At any rate, the girl that sells in the bar is the key to this whole saga. From the picture I saw of the bar/store look like it was recently built and cost some serious dollars to construct, so if the girl contributed to the building, he policeman must suspect that the money was coming from somewhere.

    1. No need to suspect money coming from elsewhere. Nuff women have their own money but just damn greedy and think the more the merrier; more is merrier when is your own. Chances are…IF this twist is the truth she instigated the outcome.

  3. This case is under investigation with new details stating that the mask was put on the police, and crime scene tampered with.its in the observer

  4. I was wondering about the mask on his head too…I guess there was no other witness than the girl in question? Soooooo sad. I hope the truth comes out.

  5. Like me always say, many side to the story and dead man tells no tale. Its sad on all levels that promising young man should have just stuck to his lessons and left he bar business alone. May his soul rest in peace, and his mother find some form of closure soon.

  6. Many different versions of this story, the dead man should have just stuck to school and leave the bar.
    The robbery story never sit well with me, if it was only the girl and both men in the bar, will the truth ever be told? I hope his mother will find closure soon. RIP

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