1. Burberry will not make anything looking like that, they have more class than that. Can I say etiquette failure.

  2. He’ll no that nuh real. U done know is a stand inna Jamaica the one them that sell all the fake shit and say ah brand she get the that .burberry would never make no shit like that.everybody nuh want say them inna brand nowadays

  3. @ anonymous I have never seen Burberry in XXL or XXXL. They use european sizes for dresses and skirts etc… and waist sizes for pants. Some of the tshirts may come in XL but that is about it. The XXL and XXXL could be the same ish this woman has on…NOT REAL!!

  4. Burberry don’t mek plaid weh lean son…..Burberry plaid them well neater than that. That is what a lot of them don’t understand before them start wear out the China made things. China made is massed produced with no time for inspection to ensure that the seams co-ordinate with the stretch of the cloth. That is one of the biggest things to look for with fake shit. When you see all a gal a wear Gucci and the things stretch so till the cci run lef the Gu.
    And all these designer size come in all sizes. Sometimes it just depends on the cut of the fabric then yes if you too big it naw go work. But certainly on the American market they are tailored made for bigger bodies, just as on the asian market they are tailored made for smaller people. That makes it difficult for lets say American people to find their sizes in Asia and vice versa.

    But ku her to no favour like when Jamaican a tek them fus flight go a farin back inn the late 1970’s.

  5. Can someone please tell me Why? dancehall girls gotta always over dress and make themselves look like a Christmas tree? Not because you have the entire Burberry set doesn’t mean she had to wear the entire set all at once. She could have worn the tights with a fitted black or white tank and the bag. Or she could have worn the top with a solid black bottom and the bag. Why the entire suit at once? Sometimes black woman, especially dancehall woman need to learn that simplicity and elegance is most of the time better.

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