Thank God for the filters on IG. So she was too dark before. So she wheel an come again an draw fi the filter an now she “cool like she wash har body wid di cake soap” Mi kaint. Nothing is wrong with filters but the same pic tho? ? Like ppl woodn’ notice. She look cute either way so mi nuh see what di filter for. Lol




    1. But di “darker picho” looks nice to me cause mi luv see ppl wid dark skin. As long as it’s just di picho an she nuh tempted fi start di bleaching.

  1. they call that making herself lighter she just look more golden wtf is wrong wid ppl?? thats just a simple filter on instagram. sender look a life an low di girl. go bleach out u mouth.

  2. The sender is a real hater. The girl brightened the entire photo not just her skin. If this was a case of self hate she would have done the skin alone. Come with something else please.

  3. Black is beautiful either way it goes she still don’t look bad and she could of made a mistake when she posted the second one or the sender some way some how made the change just to send in the the ting. lol

  4. Girl looks good dark as light. Sometimes I lighten a PICTURE, but it makes my dark skin look “bleach” But trust I ain’t doing it to look light!! A lot of times you have to add a flash in order to correct this problem.

  5. sender stop hating pon di bloodclot gal she look GOOD sexy and ting besides I dont think she was trying to look lighter some filters do that just made her golden brown. Sender sound very jealous maybe sender mon ah pree di gal pic

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