James 3
5 Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!

6 And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell.

Proverbs 18
20 A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled.

21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

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  1. So mi a tek it that when him see Chow, him did want fi piss up himself. I hope yuh get the 25yrs weh yuh sing bout.

    1. Can u imagine!!!!!!& No soh, dis bwoy yah knows no bounds or boundaries. I only hope him wear pampers guh court next week, because him going to need it. No sah!!!!!

  2. Not touched at all by these lyrics.. I don’t sympathize because if i did i would have to empathize with him as well. I see he is deejaying from real life experience not from the heart as it seems he’s lost that. However, the line that caught most of my attention is “mi need piece ah rope cause mi muss heng miself…” Is this how it ends for you Adijah?

  3. Wait a minute metty is who dis a sing?? Kartel?? Couldn’t never…. A muss after dem fine him guilty him sing this cuz if not Kartel mi waah yuh come tell me my future cuz yuh look dead inna fi yuh and sing bout it. Fram I was birthhhh


    1. no order. him get fling all bout ………………….a separate him self from the crime ….and a implicate him self a di same time …him cah kip one or two oman…him cah satisy …him want weh everybody have ,,,,an him cah maintainhim owner head …now him end up feel like him wah dead ,,,di ego mus not be fed

      1. Obara mi wah tell yu seh enuh …yu si a man weh nuh know him self cah find God ….because God tell u inna all religion seh u are of him so any man weh u si cah si di beauty inna di green grass a loss him losts…u si all dem weh deh wid di fake hair and dem a show u di name brand .di devil alter you image…u si from inside start decay outside start show weh inna yu head….mi nah insult nobody and so a just a ting mi a seh …dem haffi tek on something else because their is no self…and yu see when yu nuh have nuh self dem can put u inna any situation nuh matter how good it is and yu end up inna danger…..

    2. Baby Wayne’s version was way better. As Ninjaman said, music is the most spiritual thing known to man. It was the singing and beating of drums that kept the slaves alive on the plantation. It was so powerful, they would find strength and healing from it that it terrified the slave owners. They outlawed singing and any musical activities by the slaves yet when they were sick, they would send for the same slaves to heal them. People don’t understand this dynamic to music and the potency it has on the mind and soul. You either take mindful consideration for the words that escape your lips or they become a curse onto you.

      1. @Foxxy, Correct…Music is from the spiritual realm of Inspiration which is the highest form of spirituality, in second place it is the real of divinations, and third the world of visions and dreams….the world of Inspiration means that you CREATE, and to create is God like…more to explain too much fi write!

        1. But mi get yuh fully! Hence “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God”

    3. Obara, is Crack Baby Wayne did dead from?
      I always heard he get killed (or was the killing Crack related?)

      Not disputing what you wrote, more asking for more on what you know, as you tend to know what’s going/gone on….How did He loose him life?
      As for Kartel, I thought he was likely to kill himself before or during the trial, from not being able to cope, but then I suppose with his level of self importance he probably thought he’d get off and have more hype surrounding him when he touch road – however since that is not the case I am again left under the belief that he will turn into one Gay super freak &/or sink to the depths of madness (as he has shown signs of mental health issues for many MANY YEARS).
      Ultimately, I think he is weak and thrives on his ego bring rubbed, without such adoration from the masses, or even his eedyat sheep dem, there is every chance he may take his own life.

  5. Met I don’t know if the comment go chue but mi waah know if is Kartel sing this song yah and if so did he sing it before or after the conviction cuz di man si clear as day inna him faith. Kartel please fi come decipher fi mi cuz dis a histreee.


  6. Metters learn this the Devil only seek to rob, kill and destroy. Him only use ppl and destroy them and when he is finished you done. Mr. Palmer can still get to know God and repent I wish him nothing but the best, its never too late for God to forgive. Remember he is a miracle working God.

      1. there is nothing too big for God to do, now his back is against the wall him will reflect and search his soul. Never give up on those that seem helpless.

      1. Yes @Foxxy the most talented are always the most troubled, especially with drugs…they spiritually reside in the world of Netzach one day when we talk I will explain this to you, there was a time I commented over here that Kartel was spiritually residing in the world of Yetzirah, but mi nuh remember if mi did explain, ah doe think so because it is very complicated to thoroughly explain this if the mind is closed, Baby wayne and many like him, talented but could not balance Netzach so it took them over!!

          1. no enuh, mi nuh practice Kabbalah, but I know a lot about almost everything spirtual, I am a Spiritualist/Traditionalist, my soul isvery old and I have incarnated to this realmmany times, and always as a Spritualist so I know plenty about the realms and dimensions and more…

            I worship nature, this is where I find God, the same God of All, because there is only ONE GOD, REGARDLESS OF WHAT A PERSON WANTS TO CALL HIM, WE CALL HIM OLUDUMARE..(OLU-DUH-MA-RAE) because of the YORUBA LANGUAGE or OLURUN,…but about the Sephiroth I know plenty, my tradition which I practice which is Ifa (eefah) Orisha Tradition of the Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria can almost be described as PRACTICAL kaballah..

    1. Damn right Obara! Mi love when yuh comment. It is very informative and factual. But how come he is the best of the best and redoing songs? Thought he was above everyone and everything.


  7. let us not forget is not only Lizard get justice:

    Jahvinci get justice him did a tief di man money neva waan gi him weh him work fah.
    Gaza Kim get justice him sen him ediat dem fi guh beat up di girl an har bredda.
    Lisa Hyper get justice embarrass di poor girl, kick har outa di empire and neva look pan har again.
    Not Nice get justice him send man fi go tief di man expensive music equipment.
    Rhyno get justice memba him sen gunman a him yaad fi shoot up him place an send wul heep a death threats

    and many many others soo he is not only in jail for Lizard he is in there to reflect on the problems hes caused from many years ago what comes up must come back down and it bring u right to this spot kartel u cant carry that narcissistic personally wid u go a prison cah no body biznezz wid u in deh god a god an him yeye nuh shut no day no time, u were watched the whole time.

    1. That’s why him must get life without the possibility of parole. Many have been brutalized mentally, physically, and for the rest of their lives must cope with his inhumane acts that he places on them. I honestly did not know of the things that ordered for these people until signing in on Pink Wall. My heart hurt for these victims and I pray that they find strength daily to live through what they have encountered and experienced.

  8. @ obara miji but all him Nuh Ez eno, look how dem ago slap him wid 25 yrs on the 27th. Nawh look.


  9. simply…the tongue is very powerful!! “In the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God”

  10. Met, mi tell yu aready sey you too rass bad yu know, a wey yu go find dis song from Mums ? Dis is forewarning/foreshadowing to de max !!!!!!! Mi wonda if de sister who a him public defenda, yes de same one who nuh lissen to him music, hear da song ya coming from her bredda owna mout’, —–especially inna de end wey him sey him might tek him owna life.

    1. @mifedup, of all de people song dem fi do ova, ah dah Baby Wayne one yah him guh do…..yuh si how God work

  11. Matthew 18:6
    6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

    It’s nearly a whole generation of youths Kartel had influenced and it was about evilous things.

    He DJ about evil things and tattoo evil things on his body and these youths follow him and mark up their bodies like a coloring book…….. him lead them inna perverse ways as well…..not only tv can do this but his music put a spell pon dem as well and it was not a good spell either

  12. I think this is a well done do over of Baby Wayne’s original. What makes it sad, is it autobiographical. This is Kartel singing about himself and his situation, the way he sees it. He would rather talk about himself and his situation than anybody else talking about him and his situation. Still trying to control outcomes, the workings of a sociopath. Kartel needs psychological therapy. Suicide is a real possibility. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is his end game. From everything I’ve seen of Kartel, he is obsessed with controlling things and, that even means taking his own life. I pray he doesn’t go that route.

  13. He did not predict nothing he did it after he was found guilty an most entertainers modellswho in the hype life an fast lane dons etare taking hard drugs its just the wages
    Of sin straight and plain

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