Thank you kindly for running the article. GEICO made me sign an affidavit and they repossessed the car and is bringing them to Court, the other bad news is Tahleeka McGruder-Dennis and Christopher Dennis cars were also repossessed in the process. She went to her adopted daughter’s house and as she went inside her White CL 400 was repossessed and while her sister was at the Walmart with the White Range Rover was also repossessed – so God not sleeping MET

The Devil Blessed them with CPN numbers to purchase cars and rob from people and now their cars are repossessed but don’t worry CHristopher Dennis a con-artist so something new him a cook up. Also me a go send pure bad man a dem yaad and mek dem know say him rob up de people dem weed wa come inna dem mail


  1. Oh oooooo. He who freedom it knows it. That’s why when unnuh LINE innah glass house you mussin chow stones..see it yah now chu unnuh teef all ah unnuh business hit road..unnuh have so much and still conn a humble man. God no muss smite you

  2. Sender good to hear the update, no send nobody a dem yard hun go a you bed go sleep soundly a night time. Don’t be responsible for their downfall because it sound inevitable at this point. Mek dem gwane wid dem wickedness no join dem.

    1. A $4000 dem rob sender, plus the additional car payments and Insurance.

      Send dem and mek sure dem undocumented and don’t have no prints pon file. Theft fi feel the shame, shock and grief dem cost people. When people you trusted rob you that is a heart wrenching feeling.

  3. I agree their karma is coming back at them ten fold you don’t know what else karma has in store for them both do not block your blessing by sending anyone to them house because you will not know the outcome of that visit, it could be very bad and you do not want to over your head, leave it alone and just know that you have learned a valuable lesson, research you can get a car it is not that hard. Do not send no bad man people dem to their house, they could be kids there and you do not want any harm done to them.

  4. Sender, stay pon di side a di law. Dem sinking already suh ain’t nutten you haffi do, but wait pon di fullness of time. Glad fi know Geico is a responsible company.

  5. MET, MET OOO smaddy pl go jamaicastar, tony mattherhorn on there saying him support trump wall, tho him naw vote fi him and him grow a merica,???liad, how him grow deh and get and lose visa, and him no wrong trump fi build wall for Jamaicans who want build wall but dem cant afford it so dem build zinc fence and we wouldn’t want no whole heap dutty people a run up and dung eena u yard, smaddy pl post

        1. Tanto Stephens shim run in now dis one. Dancehall is a shadow of what it used to be because dem mek demself to accessible pan social mystery nuh deh deh .

    1. Him fi go suck and rinse him mumma. Pinkwall residents don’t see him. A attention him a look…we don’t see him, nor will we leave de Pinkwall to give him any Ooo :maho

  6. Karma Will.take care of people I have seen it over again. I let people feel like they win me. Because when the almighty fights for u its already been won. Time is the master. Leave them.And make them pay day come.

  7. Me really upset bcuz me mek de Stripper file fe me pickney 9 yrs str8 n she plan wif ar man fe do me dat…me falla ar all de while fe go buy fake clothes a flea market fe him n u want c when hjm put dem on dwl…me know dem a teef but never guess me would a be a victim

  8. Well what mi hear is dat ur mad because you tried to committ insurance fraud pon dem name because dem a help u out wit di car and u mash it up and call fe dem insurance and submit a claim without dem people knowledge and now mad dem a find out and take the car to fix up and u not get the money u was expecting. No sah ya caant do dem tings deh my girl. Mi kno u an mi kno u very well di whole world a kno u an kno u a lie like a wah u an ur heart never stay clean. Dem people deh a good people mi know di man and rate him big time its u nobody a rate SANDIE GOODAS,kmt. Now stop ya f***y and go on with ur life an leave di people alone cus dem nah gon let nobody come fi dem yaad an not kill dem trust mi an u a go down both ways.

  9. wooieeeee sandie goodas yuh name nooo sahhh not a ting good wit u. like di person comment deh the whole entire NY,LA,CT,GA an everywere else know you bad mind an u a teef up every blinkin ting. Me hear how u put dem people an dem pickney picture pon social media and hide how yuh gwaan so. Surpise di man nuh come fe take off ya bloodclat head cus unno deserve dem type tings deh,yuh name no Sandie Goodas its Sandie Baadas st888888 like dat…..gun shot u haffa get

  10. Dwl woieee Tahleeka Dennis nobody naw go believe u…u n u rent-a-dread a tief….woieee….me Sandie Goodas still have 3 injury claim me son all get surgery so who laff last last best dwl plus unnu patwa sucks bout u rate fashion dread…him own ooman dont even rate him a Diddy who lef ar n no want ar she rate….dwl….fake breast fake battty wid are lopsided self…Tahleeka McGruder stripper u body lean bad




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