Rochelle So Pretty Excellent
Okay so the sister of Vybz Kartel is a big teacher wow I did hear that he come from a family of Education. In life what I experience and let me say that one more time in life what((((((((I )))))))))experience is that the people with the most smartest brain and so intelligence <<<<<<< did I spell that right??????? intelligence is the people that do the most dumb and stupid things. Vybz Kartel you was doing so good making your music that all the gal dem love making your money building your house taking care of your kids and giving all your freaky gal dem what you like to give them you just went and mess yourself up I'm feeling so sad because I know you have a box of music put down and I can't wait for you to release them free world boss... Like · · Share · 58 minutes ago · Erica Outstanding likes this. Coleen Dawkins Free my ass !#!! He needs to be making a example of , i would be outraged if he got off free . That man too smart fi lack common sense , him mek him money , fame and the devil lead him astray .I am a fan of his music but if you that have so much dam money and people weh a look up tuh yuh can be so foolish and evil then yuh need tuh rott in prison , and I mean a real prison like in Mexico cause jamaica prison system is too slack 24 minutes ago · Like Coleen Dawkins Him nuffi si back road alive, straight death penalty him deserve !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Di man family need justice 21 minutes ago · Like Charm Foreverbless Rochelle Excellent So true it sad he is a smart & intelligent person... His parents grow him gud... Satan take him over.. May god cuel him #sorry#its#the#truth 19 minutes ago · Like · 1 Rochelle So Pretty Excellent OMGColeen Dawkins that is so mean 19 minutes ago · Like Rochelle So Pretty Excellent Charm Foreverbless yes girl its real sad. I don't wish bad for people even if he is found guilty I do don't want him to die in prison:( 16 minutes ago · Like · 1 Coleen Dawkins Mi nuh wah him dead in deh either , him needs fi let loose pon one gun range mek man hunt him wicked bloodclaat 14 minutes ago · Like Charm Foreverbless Rochelle Excellent Well if they fine him guilty he has to serve the time or wateva penalty... If he is innocent he has to change his life style & make music+$$$.. 12 minutes ago · Like · 1 Coleen Dawkins With his fame snd status plus respect weh jamaica people and people all over have for him, there is no reason gor him to kill anyone him just dam nuff and wah put fear innah people , look how much bad man deejay deh ah jamaica weh sing bare badness , yuh nuh hear dem name innah dem f**kery yah , hell no !!! They know how to entertain dem fans and keep ig moving 9 minutes ago · Like · 1 Rochelle So Pretty Excellent Yup yup so true Charm Foreverbless 9 minutes ago · Like · 1 Rochelle So Pretty Excellent Coleen Dawkins you right you right. But we all don't really know the real deal if he did it or not cuz like he said in his statement people frame people because of jealousy and you don't know if this is one. He also said people judge him because of his bleach skin but his bleach skin is not him his bleach skin is Vybz Kartel not a mr. Palmer 5 minutes ago · Like Coleen Dawkins That man is very smart , he knows what to say and how to say it , right now his main priority is to get out of the mess he made because at this point he is having regrets , he's thinking about everything that he has to lose and is probably willing to sell his soul to the devil right this second just to get his life back about a minute ago · Like


  1. Rochelle everbless, I waan si fi gi u one slap wid dah hot pot cover yah, bout him seh him bleach out tattoo up self his not him, gal a waan beat u, a waaannn fight u and tear off u rass clothes an leff u naked a rass road, f***king idiot

    1. Mi second dat. How much clearer it have to be do dem si seh dis Satan kill di man? It is going to be a day of reckoning if dis rass hole walk free. :hoax2

  2. The ovary and sperm weh produce Rochelle shuda neva existed bout ‘frame.’ a suh the police dem mighty and powerful dat dem can even produce karthell body on tape and on voice note as well confirming what took place?
    then JCF should = Jesus Christ Force den? since they have that type of power.
    The only smaddi have sense is Coleen Dawkins, the rest of dem a ding bats.

    1. Hi Ace I’m really hoping u employ this attitude in all aspects of ur life cause u persistent bad u know u must succeed at wateva u set ur mind to tooo bad u no even know the meaning of r wat makes someone a legend hush

  3. Ace you mean deamon, not legend but call him legion for he is many , lizard was one tu, bird of a feather flock together,no angel died, he died over two guns that was left in his care, part a the crew doh!!!!!, he wasn’t an innocent young man

  4. Ace you and your sister Rochelle want some baxx baxx baxx for every letter of the alphabet weh unno understand. Try this worldboss G U I L T Y as charged.

  5. mi bloodclawt dem hook to jmg like junkie pon crack…no shame nun tall..caw all lackah mi mi wouldah nevaaaa evaaaaaaaa cum bak yah

  6. Lmaooooo! Met uh know ace is a woman! Nuh man Pon d face a d hurt cudda Neva love man so and a nuh man. Nope!

  7. Is it me or ACE is like a persistent HEARTBURN that does not respond to PEPCID??? Can one person be so narrow-minded, obstinate, lack shame and has no raasclaate KONSHENS OR SENSE..@Ace, mek u nuh bloodclaate guh dung a town and mek one a dem 48bus deh run ova u bumbohole???.This f**king battyman has rid me of my last nerve…chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..@MET, me caan tek him man, him mek me BRINGLE!!!! :marah :marah ..bout shirley fi go home to his kidz, raas brite..KARTEL FI DEAD A PRISON DAT DEMON..

      1. He is more than passionate …I think he may be correct under the circumstance that only a lover can be so emotional about another

    1. yo concern?

      dont concern yourself ova dis yah waste sperm

      we done him pon a next forum all last year we berated him fe him foolishness.

      we buried him alive ova deh, dats why he ova hear ana try a ting..

      dunce till de end mi ah tell unu

      waste of sp’ace’, we dun yo margaself long back

  8. @Zervah, Nexium(di purple pill)…Me say me waan bax ACE rite chue di computa..Bout LEGEND, SO insulting to be putting such a word in the same sentence wid shirley name..IT HATTT ME USI…Dat lose BATTYMAN NAME ACE..

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