Hand writing expert says in his opinion handwriting on letter sent to Public Defender is Lamar Chow’s


He said the documents were given to him by defence attorney Tom Tavares-Finson in November last year to make comparisons.

Major said among the documents was a letter to the public defender and statements bearing the signature L. Chow.

He said in his opinion the documents were all written by the same person.

It has been alleged that the prosecution’s main witness, Chow, had written to the public defender claiming he had been forced to give a statement to the police.

However, Chow has denied writing the letter.

The Crown is alleging that Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer; entertainer Shawn Campbell, popularly known as Shawn Storm; André St John; Shane Williams; and Kahira Jones, murdered Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams on August 16, 2011.

Yesterday all the defendants gave unsworn testimony declaring their innocence.


    1. i suspect he was long time ago but everybody want to make him to be victime forget that before he was a victim he was a alleged badman/hitman fi kartel

      1. so ahm…..dem di expect di person hired by finson fi seh a nuh him write it??? obviously dem a go seh a him …and da letter yah nuh mek a big difference either way cause they did not get a second opinion …a di anty write di letter …dem too cute…..and ahmm how di letter did missing wah day and now..di man seh him have it from last november

  1. He did not write dat letter ah di aunty do it, yes mi say so, mi tiyad ah di fukkery now….dem need fi call har back een, wid har greedy self

    1. Di defense expert can say what he wants for the defense..I hope they had documents up to show how he concluded that and nuh jus say ina court se a him opinion..

      1. Mi hope dem grill him yes, ah bare fukkery dis, mi wish di prosecution woulda know weh really ah gwan, shi tek bribe fi lie pon har owna blood….God nah sleep

  2. lol how can you swear fi an admitted gunman and try fi give him the benefit of doubt but at the same time convict another man? hypocrisy at its finest i tell yuh thats all you get over here

    1. Hey no bias 95% of the time when the prosecution calls witnesses to testify in a criminal case those witnesses were once cohorts of the defendants. Gun man testify against other gunmen so too drug dealers. So this notion that criminals testimony isn’t credible is unfounded.

  3. This right here may be the defining factor in the case. But saying it was written by the same person doesn’t necessarily means chow wrote it, he did in fact identified the signature as his when he gave his testimony last year.


  5. Handwriting experts are like lip readers ,it’s so 20th century.It is not a science as pointed out earlier.The said witness was crossed examined and maintained the story.The story/evidence was corroborated by madsuss who put Kartel and Chow at the scene even though Kartel deny being there .I think madsus is one of those falls backas who got caught up .The letter means nothing in face of the overwhelming evidence.

  6. Dem seh two letters dat no prove shit as for as mi see it those letters can be Tavares own so I’ll just sit back and beat up some stew chicken back with a tall glass a lemonade and wait for the guilty verdict

    1. One more ting.How and why would the police force Chow when they had Shawn storm and others? None of them complained of the police forcing them to make statements so how a him one get forced till letter haffi write..Why would the police choose him?

  7. The state needs to bring their own handwriting expert….what documents is he comparing? Did he receive a handwriting sample from both Lamar and the aunt since it was the aunt that dropped off the letter?

      1. y the letter though?…………..why would he not just tell his aunt he was being forced…….then allow her to come to court and speak on that ……………she could be a witness and say it loud and clear my nephew said he was being forced….that more reliable than a letter ….dem jus mek dem own evidence

  8. Met the prosecution cannot even say the handwriting expert is not credical, as he has made the court aware that he was infact helping the prosecution on other cases in late 2013. Prosecution cant fight this.

  9. The handwriting experts says the 26 page witnese statement was written by the same person who wrote the letter.

  10. the handwriting expert is more than credible. i wonder how the prosecution end up loosing the original letter, and its so vital to the case? im sensing some type of conspiracy. atleast thats what i would think if i’m a juror

    1. A real thing, it looks shaky. … too much doubt is been created in the minds of the jurors. Not a fan of kartel and will never be but the truth should not be hidden.

  11. The letter means nothing .Even if he was caught on tape saying those things it still means nothing as no one knows the condition under which the letter was written and the witness is/was a friend of Kartel .The witness was only used to corroborated Kartel’s own confession.

    1. On the contrary it does have some baring on the verdict. In the letter the writer states that he was coerced to give a statement by the police, that alone could cause the jurors to disregard every other piece of evidence.

  12. we will see ….this a di longest murder case inna Jamaican history …..Kartel will not be free….and pon top a dat him chat too much …him always a implicate ppl and all fingers are saying the police are corrupted but u neva check politics…….I could not as a Jamaican and intelligent person refer to any politician on any matter in front of Jurors I know nothing about.

    1. Longest trial not case .I know people who i met in 99 that were in jail going to court in 2011 .I know people who get arrested in 2004 only get release last year .The Jamaican justice system is archaic and most murderers walk free ,only justice is to kill them or give them some long dates .Someone kill your family best to give the police info so they can kill them or you do it yourself.The minute you start go to court gainst them you mark for death .All evidence in this case point to Kartel Dem killing the yute.It is known that he killed quite a few people.These people think nothing about raping and killing,the jury know the tactics,they will convict .

  13. Met and leachers how do you feel now that the police dem kill a ghetto youth and then turn around and frame a next ghetto. Look like somebody have a CASE against the system to me. I told you to stay tune!!!!!! Focus baby

      1. If u nuh se met u nuh feel good and mi jus waa mek u know se u hole nah go get no tighter if and when u call mi name. Mi nuh ina di cake soap family so low mi.

  14. I am not done force a next ghetto youth to come a court to lie an a next GHETTO YOUTH this man have 7 children and dem have no heart after two years. How much millions this man miss out on. Like I said the man had too much going on for him. Bad mind never new.unnu system a try keep down the boss but it look like it not working. Look like the man buds two murder case to me. Tell Peter Bunting it’s not working

    1. I know quite a few people who Kartel Dem kill .Keep talking bout ghetto yutes like Dem bwoy yah woulda think twice about killing you or raping and murdering your likkle daughter .The people Dem kill are ghetto yuytes .Me grow up wid den yute yah and Dem rape and kill and dump bodies everyday .Kartel will get convict as i am sure every member of the jury know of his killings before now.

    1. But a weh de…!
      Based on many of your comments on here (& other sites in the past) I swear you really nuh too righted in your head!

      We know and have come to expect and are always certain you’ll run in at some point with mouth running, fingers tapping and your cocky dripping over Kartel. Ever a gwarn like you have some kind of Kartel OCD!
      What I am at a loss to understand at all, is where in this post you see ANYTHING that warrants such a comment. Yuh Reno bout people fi drink “boiling hot bleach’.

  15. Unu nuh know dem yah finson yah lol a years dem a racketeer out case suh unu tan deh…..dere’s no doubt in my mind seh a piece a mass run pon dis yah handjob expert lol a di fus conspiracy mi si widout a motive lmaooooo

  16. Unu nuh need gasses fi si seh a craft dem a pull….kartel seh him wasn’t at home on da day lizard disappear but yet still his two co-defendant place him there, suh wah di police did coerced dem to? GTFOH lol

  17. ok so what if him did write the letter an say is not him wah dat mean kartel seh him never deh a di house but yet him fren dem place him there . if him never write it den all di state have to is get dem own expert fi look at it an seh weh dem feel but either way i don’t see this helping nt cause at this point with dem a buss pan den one another it still wont help dem much more dan fi seh him lie on di stand .Tavares tek too long fi a try get expert him should a get one fi di ph dem weh hell boss di a chat off him mouth caz kartel voice nuh hard fi pick up seh a him .dem a try when it too after di jury done get a ear full fi these few months

  18. @Met, a very minute percentage (0.1% )of me wants this demon fi walk free for a few hours, i swear i do..And juss as ACE and him ada cake-soap fambiliy dem tink a peace a safety, DEM ASSASSINATE HIM ASS and dash him ina one hole mek WILD HOG AND RODENTS FEAST PON HIM BADY.. And i say this with no apology or remorse. MR.PALMER IS AN ANIMAL AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH..

  19. Unu notice how all finson a bawl bout tex tampered with him Neva bring nuh expert fi challenge dem smfh, mi seh yuh affi blind lakka bat, di3 blindmice, blind like Stevie, Ray charles….a mean all type a rass blind fi nuh si seh a craaaffff dem a pull kmft.

  20. Met this is my first comment.. I hate vybz kartel but your site is very biased..
    I just want to clarify something kartel did not say he was not at swallow field avenue.. This is what he said ” I am 38 yrs old and I am INNOCENT ( he stresses this word) of all these charges brought against me. As a matter of fact I have never been to 7 Swallowfield Avenue and seen Clive Williams also known as Lizard there My Lord.

    In fact My Lord, the only time I ever encountered this person My Lord is when he travels with Shawn Storm to stage shows. But we have never encountered My Lord at 7 Swallowfield Avenue.

    Met so stop saying his friend but him at the scene. He did not say he has never seen chow at 7 swallow field.. He said he lhas never seen lizard there before. You guys need to learn to read without involving your emotions

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