Intimidation is almost always as a result of someone trying to gain control over someone or something that they never had control over before. Therefore intimidation acts as a disguise to strike fear in its victim to ultimately gain control and cause its victim to become subject to them.
Our bible tells us candidly that Satan is “like” a roaring Lion, seeking whom he may devour. One has to ask the question if Satan is the ultimate evil and adversary opposing the Almighty, then why is he about “acting” like a roaring lion and not equal to or greater than a lion in his behavior?
This scripture clearly exposes the limited power this so frequently talked about creature has. Christians, if Satan has to act or behave ” like” a roaring lion towards us, then this spells three things for us and they are: A) his power is limited as it relates to the Christian B) he has no control over us, but attempts to gain that control via intimidation and C) he is subject to us because he has to deceive us via intimidation in order to rule over us.
My dear readers it is my job to challenge jump start, inspire and motivate the believer in the process of the renewing of their mind. So, whomever or whatever has been or is presently trying to intimidate you, know for sure that they are agents of the enemy and they are more afraid of you than you are of them. Jesus put it this way, “They are of their father the Devil”, pretending to be what they’re not, again all in an effort to gain ground they never had before.
As a matter of fact based on the understanding of the word intimidation it provides a clear cut view of the one who is really intimidated here. As a reminder our bible clearly tells us that God did not give us a spirit of fear (note: fear is a spirit). So if God isn’t providing this spirit of fear, then it is clear Satan is, seeing that these are the only two primary opposing forces. Instead the bible says God has provided us with power, love and a sound mind, 2Timothy 1:7. Now, is it not obvious why Satan is using the tool of intimidation? Well, mainly to control, or deprive us of our power, love and soundness of mind. Which clearly suggest that if he’s attempting to control or deprive us of it, then he has no present control in these areas that he’s challenging us in.
So, if your are overwhelmed by intimidation due to a doctor’s visit or a Doctor’s report, your kids possibly contracting HIV, some misunderstanding on the job, not being able to pay your bills and the like. This is the work of Satan creeping into your life to saturate your mind with negative thoughts and ultimately make you a slave to fear. Take this opportunity right now and say, SATAN, YOU AND YOUR DEMONIC FORCES I REJECT EVERY IDEA, THOUGHT AND IMIGNATION YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO INJECT INTO MY MIND IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!
Speak to the power of darkness as if you actually see them before you, let them know that you are the one God has given power to trample over evil forces and every work of the Enemy. Let them know that greater is God who resides in you than Satan that is roaming this world.
Lastly, make no mistake these evil spirits are desperate to gain control over our will, please! Bind the spirit of intimidation and not the person. The person is just an agent who has made themselves available to the will of the enemy. As a reminder our fight is not against what is visible but those things that are invisible constantly warring against the spirit of our minds.
Heavenly Father It is my prayer that your spirits of love, power and soundness of mind aggressively rise up in every reader of this article and violently crush the head of every spirit of intimidation, fear, worry, depression, frustration and fatigue that has imprison your people. Now Father, I apply your law that says death and life is in the power of the tongue and I speak peace and clarity in their minds right now in the matchless name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen!
Written by: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]


  1. Thank u Metty, I needed this, the Blood is against this wicked man, who promise to repay my money and is using intimidation against me, threatening to have my visa cancelled and stop me coming to America cause i’m cussing him out for my money

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