The Private Security Regulation Authority has launched an investigation into Monday’s incident involving security personnel from King Alarm Services Limited and a licensed firearm holder.

The firearm holder was attacked by a security guard who tried to disarm him.

During the tussle, he shot and injured the security guard.

The firearm holder was also attacked by the security personnel from King Alarm who reportedly took away his weapon.

The authority said that it has written to the Managing Director of King Alarm requesting a detailed report of the incident, adding that it is collaborating with the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Firearm Licensing Authority in its investigation.

It further said that it supports the action of King Alarm to remove all security personnel involved from duty and notes reports that the firearm in question is now with the JCF for forensic testing.

“We await the outcome of the investigation to determine if the security personnel acted in contravention of the law or inconsistent with the training received. Since January 2016, the PSRA has been committed to re-enforcing the mandatory compliance of all security guards regarding formal training requirements and evidence of certification,”.

It added,“Our agency is responsible for monitoring and regulating the operations of all stakeholders in the private security industry including contract security organisations, proprietary security organisations, private security guards, private investigators and security trainers,”.


  1. The woman who waved the gun in his face, stepped on his ankles and kicked him in his head, should be fired and charged with menacing and assault.

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