6 thoughts on “IOCTANE NUH MARRIED?

  1. u want tell me say carnival a go get smaddy else in trouble, him jus mischieveous troublesome, that’s what Jamaican men do, what they should know touching in some parts of the world is big problem, and if him never married them would go look for him girlfriend and show her, its carnival what the heck

  2. Him dah pan show a sey him single and nuh want in a no relationship, suh mi nuh know a wah do unnu!! Go look pan him ig page, him sey him a gallis!!!! Lmao off a dem wife yah!!!!!!! $

  3. lie octane a di worst kinda man fi tek up, him wah everybody plus him badmind as fkkk kmt all when him a di last man pon earth i sex myself, he is not a good man from di stunt wah him pull pon amber he is a false rasta, him loose & dutty. Al milla a ole criminal so him daughter no know good man.

    ps. al milla deh with his coke head daughter fi yrs (known fact)he nothing but a pedophile, criminal, charlatan

    1. Me love yu and Simone! Unu try no lef yahso no time soon. Me nah lef till MET ban n block me cause a she a last word bout.

      Al miller beyond pedo…me no respect no 21st century rasta ,dem a faux dread. Better the ones culturally adept trim.

  4. If they wanna get feel up feel dem up. I don’t know some is different it’s almost apparent I think.

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